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    In accordance to the law before the way of salvation is open. There is a contradition between God principles and what he created, human beings.
    If there is no law, there will not be mistakes that will lead to suffering and death.
    In societies, there is a set of principles and law guiding lifes and properties of every individuals just as it is in heaven where God our creator dwell
    ‘May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven’
    The bible has enlighten us on different set of God principle that human may have it in mind not to obey
    Since there is a clash between God and us, Just in a twinkle of eyes
    The saviour came and clear the way and reconcile us with God and with him everything is possible
    For the continuation of humanity
    For us to fufill his will and commandment
    He created something special and useful for us to move closer to him
    A Nation of wisdom and light against the darkness
    In the bible it says ‘ A man shall leave his father and mother, unite with his wife and they shall become one’
    In unity we stand, in divided we fall
    Marriage was part of God plan for humanity
    It is part of the plan of salvation
    When a husband and wife unite together in christ, they will live against the darkness. For in the absence of light, there is darkness
    The God plan for us is awesome but it turn to the other side if the will of God is not done.
    1. Corinthians 7:2 says ‘But because there is so much of immorality every man should have his own wife’
    Sin has cause so much trouble for man
    Sin bring suffering and death
    Sin has turned many great people to an helpless human
    It make samson go into the world below without a fulfilled life
    It bring war into the family of David and finally it bring suffering to the world through our ancestor. The first man and woman.
    Relationship or courtship lead to marriage, the union between two mind that will become one
    For the wheel of nature to be Balance in marriage
    Man need to stay away from what that will bring wrath from God
    Adultery has makes many people lost their way
    Sexual sins is a blazing fire that can’t be kept out of will
    It consumed those that have it.
    There are several reason people neglect God principle of marriage
    As in the case of when money chip in marriage
    When money become the deity people worship in marriage
    When people collaborate and mingle with bad friends
    When the infidelity of the opposite sex become too much
    When human being never try to marry the people of their father in heaven
    When human being is too blinded by greed and jealousy
    With all this reason, it lead people to go against God, and chattered people heart and homes
    God principle in marriage should be obey among spouses that want to live in peace and unity
    The unity of families make the nation brighter
    There are so many marriage that undergoes divorce after seven month or less than that because the will of God for ones life is not seeked
    Money is the least problem of humanity
    With true love with God, there will be peace.
    Seek for the will of God and invite him to your homes
    He will restore broken homes and heart
    In unity with God, darkness is nothing
    Never leave a loopholes for satan to trouble you
    Seek for God before everything in life and build a intimate relationship with him
    He is the only friend that can deeply understand your sorrows and pains
    I pray that God will restore every broken homes and heart in Jesus name

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    One one bro.

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