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    I mean season two

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    u don enter am

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    Who love me most season 2 episode 2

    Written by joy osamudiamen

    Chidi later agreed on going to nigeria, he told aunty rose the date he could love to go,he was going not because he loved to but because he thought about what aunty rose told him and wanted to give it a try,aunty rose called Mr Jonathan to inform him that chidi will be in nigeria in less then a week,Mr and Mrs Jonathan was so happy that he has finally agreed to come was the day that chidi was to leave his flight was 10:30pm,he has got prepared, he was in his room at about 7pm in the evening arranging his luggage when aunty rose entered.
    Aunty rose smiling )i can see you are getting ready
    Chidi :yeah,i am just making sure I don’t leave any important things behind,aunty i can’t pack everything so I don’t know
    Aunty rose :that’s not a problem, you just leave the ones you till need and i will send them to nigeria when you get there,that is if you have no intention of coming back.
    Chidi :hmmmmmm,well even if i decided to stay back i don’t think i will need some many of them,it not much, i have already given some to my friends,so the remaining one you can keep them ,you can send me the wrist watched,necklaces and some shoes i keep at my wardrobe, if you open it you will see them.
    Aunty rose h that’s okey,so have you called your dad
    Chidi :yes I did,they are preparing for my return, they even wanted to hold a party but I declined, i don’t want anyone to know that i am in nigeria
    Aunty rose :well that’s good,there is so much work to be done here
    Chidi :yeah,i don’t even know how i got all this clothes
    Aunty rose :are you asking me,you love buying things and that is what you should work on,you till have some in the store house
    Chidi :you will do away with all that,i don’t need them and beside they are all old.
    Aunty rose :i will do that,why don’t you rest for now ,you till have up to an hour before you leave for the airport.
    Chidi :i know, i just don’t want to forget anything,
    Aunty rose :if you say so,come and eat something before you go,the table has been prepared.
    Chidi key am coming
    Aunty rose :not okey let’s go,because if i leave you here you won’t come down stairs to eat so after you
    Chidi :aunty how come you know me so well
    Aunty rose :that’s why I am your aunty, so shall we
    Chidi :you know you will always win
    Aunty rose :yes I agree come on
    They both went down stairs to eat,it was time for chidi to go Aunty rose drove him to the airport,chidi knows he will surely miss her so much because she was the one that made him more then just a man,he arrived at the airport and said farewell to aunty rose,his flight was great,the next day morning chidi arrived at lagos international airport,he took his luggage and headed to the entrance of the airport, he saw many people who was waiting for their loved ones that was when he saw a boy holding a white carbon paper and his name was written on it,he walked down to him and ask if he was sent by his father immediately the boy knew he was the one he is waiting for ,the boy helped chidi with his luggage and put it in the car,chidi also entered the car and the boy drove out of the airport, on their way home chidi gazed at all the areas he passes and was amaze,to him lagos now look different to him.
    Chidi :what is your name
    Boy:my name is ike sir
    Chidi :you must be new
    Ike:yes sir ,i just started work seven months ago
    Chidi :i see,how old are you
    Ike :28 sir
    Chidi :good,you do know around lagos very well
    Ike:this is where I was born sir
    Chidi key,there is some places you will take me to but not today okey
    Ike:no problem sir
    Chidi :please call me chidi,sir sounds ridiculous
    Ike:but sir
    Chidi :ike don’t worry about my father if that is what you are thinking, okey
    Ike key sir chidi
    Chidi laughed
    Ike :let me put sir to it,please
    Chidi key suit yourself.
    Ike :thank you
    In no time they arrived at the Jonathan mansion, the gate was opened and Ike drove in,as soon as Mr and Mrs Jonathan heard the car horns they both went outside to welcome their son,chidi was also happy to see them,they all embrace eachother, the maids was called to take chidi luggages into the his room,they all went inside laughing and talking,after chidi had his bath he came down stairs to have his breakfast, Mr and Mrs Jonathan was already at the dinner table waiting for him,he seat down and the maid dish out the food,after Mr Jonathan blessed the food they all began to eat.
    Chidi :hmmmmmmm,mum i really miss your cooking.
    Mrs Jonathan laughed
    Mrs Jonathan :do you like it
    Chidi :like is an understatement, i love it,it been a long time since I tasted your food
    Mrs Jonathan :yes you are right,don’t worry i will make sure you enjoy more of this
    Chidi :i trust you mum,i know what you can do
    They both laughed
    Mr Jonathan :there is a good news too
    Chidi :what
    Mr Jonathan :Judith just gave birth yesterday
    Judith has been married for five years now,she had her first baby three years ago,chidi actually attended the wadding from London, the wadding was held in dubai,she is now living in the US with her husband.
    Chidi amazed )wow,her second child
    Mrs Jonathan:yes a girl
    Chidi happy )i can’t believe this,nice
    Mr Jonathan :i and your mother will be travelling to see her in two days time
    Chidi key
    Mr Jonathan :we don’t know when we are going to return because I will be holding a meeting there also.
    Chidi ooooo, wish I could come
    Mr Jonathan :you need to stay here,i need you to take care of some things while am gone
    Chidi :so quick, and what will I be taking care of
    Mrs Jonathan:didn’t your aunty tell you
    Chidi was confused
    Chidi :tell me what
    Mrs Jonathan :that your father has opened your own company.
    Chidi:dad,i don’t get
    Mr Jonathan:chidi you are my only son,that i know but I don’t want you to work under me,so I want you to run your own company, i want to see how you will make progress with it.
    Chidi :dad am speechless, i don’t know what to say
    Mr Jonathan:don’t say anything, you made me proud, business has already been in progress, it has been open for just six months now
    Chidi :this is amazing
    Mrs Jonathan :now you see why we needed you home
    Chidi was so happy and excited
    Chidi :thanks dad,thanks mum,you guys are best parents ever.
    Mr Jonathan :no problem, tomorrow i will take you there so that you will know where to start from,i believe you can do this.
    Chidi :you don’t have to worry about that,am equal to the task.
    Mr Jonathan was happy that chidi was now ready to face his own responsibility, he is no longer the boy he knew, he has become what he always wanted him to be,chidi knew he has to work very hard to impress his dad and mum,he has a lot to work on.

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    wow, d guy has Rilly changed

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    Henry Sanctus
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    wow i knew it chidi must surly marry amara…tins happen for a reason….amara will soon leave max to chidi….for six years max couldnt marry amara dat means amara z made for chidi d i love dat.

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    Carolyn Emmanuel
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    Pls dnt marry dat best Amara ur love is coming back

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    Nana Aisha
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    It wont be suprising if amara works in chidi company

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