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    Short Story by Adebayo Abass Charliebryn
    Total Friction
    Dedicated to my woman
    Where is Love?

    I sat down in my one room bachelor apartment feeling down and extremely sad,pain surging through my body like the flow of blood,Kai aye le,I reminisced about my life so far and There’s nothing to write home about,just one routine everyday,staying indoors if am not going for lectures until one day,the day I met her,the day I met the one that brings me happiness and sadness at thesame time,Rofiyat.

    The very first time I set my eyes on her feels like yesterday,I was taken aback by her beauty and the way she carried herself is something I somewhat admires,but as an anonymous and the poor guy I am,I decided to always ignore her whenever our path crossed.

    Our first encounter was the most embarrassing moment of my life,I felt like the ground should just swallow me without blinking an eye.This fateful or should I say unfaithful day?,i came to the campus rushing to catch up with a test which I just got notified about,I was in so much haste that I almost forgot to take a pen along,I was dipping my hand in my pocket to check something when I bump into someone.

    “am sorry pls” I said facing front only to be greeted with two ear deafening slap,for almost 30secs I didn’t hear anything,I just dey shake my head like lizard,I look up only to see the person I’ve been avoiding all this while,a tear dropped from my eyes as I slowly made my way to the lecture room..Embarrassed.

    That was how our paths continue to cross,now back to the present or do you think that’s what cause this situation I am,no,I’ll tell you,calm down na..After few encounters I man up and asked her out and she accepted without stress,I was amazed and very happy..that’s how we started our “live happily ever after” arbi weytin you dey call ahm,that’s what I thought o,not after what happened this morning happened.
    We(Rofiyat and I) were sitting on a bench in the campus,her head on my shoulder and our hands inter locked,enjoying the moment of affection when some guys suddenly sprung out of nowhere,well maybe somewhere because I don’t know where,they were six in number,one of the snatch the novel I was reading “APE CITY” written by Adebayo Abass Charliebryn,printed and published by Coolval22 from my hand and flung it on the floor.

    I was boiling with anger but I knew better to start a fight with any of them,I just wanted them to disappear but that wasn’t forthcoming.My anger turned to shock when I heard one of them speak..
    “is this the GFN(good for nothing) guy?” The scar bearing guy who look like their leader asked Rofiyat who looked less concerned about what is going on.

    “yes” Rofiyat said,even before she finish saying the yes I felt a punch landed on my left cheek,I staggered backward from the impact of the punch..

    “what is happening here?..who are you guys?..what have I done?” I kept asking different questions which none of them answered only to receive another punch in my stomach,a scream escaped my mouth immediately and I fell to the ground,my hand clutching my stomach.

    I flash a look at Rofiyat and all I saw on her face was pity which later turned to a grin,I felt blood run from my throat to my mouth..
    “Rofiyat why?…what is my offense?..I thought you love even said so said you’ll protect me even though I was suppose to say that..” I rant on and on painfully.

    She squatted infront of me,for a moment I thought I saw regret and sadness on her face but that was just my imagination..
    “I lied…everything I told you were lies…I never for once loved you,infact I hate you with all my heart..what is lovable about you?’re poor,not good looking.” she said while I swallowed hard in realization and sadness,,well maybe am not handsome but am not ugly either,I love this chocolate color of mine..

    She continued “I used you’re just like a tool..I used you to while away time…I hope you understand that sweety.” she concluded and stood up,she looked at me one more time before walking away and that was what I remembered last as different kicks came my way(in Kiss Daniel’s voice).
    I heard a knock on the door,no,my door,’who might that be?’ I asked my self as I slowly stood up due to pain,e no go buy plate for those guys oh,chai,all thanks to my bestfriend who carried me come home and use hot water to “ba” my body for me and gave me painkiller.
    I drag myself to the door,lo and behold,there she stood in All he glory,the reason for my predicament…
    “Rofiyat” I manage to say..

    “am sorry my love,all I said back there were all lies..I love you so much..I said that to save your life.” she said bursting into tears…

    FIN(The End)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALIU ROFIYAT…wishing you longlife and prosperity..

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    Happy birthday to her

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    Hmm happy birthday to her

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    Ehyah..happy birthday to her oo

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