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    nice startin, cant wait 4 next update

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    Johny odogwu,i salute

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    flames agu ka ibu oga

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    This episode is dedicated to my dear friend Jessica, ** username Chigal** for her immerse encouragement and inspiration as i wrote down this episode…Thanks Jessy!!!

    episode three.

    “Hey young man, mr Williams!” Johnny heard a broad female voice call him from behind.. He knew the voice well, was sure it was mrs bimbo. Johnny hissed and rolled his eyes as he turned round to face the woman as she walked briskly towards him.
    “What does this witch want from me again?” Johnny muttered to himself facing down to hide the contempt on his face. mrs Bimbo a fat chubby woman with fair skin obviously from much bleaching creams; yellow here, ebony there, white here, she could easily pass for a human version of ripe roasted plantain.
    her face was chubby with a lot of skins hanging on both sides that passed for cheeks, a nose that looked like that of a day old with mouth that always gives out the letter O when on default. johnny look on as she approached him extending her hand for a handshake. he could smell the pleasant odour oozing out from her body and he smiled inside wishing he knew the name of that perfume. two broad golden ear-rings hung loosely on each ear, an overly exaggerated lash and pink cheeks with red lip stick on her lips, her necklace he could swear was gold with diamond stones perfectly fitted where it is needed. her flowing buba shorn in the sun due to little sparkling materials used on it. she was an epitome of wealth and power in a woman, her wealth gave her a huge aura which went before her.
    “How are you mr williams?” she asked.
    “Am fine ma’am” Johnny replied extending his hands to meet hers in a handshake.
    “Please call me bimbo” she corrected drawing him gently on his perfectly fitted italian designers suit by Andres pregini.
    “Alright Bimbo” johnny intoned with a smile.
    “See mr williams, you know you actually stole your last contract from my company, i was the one who was called for that contract before i knew whats up, you already double crossed me and took the contract” Bimbo addressed johnny with seriousness and authority written all over her face.
    “Mrs bimbo, … sorry Bimbo, am sorry if you feel that way but this is the world of business and you are not new to it, i stole nothing from you, i brought my quotations and was awarded the contract.. anyway am sorry once again” Johnny replied back applying his deceptive smile and calmness.
    Bimbo gave a loud sinister chuckle like a nollywood witch. “Mr Williams, **clears throat** i run this FCT, am sure you know that. the president is my boy quote me on it” she gave a mild chuckle and continued “Just consider this contract you got as a kind gesture from me or as a token of my grace. i like you and ready to help you get where you need to be”…
    Johnny kept wondering the type of guts and impetus this woman spoke with, He had heard about her and most of his business associates have advised him to always avoid her like a plague. some have even said she was the queen mother of a secret cult that had many top politicians and pastors among its members even the president. he have always dismissed it as fallacy, he was not a superstitious man and such things sounded like super story to his ears. but hearing this woman call the president her boy brought something back, but it still doesn’t hold water.
    “See mr williams, i like you or should i say i am interested in you..**her hands were slightly touching his ears** i want you to be my sugar boy, just be mine and make me happy in bed and otherwise and all will be yours, you will sail high in the ship of the business world”
    To say Johnny was bewildered would be an understatement. What exactly is this frog yapping about? Johnny queried his mind. this woman is lusting after me. what nonsense.!!!
    “Bimbo, thank you for your interest, am very much honored but i cannot oblige you what you asked for” Johnny said calmly still trying to smile.
    Bimbo gave a mild chuckle “Mr williams, nobody rejects me, what i want i always get, i will give you time to think about it.
    “Good day bimbo” Johnny said said as he turned and walk out on her, obviously fuming with anger and disgust.
    “you dare walk out on me boy, anyways just think about what i told you, consider carefully, you wouldn’t wanna mess with me” she called after johnny as he walked back to his car.
    Who dah hell does she think she is, what insolence! johnny cursed as he walked briskly to his car; a black sleek range rover sport. he yanked the door open and sat down slamming back the door as if the door was his problem. . . “mtcheeew stupid woman, go f--k your son not me, can go to hell for all for all i care” journey kept on ranting as he drove off… not knowing this was the BEGINNING OF THE BEGINNING of his problems!!!

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    Uuppzz… Dis story is d--n interestn… Ur brain iz hota dan faya u knw.. U’r my fav hun..#winkz.. Ride on..

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    Like Joseph n Potiphar’s wife case, while Joseph suffered n later emerge victorious, so will ur case b.

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    Holy virus
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    Na wa ooo

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    Mhizz Horlarbhizzy
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    Dz Story Z Gonna B A Wondaful Story Wit A Wondaful Beggining Nd Ending 4rm A Wondaful Writter 2 Sum Wondaful Readers.

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