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    Me: but you said they are dead
    Queen Olokun: yes
    Me: but i saw Lizzy today on a mirror.
    Queen Olokun: and what did she say?
    Me: she said i should come and find her.
    Queen Olokun: so what do you want me to do?
    Me: you told me they are dead but you are wrong they are very much alive.
    Queen Olokun: so?
    Me: i need to know where they are.
    Queen Olokun: am sorry i cant tell you that.
    Me: why not, is there something i should know?
    Queen Olokun: you should be thinking about how to defeat your sister Eve.
    Me: without them i cant defeat my sister, you see how they help me
    defeat my mother.
    Queen Olokun: you dont need Lizzy you have Lucy her sister.
    Me: Lucy that i cant even relate with, see please i feel secure with
    Lizzy (Luciana) more than her sister Lucy.
    Queen Olokun: then secure yourself around Lucy because i cant help you.
    Me: how can i secure myself without my powers?
    Queen Olokun: i told you to go and find yourself only then you will
    get your powers back.
    Me: am not asking you to help me just tell me where she is i will go
    look for her myself.
    Queen Olokun: am sorry i cant send you to your grave.
    Me: how, what do you mean?
    Queen Olokun: if you go there you cant come back.
    Me: if i survivie underworld why cant i survive this so called place?
    Queen Elizabeth: you survive underworld because you have the three
    witches beside you.
    Me: yes thats why i need their help again to defeat my sister, so
    please just tell me where they are.
    Queen Olokun: hmmmm okay, you have to travel to the bottom of the sea.
    Me: where is that and how can i find it?
    Queen Olokun: find it through the underworld.
    Me: you mean i have to pass through the underworld again? (scared)
    Queen Olokun: yes and many more.
    Me: alright thanks how can i find the underworld?
    Queen Olokun: how did you locate it before?
    Me: i didnt, Lizzy did.
    Queen Olokun: okay take this book it will guide you on your way (she
    forward her left hand to me and from nowhere a book appeared on her
    Me: thank you. (i said as i walk to her and collect the book).
    Queen Olokun: dont thank me because you will do something for me as a
    price. (devil’s gift is not always free, they give one and collect
    double back).
    Me: what is that?
    Queen Olokun: you will know when the time come, now away.
    As usual she blow breeze from her mouth and push me away from the sea.
    when i woke up from my dream i look around but i didnt see anything
    like book, i was a bit disappointed but i know the book wont stop me
    from going to the underworld, i got up from my bed and hed to parlour,
    i look time and saw that its past nine already and my mum has gone to
    work, i enter bathroom and pull of my clothes and as i want to take my
    bath behold i saw different kind of map on my body as a tattoo.
    welcome to Ozila’s Adventures, Witches and wizards is the continuation
    of the carpenter the witch and the mysterious mirror and i am Akhigbe
    Godsgift Oziegbe.

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    A map on my body in form of tattoo? Waoh this is cool and wonderful.
    I enter parlour quickly to use the big mirror inside our parlour to look at my body very well and i am very right and correct the tattoo is a map to the underworld and not just to the underworld alone but it extend to the bottom of the sea inside the underworld, hmmmm that means i have to be wearing sweater all the time because i cant risk my mum seeing all these maps on my body, i return to the bathroom and took my bath using cold water, i was bathing myself and at the same time thinking about Lizzy, i have missed her so much and i cant wait to get her back if it will be possible, i believe i can do it because i believe in myself even though i know i need assistance but since no one to call i have to do it alone because i dont have a choice or maybe i do.
    I took my phone and wear my clothes then hed out to meet Ogijio the carpenter, even though i know he wont follow me at least he might know somebody who can follow me, i lock my door and went out to meet Ogijio the carpenter and when i get there i knock on his door but nobody answer, i look around and i saw that everywhere is neat and clean, i ask his neighbour where is Ogijio and there i got the shock i didnt hope for, he said that my man has packed out since yesterday, i ask him what happen and he said that even him dont know why because he saw him packing out and arranging his room, i thank the bros and walk out.
    Why my bros fuckup like this na just because of small thing wey happen him don disappear just like that? this is not good at all i wanted to hear from his side why he packed out so i dial his number but guess what i heard “the mtn number you are trying to call is currently switch off please try again later”.
    I enter house and started thinking what to do, i have nobody to talk to and no friend to visit, even vareeth saw me and ran away i dont what i did to him oh, since all my mortal friends are running away from me then let me try my immortal friends, i believe they brought this on me and only them can stop it too, i stay indoor throughout that day till night when my mum has gone to store then i quickly get up from bed and then i took small salt from inside container for protection and put inside my pocket, i enter road they go the dangerous bridge, i believe thats the best place to get madam lucy attention, i walk very fast because i dont want my mum to return before me the time is 8:30pm and by 9pm my mum will return back from store though she do sleep there sometimes but i dont know if she will sleep there today, as the saying goes no be everyday be chrismas, i walk faster till i get to the dangerous bridge which is very quiet, i cross the bridge and walk to the road that lead to the river, i pass the first river and continue going till i get to the place where me and vareeth sleep the other time, and when i get there i walk to the river and stand, then i started calling out to Lucy to comeout that i want to talk to her, i called her name six times but no glimpse of response at all, i was angry that i started throwing stone inside the river and also pouring curse on Lucy for abandoning me, i remain there for ten minutes calling out to Lucy but since no hope of response from her and my mum will soon return i gave up and turn back to leave but when i take my first step a bright light emerge from the big river, as i saw the light i turn back and saw that the river has started turning or rather rotating very fast, is rotating like fan as if something is turning it, then the river started rising growing taller and taller and even taller than the big tree there but the river didnt float but remain static, i dey down they look the river for up and i was surprise to see a path cut out from the river, like a road just like Moses and red sea, AKA “let my people go”.
    As the river divide then i saw somebody coming towards me with the shinning light, the light is a staff and the person is holding it, and as the person came closer then i recognise her very well, she came to and look me up and down, then she took my hand walk me back into the river, as we are going inside i look back and saw the river joining together again, do i say am afraid? No am not afraid because i know i am


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    Now you don become second Moses

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    Was i scared? No i wasn’t scared at all because i have gone through
    many trials like things before or that are even more scarier than
    this, i followed lucy inside the river as we walk on dry land inside
    the river.
    We reach one place where i saw many cowries on the ground, then after
    sometime we started walking on silver carpet, i was wondering when we
    will get to the place we are going to, we walk for many minutes before
    we reach one big palace with many pillars, at the front of the palace
    i saw many girls sewing something i don’t know while others are washing
    clothes, they put on clothes that make their laps and stomach visible,
    when they saw me they all stop what they were doing and started
    looking at me in a mysterious way, i can remember some because they
    are the ones that rape me and vareeth the other night, she take me
    inside the palace then she free my hand and walk gently to sit in her
    throne made of silver with lion shell on the throne, she get there and
    remove the lion shell then she wear the shell and sat on the throne, i
    was standing there looking at her like olodo.
    Lucy: now you know why it took me so long for me to come get you.
    Me: because this place is far, but can’t you just appear to me?
    Lucy: on dry land yes but not inside the river.
    Me: okay can i have a sit.
    Lucy: why not? you are surrounded by chairs and you still asking.
    Me: okay ( i didn’t really know they are chairs because them be like snake).
    Lucy: so why are you here?
    Me: you suppose know that already na, am looking for your sister.
    Lucy: and you think i can help you.
    Me: why not, you are her twin sister.
    Lucy: and you know why we separated right?
    Me: yeah but i don’t see any reason there why you won’t help me.
    Lucy: i can’t leave this place Oz because i have to guide and protect it.
    Me: i thought you suppose to be protecting me.
    Lucy: yeah but now that your mother is gone i see no reason why i
    should continue protecting you.
    Me: she is gone but Eve is still alive.
    Lucy: and why are you bothered about her she is not that strong like her mother.
    Me: she took my powers and now she’s even more stronger than her mother.
    Lucy: she took your power then she must be very weak now.
    Me: how.
    Lucy: because the powers will consume her for many months.
    Me: why?
    Lucy: because she doesn’t have the strenght to harbor that kind of power.
    Me: so she will die?
    Lucy: probably yes, the power will kill her in three months time but…….
    Me: but what…..
    Lucy: if the power doesn’t kill her then get ready to face the
    strongest evil you will ever encounter.
    Me: hmmmm
    Lucy: why are you hmmmming like bee?
    Me: i really don’t know what to say.
    Lucy: you don’t know what to say? I expect you to get up and go look
    for her now and kill her because she is very weak.
    Me: i don’t know where she is.
    Lucy: then go look for her.
    Me: that’s the problem i need Luciana to do that, she is my strenght
    and everything.
    Lucy: see i tried to look for her but i can’t see her anywhere at all,
    if you wanna know where she is you have to visit Olokun.
    Me: i already did, she said she is at the bottom of the sea.
    Lucy: waoh, you have long journey ahead of you.
    Me: i need somebody to follow me because i can’t go alone and i don’t
    even know the place like that.
    Lucy: hmmm i can help you with that (she send one of the guard to go
    call somebody, after some minutes two people walk in, the guard and a
    girl that look like man).
    Lucy: Oz this is Aziza she will escort you to the bottom of the sea.
    i stood up and look at her from head to toe, she get muscle no be
    small and she get flat breast and if she even dress like man you nor
    go know say na woman,.
    Me: okaaaay thank you, (i ask Aziza, do you know the way to the bottom
    of the sea).
    Azi: of course the sea is my home.
    Me: which place do we follow?
    Azi: the underworld. (i think she know).
    Lucy: don’t worry Oz she is a great fighter and she will protect you
    with her life.
    Me: thank you Lucy.
    she told the girl to go get ready that early tomorrow she will be
    leaving them and as she left, Lucy look at me mysteriously.
    Lucy: you are not happy why?
    Me: me why not? Am very glad and i must thank you for your help.
    Lucy: hmmm she is not beautiful right? that is what you are thinking
    (of course she is not beautiful).
    Me: not really i was thinking how she will come meet me tomorrow
    because me am not even set.
    Lucy: she will stay close to you and anytime you are ready just call
    her name three times.
    Me: okay that will be helpful, time for me to go now my mum will be
    looking for me now.
    Lucy: okay let me see you off.
    As we walk back from where we came from with pillars of rivers at our
    side i started thinking about my mum, then suddenly the river crash on
    our head and swallow us.


    I wokeup and found myself ontop my bed inside my room i was confused totally and to make things worst i heard a knock on our door.
    “Ozes” the person called my name and without doubt that’s my mum’s voice, i stood up from the bed and walk to parlour to open the door for my mum.
    Me: welcome ma.
    Mum: wetin you they do i don they knock since.
    Me: i be they sleep.
    Mum: by this time?
    As she enter inside house i lock the door back and return to my room wondering how i manage to get here, i could remember vividly that me and Lucy crossing the river and suddenly the river fell ontop of us what really happen? Oh well anything that happen must be the handwork of Lucy.
    I relax on my bed and started thinking how to go about this mission but must i go? what if i just follow what Lucy said and use the time i will use to find Lizzy and use it to look for Eve and finish her since she’s weak, well that wont be easy because even if she’s weak she must be with some of her friends with incredibly strenght to protect her, let me just look for Lizzy first before any other plan, i continue wondering what to do till sleep took over.
    The next morning after morning prayer.
    Me: mum we they go conference oh.
    Mum: for where?
    Me: for Auchi.
    Mum: how many days?
    Me: three days including sunday making it four days.
    Mum: when una they go?
    Me: next tomorrow.
    Mum: okay make u start to prepare na.
    Me: yes i will start preparing tomorrow.
    Mum: no wahala make una they careful oh.
    Me: no wahala.
    After the discussion i went inside my room and i was happy and relieve for my mum to buy the lie, but wait oh what if she ask my church member and the person tell her there is no conference wetin i go do? Oh well when that time reach we go know.
    I was left alone at home again after my mum left for work, oh well i ain’t bothered because that’s the normal thing and i am even use to it, i went to kitchen and prepare something for myself to eat, after cooking i return to parlour and saw madam Aziza sitting comfortably on our chair crossing her leg she wore complete black and black and she store long sword at her back, i was startled when i saw her but when i recognise her i was relieve,
    Azi: surprised?
    Me: you scared me.
    Azi: sorry about that i thought we could discuss a bit.
    Me: yeah so whatsup?
    Azi: i heard your discussion with your mum.
    Me: how did you?
    Azi: i was beside the window.
    Me: hmmm you spying?
    Azi: not really just watching over you.
    Me: by spying.
    Azi: so the journey start on thursday?
    Me: yeah.
    Azi: i hope you are ready because the place we are going you need Lucy by your side because its dangerous.
    Me: but you are here.
    Azi: hahaha and you think only me can protect you?
    Me: if you can’t protect me why would she choose you?
    Azi: oh well its a suicide mission she don’t expect any of us to return alive.
    Me: hmmm don’t worry we will return i have faith.
    Azi: really hahahaha oh well am not afraid to die and you can depend on me completely.
    Me: see, i can defend myself i just need a company that’s why i ask for you so protect yourself and i will protect myself.
    Azi: see who is talking, if you still have your powers i won’t even bother.
    Me: oh well lets just focus on the advantage.
    Azi: okay no problem so what are we going to be doing till that thursday?
    Me: do anything or you play video game.
    Azi: really, so that’s the best you can offer? (she said so and started licking her tongue romantically looking at me like charlene).
    The fact that she look like man is a big turn off for me.


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    Turn off

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    Hahahahahahaha you no wan chyke her. Lol

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