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    I think you should have gone to look for Eve and finish her off. Maybe you should go with Aziza or ask Lucy to increase your company

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    It'z WizzyIt’z Wizzy
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    Lol if na lizzy now u go rush her

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    The next day i went to market and buy 2 sharps knives and one dagger i bought many other things i will need on our journey, i remain indoor till that thursday when it’s time for us to go, my mum gave me some money and i make sure she left for work before i started preparing, i wore black and black like Aziza and then i took one small bag and put one knife there and the other knife i insert it inside my boot, i put the dagger at my waist and cover it with another shirt, by eleven we are ready to go.
    Azi: you look handsome.
    Me: really, so you didn’t notice it since?
    Azi: i do but those clothes just make it perfect.
    Me: you get mouth abeg stand up make we they go joor.
    Azi: no shaking.
    I put my bag for back and lock the door my neighbour saw me and ask if we are going to war, i have to lie that we have drama to practice in church before she let it go.
    On our way.
    Me: so which place do we follow to the underworld?
    Azi: we ain’t going to the underworld just yet, we will follow same path you followed the other day.
    Me: we ain’t going to the underworld so where are we going?
    Azi: to Lizzy house.
    Me: why?
    Azi: we will wait there because we can’t risk anybody seeing use when opening the portal to the underworld, so we have to wait till night.
    Me: hmmm okay that would be more scaring.
    Azi: if you are afraid of the dark how will you now fare in the underworld?
    Me: don’t judge me just yet am just saying.
    Azi: i ain’t judging you am just telling you to buckle up because there are many scaring things there (she stop a bike and we enter).
    Me: i have been there before so don’t coach me.
    Azi: am not coaching you.
    Me: better.
    The bike drop us at locust road and we have to start trekking to Lizzy house, last time i was there the house was down already (i mean rusting) this time i think the house would have decay already.
    Me: how do you know her house?
    Azi: hahahaha that’s a rhetoritical question.
    Me: what do you mean?
    Azi: do you expect Lucy will just stay without knowing the whereabout of her younger sister?
    Me: i don’t know, she don’t care about her why would she know?
    Azi: she do care but she have many family to take care of and she have many responsibility.
    Me: and so?
    Azi: she doesn’t need to look out for Luciana because Luciana is stronger than her.
    Me: yeah i know that.
    Azi: you know and you still asking?
    Me: even if she’s stronger than her at least, she should still care because she’s the elder one.
    Azi: oh well if you say so.
    We reach the house and i was surprise to see that the house still look like how i left it the other day, i think say e go don decay now oh,
    we enter inside the house and relax on the dirty chair waiting for night to come, Aziza took drink from the fridge wey nor they work and gave me cup and then she pour drink for me, we relax on the chair drinking champagne, afterall make the champagne no waste, in the afternoon when everywhere was hot, Aziza complain of heat and then she went to bathroom to bath, the pap no longer working so she took water from well and enter bathroom, from parlour i can hear her bathing after some time, she came to parlour wearing just towel with water drilling from her body, did i say she look like man before? Oh well this time i don’t care.
    I smile and remove my trouser quickly and then i pounce on her and took her to the bedroom, i lay her down why i pull down my boxer and with force i insert my dickson inside her wet p---y and started digging the well, i was using force to sexx her and then suddenly the door fling open from behind.
    “so this is how you honour Lizzy’s memory”

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    I looked back and lwas so shock that i throw Aziza out of my body (she go use body scatter cupboard), i stood up walk to her and then said.
    Me: Justina is this you?
    Just: no it’s my ghost i can see you are enjoying yourself already.
    Me: oh that forget that we are here looking for Lizzy and you can see the drink there consume me alot.
    Just: good excuse, hello Aziza.
    Aziza: and you just have to barge in like that?
    Just: excus me i was here before you, i was searching for something underground (i put on my clothes and walk to parlour, i hear them from inside).
    Azi: at least you should have still knock.
    Just: you just met him and you throwing yourself on him already.
    Azi: how is that your business?
    Just: since Lizzy is not here he is my responsibilty.
    Azi: oh cool at least i can go back now.
    Just: if you like.
    The noise was too much so i came back to reduce the temperature in the room.
    Me: see guys we are all here for the same reason fighting each others won’t help us out, and you Justina where have you been all this while?
    Just: i was held prisoner by Eve.
    Me: are you serious?
    Just: yes, that night i was coming to meet you guys to follow you to the underworld unfortunately Eve your sister kidnap me and gave me something to drink, i was not myself and i was locked up and i can’t escape either.
    Me: so how did you now manage to escape now?
    Just: after you killed your mother the potion cleared and i was free, but Eve still hold me captive using me to feed herself because she was weak.
    Me: you mean you know where she is?
    Just: she is long gone after i escape, as she was drinking my blood as usual i felt that she was weak so i took the courage and attack, i almost killed her but somebody came from nowhere and took her.
    Me: took her to where?
    Just: i don’t know they just vanish into thing hair leaving no trace.
    Me: but you can remember where she hold you?
    Just: very well, but i don’t think is of any use because i search the place very well there is nothing there that can help us.
    Me: hmmm you did well.
    Just: thanks and am very sorry about Lizzy and Annabel.
    Me: they are not dead we are going to bring them back.
    Just: yes i know that’s why am here but i didn’t see what i was looking for.
    Me: what are you looking for?
    Just: a small note.
    Me: with a mysterious language.
    Just: exactly did you see it?
    Me: yes i do but i left it at home.
    Just: that’s the key to her heart, if you can know what’s written in it, then to find Lizzy will be easy.
    Me: i have tried many ways and many people but none seem to know, i even tried google.
    Aziza: Google? Hahahaha africa witch and america witch are quite different.
    Just: before we enter the underworld we need the note.
    Me: then i will go back and get it.
    Just: no i will, just tell me where it is.
    Me: inside my room under my bed.
    Just: okay i will be back.
    She vanish into thin air like wind.
    Me: i don’t know she can do that.
    Aziza: as we grow so do our powers, there are many powers hidden inside her she will soon discover them.
    Me: and what about you?
    Azi: am just a fighter.
    Me: hmmm.
    Azi: so you were fuccking Annabel, Lizzy and Justina?
    Me: why would you say that? No am not.
    Azi: if you aren’t then Justina won’t know your room, she can only disappear to where she know, going to ur room means that she has been there before.
    Voooom she return.
    Just: i can’t find it and i found your door open and everything in your room scattered.
    Azi: they are ahead of us.


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    You mean Eve?

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    That’s sign of trouble

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    Me: what, what of my mum? (I was furious)
    Justina: calm down everything is fine is just your room they scatter.
    Me: wheew are you sure my mum is okay?
    Justina: she’s not around so I just fixed the key for her and close the close the door, she won’t suspect anything.
    Azi: for them to take the note it means there is something important that they don’t want us to find.
    Justina: let’s forget about the note and focus on how to find Lizzy.
    Me: I support, so where do we go from here?
    Me: we go to the underworld.
    Aziza: that’s the place we were going before.
    Justina: then let’s continue.
    Me: hmmmmmm
    Just: Ozila I know you are worried about your mum but trust me she’s very fine, you should be worried about yourself.
    Me: I know my mum is okay what am thinking about is the note, I should have kept it well.
    Just: oh come on don’t blame yourself for that, we will find another way as we always do.
    Me: I hope so.
    day don dark finish so nobody go see us for road now except other witches of course because they can see in the night that’s why they hate darkness, we package our things and left the house with our bags on our back, there is something not right and am feeling it but I can’t decipher the thing, on well as time goes on I will know because I always do.
    we left the house and enter the road, we walk to the end of the road just like a cementry, then Justina brought something out from her bag and blow it to the air after saying some incantation, as usual a small portal open with heavy breezes blowing out from it, Aziza first enter before I follow and then Justina.
    when I enter inside the portal, I came out and saw myself in a thick forest, I think this place is different from the place we came out from the other time, no sign of Justina or Aziza,
    I stood up and look everywhere, all I hear are the sounds of crickets and other insects, I was scared to the bone, the sky is red and the environment is cloudy, a thick smoke is coming out of the ground, I took my things and started running to nowhere, I don’t even know where am putting my legs because everywhere is covered with smokes, I started running out of the thick forest and then I look back and saw something following me. though I don’t know the thing because the smoke covered it, but I can see the path it create through the smoke, I increase my space and started running faster and faster, breathing heavily like someone who has not seen water for five days, I don’t even know where am running to but I have to get away from the unseen spirit, as I was running without knowing were am going that’s how I fell inside a hole and land inside a river, dark smoke emanating from the river, the river is not deep but its scary like hell and the water is hot too, I don’t know where to go because I can’t climb the hill, I look left and saw a path, I followed it but I have not take two steps when I saw were the path lead to, it lead to a mighty cave, there must be something in that cave and it is better I don’t know, I jejely turn back and started going backward little by little, then I heard a groan from the cave, no be person tell me make i run before I pick race, I still hang my things for my back as I ran out of the cave but I don’t know where to go, I can’t climb the hill and I can’t go inside the cave, oh well let me check the road that lead to the cave,
    I followed my right and started walking fast so that the monster in that cave won’t get me, I continue going till I get to the end of the road and guess what I saw, am ontop of a big hill with water running down like a running spring, the best option for me is to jump down the hill or I rather turn back and face the monster, I will rather face the monster than jump down this hill, I turn back and decided to face the monster and as I was going I heard the monster roar again, I quickly turn back and jump down the hill inside a river, as I jump down and when inside the river I was trying to swim up but I can’t it look like something is holding my leg, I tried to free myself but I can’t, na so I swallow water till I faint there.
    when inside the river I open eye and saw an Angel kissing me inside the river, the girl dress like an angel and she’s beautiful, she continue kissing me till I pass out again, when I open mg eyes again I saw Justina trying to kiss me.
    Me: where is the girl?
    Just: which girl?
    Me: the one kissing me inside the river.
    Aziza: it is Justina nobody else.
    Me: really?
    Justina: welcome back.

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    Me: wetin happen?
    Justina: you were drowning good we came on time.
    Me: i don’t understand.
    Justina: get up first we will talk on the way, here is nor safe
    they help me up and i look around to see if i can see the girl kissing
    me inside the river but i didn’t see anybody.
    “what are you looking for?” Aziza questioned me as she saw the
    mysterious look on my face.
    Me: nothing let’s get going.
    I pulled myself up and we continue our journey inside the thick bush and on the way i ask.
    Me: what really happen i thought we were suppose to come out from that same place
    we came out the other time.
    Justina: probably somebody mess up with the portal.
    Me: how can they do that?
    Aziza: it is possible i think they are trying to block it.
    Me: hope we can return back.
    Justina: that i don’t know but the portal is fading.
    Me: we will open it again na.
    Justina: no we can’t, they are closing it indefinitely.
    Me: hmmmm so you mean we can’t go back.
    “quiet” Aziza said and paused, we kept quiet and listen very well, i
    didn’t hear anything.
    Me: what is it?
    Aziza: quiet.
    Even the bush self is scary so its better we run instead of standing here,.
    Aziza quickly bend down and put her ear on the ground, i don’t know if she’s
    communicating with the ground or not.
    Aziza: we are not alone.
    Me: i think it’s better we run. (i said bringing out my dagger from my bag as if I fit do anything).
    Justina: let’s keep going if they are following us and have not attack
    that means we are safe.
    Aziza: you think so?
    Me: let’s keep moving.
    She stood up and we start moving slowly and steady looking at our
    shoulders every minute, even though Justina is still strong at least
    na underworld we they oh and there are many being that can defeat her
    but all the same am glad she’s here because seeing her alone give me
    courage to continue, i just hope we find what we are looking for.
    Inside the thick forest with big and gigantic trees that look like
    human being, we struggled inside the thick bush cutting grasses on our
    way, the trees were too much that we can’t even see the cloud self, the
    leaf of the trees form a canopy that make the forest dark and red ,
    some sections are red while other parts are dark, and guess what we are
    leaving the red side and going inside the dark spot meaning we won’t be able to see were we are going, i don’t even know if Justina knows were she’s going oh oh
    well i just have to trust her right?.
    Three of us walk inside the dark forest and Justina brought something
    from her bag and on it, the thing was shinning like a flouresence she
    put it on her hand like a bangle.
    “this place looks scary” Aziza muttered.
    Me: i concur, Justina you sure you know were we are going?
    Justina: i trust my intincts.
    Me: really you following your instincts?
    Justina: not really i just know there is a big sea here.
    Me: to where?
    Justina: to the bottom of the sea.
    Aziza: how are we gonna get boat or ship?
    Justina: i didn’t think of that maybe when we get there we will know what to do.
    Me: hmmm i don’t like the plan.
    Justina: oh if you have a better one bring it out am all ears.
    Aziza: i don’t think we should be discussing in a place like this.
    The road was tiny with branches on the way and the only light
    emanating from the forest is the little flouresence on Justina’s hand.
    I was in the middle Aziza at my back while Justina leads the way, then
    suddenly i stop hearing her footstep so I look back and no sigh of Aziza again.
    Me: Justina.
    justina: what?
    She turn back and saw me looking around.
    “where is Aziza?”. she asked
    Me: that’s what am trying to tell you, she was right behind me.
    Justina: and she just vanish?
    Me: we have to go back and look for her.
    Justina: how can someone following you just vanish like that without you knowing.
    Me: I don’t know she just disappear, please let’s go back and search for her.
    Justina: of course.
    We turn back and started looking for Aziza, as we turn back not too long we saw many candle light on our front hang on something or maybe somebody is
    holding them, we went further to see more and there we saw many people
    with different weapons holding Aziza hostage, as we saw them we try to
    run but it was too late and from nowhere somebody hit me something on the back
    of my head and i pass out.
    when i wokeup i saw myself in a fine palace it would have be better if
    it wasn’t in a cell, i got up and look around and the next cell i saw
    Aziza and Justina laying down sleeping.
    “Justina, Aziza wakeup” i called them out as they sluggishly stoodup, they wokeup and started looking around.
    Justina: where are we? (na now her eyes they clear)
    Me: in a prison i think.
    Aziza: this place looks nice are you sure we are not in rome (it sure
    looks like rome).
    As we continue wondering then somebody open the big door to the palace
    and a fine girl on robe came in with tray of food the girl looks
    familiar and i think i have seen her before, she drop food for Aziza
    and Justina bowing her head or maybe she’s hiding her face, when she
    got to me, she drop the plate on the ground and turn back to leave,
    then i said.
    “you look familiar,do I know you?”
    she turn around and remove her scarf and we were surprise to see Tera..
    Tera: welcome to the city of Hades.


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