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    pls continue na
    I have waited enough

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    hmm story stop admin y na

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    “I should kill you” said sheba as she hold Queen Olokun neck with so much hatred.
    “Relax calm down, take it easy now” I said.
    She look at me for some minutes before she free Queen Olokun, Olokun started coughing which shows that Sheba really hold her tight,
    Sheba stood up and look around, she walk to one closest and took a cloth by herself, we all keep looking at her surprisingly and after she finished wearing her dress she turn to face us.
    “Why are you all starring at me as if am a stranger?”
    We all turn our face to different directions, I walk to where Queen Olokun sit still touching her neck, I bend down and ask.
    “so now what next?”
    She look at me for some time and then turn her face.
    “You all should go and find a way to defeat your evil mother and sister, me and Sheba will remain here and look for a solution to save our town” she said.
    “ Are you sure it’s okay leaving you and her alone?” I asked.
    “Yeah, she will calm down and beside i can handle her anytime” she concluded and stand up, she walk to Sheba and started talking to her, I face Tera and Lucy and told them about the plan, they agreed not that they have any other plan anyway, my men has healed up already and they are ready for battle, I know my men can’t just die like that they are very strong men, that’s why Cao choose them.
    We all come together and make a plan on how to stop my evil family and how to save Lizzy without hurting her or our baby, there is no way they can stop her except me so we made a plan, first we need to find where they are and then give them what they want, of course they want war and that’s exactly what we will give them, it is time to end Eve once and for all, yes I can defeat Eve but how can I kill my evil mother since she can’t be killed with ordinary sword? Oh well I guess I have to make one last journey before the battle begins or maybe not, if I can remember correctly Queen Olokun once told me she can create the dagger of hell and that dagger can send anybody straight to hell, I hope she still remember.
    I walk to Queen Olokun where she face her altar preparing something I don’t know, I don’t want to disturb her so I stay calm and let her finish up before saying anything, it looks like she will be here for more than four hours so I left her to meet the others, they have started preparing to leave already while Queen Sheba still remain inside sitting down alone, I wanted to go and talk to her but I kick against it, she need sometime alone to get herself back and I don’t want to provoke her.

    Finally Queen Olokun finish her incantation and then I walk straight to the altar to meet her, she sat on the ground facing the altar and holding something, when I get closer I saw the dagger on her hand, a small red dagger with a round ball on the handle, the ball keeps rotating like earth, she stood up and face me.
    “This is the dagger, I believe you know the danger already and once you wield this dagger you can’t go back, you must die one day” she said looking at me straight in the eye.
    “Yes, I understand and am aware of the danger” I said.
    “Good give me your hand” she took my right hand and use the dagger to pierce me, she told me to open my two hands as if I want to collect something, she put the dagger on my hand and started saying some incarnation, my blood went inside the dagger and then my eyes change to something else.
    “It’s done, take care of it and make sure you don’t hesitate before sending them back to where they came from” she said turning her back.
    “Thank you, so where do we go from here now?” I ask.
    “Am done with you, my only work now is to restore the town the way it was before and try to bring back our people, that’s why I need Sheba, please find your people and make sure you end everything because if you can’t defeat them we can’t restore the city back” she said.
    “ We will do our best I promise” I said and took my things, I walk out and saw my people waiting for me there,
    “Let’s start going” I said when I walk pass them.
    We start our little journey back to the ship, and when we get to the ship guess what happened, our ship destroyed and our girls lying dead, they even left some information for us saying.
    “We are waiting for you, Ozila”
    Eighty two
    The words were well written on our sinking ship they successfully destroyed, we were shock because we didn’t expect them to act this way, how did they even know that we are here?
    We check our friends but they are gone already, I put my hand on my sad face, there is nothing we can do to bring them since they are already dead.
    “How did they know where we are”? I ask nobody in particular as I lay on top my friends moaning their death.
    “ we will need to bury them and move on, the best we can do to avenge their death is by winning this battle” Lucy said.
    “We can’t bury them here, they have love ones” I added.
    “How can you locate them when everywhere has been destroyed? We don’t even know if their family are still alive or not.” Said Lucy.
    “Then we take them to your castle and bury them there” I said.
    “I hate to say this but taking them there will slow us down, we need to focus on the mission at hand” Tera said, walking round the ship.
    “Am not going to abandon any of my people in an unknown location” I concluded.
    “Help me round them up, am taking them there myself” I said to my men.
    They help tie them and put them on the ship, we first start work on the ship making sure it’s good enough for long journey, when we finish we direct our direction to Lucy castle to bury our dead friends.

    We buried our friends in Lucy castle and then we prepare for our final battle with my family, that night we rest in her castle and fight each other, even with their strength no one can still pull me down because of my strength, I wasn’t even using my full strength oh, only Lucy came close.
    The next morning we took our things and enter the ship, we don’t know where we are going but my guts keep telling me we are going to the right direction, Olokun said we should follow the wave to the mountain through the sea, so that’s what we are doing.
    After two days of cycling round the sea with no result I decided to sleep, that’s when I saw her in my dream, my loving Lizzy.
    I woke up in a mountain full of rock, a very high mountain and when I woke up in front of me I saw something shinning like star, I stood up and walk to the place where the bright light is coming from, and there at the edge of the mountain I saw Lizzy standing and wearing a white linen, she was looking down the mountain and when I called her
    “Lizzy” she turn and face me with tears in her eyes, she was crying and I don’t know why.
    “Lizzy” I said again.
    This time she open her mouth to speak.
    “ my star what is taking you so long for you to find me? Have I not suffered enough in their hands? Am not even hurt with what they are doing to me but what hurt most is that for how long now my love has not rescued me from them, is it after they kill our baby you will come, please come we don’t have time, after they kill me they will dispose me because it’s the baby they need, I can’t afford to lose everything and still lose our baby, please come” she said amidst tears.
    I started crying too, I open my mouth and told her the truth.
    “my love am sorry, am doing everything in my power to find you, I had to bring back Queen Olokun because of you, I had to accept the devil’s offer because of you, please my baby hold on a little longer, I will find you I promise.”
    I started walking closer to her but the more I get closer the more she fades away like a star.
    “ please don’t go, tell me how to find you” I said crying and struggling to touch her hand before she vanish.
    “ find this place” that was the last word she said before she vanish away from my site, as I stand there gazing at the sky the mountain started falling, everywhere crash and rocks crash on my body, I screamed and rise up from my sleep, immediately I wake up I run to my people and told tera to turn the ship.
    “Why” Lucy and Tera questioned.
    “ because I know where they are” I said.

    Eighty four
    There is one place called the mountain of owl, the mountain is very tall in underworld, the mountain border the two community, Ogute and Evbiamen in underworld but in real life everything is just normal you won’t even know there is a mountain there, but after the destruction everything change, the mountain grow bigger like how a new born baby grow within four years, the mountain is a sacred one which some spirits use as sacrifice, when you climb the mountain you can almost touch the clouds, that’s where Eve and her mom are hiding.
    “So now that we know where they are, we need an elements of surprise” said Tera.
    “That is if they don’t already know we are coming and if Lizzy is not leading us to a trap”
    Lucy added.
    “It can’t be a trap, I trust her” I said.
    “Remember she is still under their spell, so don’t be blinded by love and lead us to our death” Lucy said.
    She’s right, Lizzy is still under their spell and I can’t afford to lose anybody else, I think they should remain in the ship while I go and check it out, that’s what I will do when I get there.

    After eight hours we get to the mountain but we didn’t go further, we just stop close to it so not to raise suspicion, we gather together and started planning how to attack, few minutes our ship started sinking and then my people started falling of the ship while I hold the part of the deck very well, I open my wings and fly to the sky and when I look down I saw a big sea creature with teeth’s very long like sword, the creature opened its mouth making all the waters to go inside it’s tummy including everything inside the water, how can I save my people from this creature now and the ship is almost close to the mouth of this monster, I summon energy from my body and fire run out of my body and I point it straight to the creature, as the fire flies to hit the creature the creature brought out water from its mouth to quench the fire, the water even throw me off balance to a far location, while my friends started diving inside the water as the ship enter the creature mouth.

    Eighty five
    The monster is just too big for me to defeat alone and my friends can’t even join me and fight because they are powerless under water, I wish lady octopus is here with me.
    The best my friends can do is to try and run away, they can’t fight a monster like that.
    The creature swallowed our ship while my men manage to hold onto some parts of the scattered ship and use their hand to swim away from the creature, as they all gather round the wooden part they started paddling with their hand while the creature keep on drawing them back, closer to its big mouth, I quickly spread my wings and jump off the water, I fly to where they are and started pushing the wood from the back away from the creature, we manage to escape from the creature.
    “Now what?” Lucy ask after we escape from the creature.
    “We need a plan to kill that creature, because we can’t pass with that monster there” replied Tera.
    “Yeah we need a plan, Ozila what do you have in mind?” Lucy asked, looking at me lying on the log like a dead person, of course am tired after using my strength to push the wood away from the creature, I need my strength if am going to defeat Eve so I need to rest.
    “I really don’t have any plan” I manage to say and continue my sleep.
    They continue to discuss till they land on the conclusion that I will take them to the mountain one by one, I will fly them pass the monster, I didn’t complain so far I have my wings I can fly pass it, that’s if the monster won’t splash me with water again.
    Funny enough that’s the only way that lead to the mountain where Eve and others are, they really don’t want to be found, they said they were waiting for us but i don’t see any of them, all I see is a monster with a gigantic teeth like a sword, or are they afraid?


    As the wood we beckon on float on the water they all get ready to be transported to the other side of the sea by me, I didn’t see it as big deal anyway so I agree without thinking, the first person I will carry is one of my men, he is very good with water so even if he fall he can swim to protect himself, I don’t know why Lucy can’t fly like her sister Luciana. (Even Luciana told me she can fly I wonder what happened to her wings)
    I jump to the sky and spread my wings, I told him to wait while I return with a full speed, I fly to the sky and started coming back with a full speed, like a hawk looking for a chick, I fly pass them carrying the guy with full speed and even everybody fall on the water because of the speed, I swing my wings to the sky again while I use my hand to hold my guy very tight, I fly pass the part where the monster destroyed our ship what surprise me is that there is no sign of the monster there again, or maybe the monster is no longer there, I fly to the bottom of the hot mountain (hot like oven) and drop the guy, I return to the sea and started transporting them one by one, after I finish transporting them and it remain only Tera I told her I want to rest a bit before I continue, after five minutes rest I took her and fly to the mountain and when I drop her I look around searching for my friends.
    “Where are they?” Tera ask.
    “I don’t know I drop them here” I said.
    “Then where are they now?” she ask again.
    I walk to the place where I drop them and saw glimpse of blood there, we started tracing the blood to one dark corner inside the mountain and as our sight started failing us because of the darkness, I change my right hand to fire and everywhere started shining again. We continue tracing the blood to one dark room, when we reach the end of the room and saw no sign of them we turn back, as I take a step back something like water drop on my body, I forward my hand up and saw one of my men hang with a rope and when I look further I saw the others tied with rope with their mouth covered with black cloth
    “Holy shit” said Tera.
    The part where we came from blast like an explosion, the blast caused some rocks to fall blocking the way we came from, trapping us inside the room with no way out, I change to beast and fly to the top, I cut the rope they used in tying my friends including the dead one, I change to human back and we removed the cover from their mouth and they cough out seriously.
    “It was Eve” said Lucy.
    And then immediately she said that we started hearing laughter from afar and yes I recognized the voice to be that of Eve.
    Eighty seven
    “How do we get out of here now?” I ask nobody in particular waiting for answer from anybody.
    “Let’s search for a loophole” said Lucy still coughing, struggling to get up.

    “This place is dark how do we see a loophole?” retorted Tera.
    They keep arguing while I close the eye of my dead boy, all my men are almost dead now remaining only me, Lucy, Tera and the bugging man (they called him bugging because he is very big and a giant too).
    I can’t keep losing my men like this without any fight, we need a plan to flush Eve out of her hole, I know there are roads to the top of the mountain but we have to escape this place first, I don’t know If I change to beast and try to push the door I don’t know if it will work,
    “Ozila what are you thinking” Tera called me out bringing me back from my thought,.
    I turn and face her.
    “We have to leave this place first and then take the fight to them or else we will keep losing more men” I said.
    “Of course that’s the plan but how do we leave this trapped place?” Lucy asked.
    “Oh well I hope this work” I said and started changing again to my other form (the red phoenix) as I change to phoenix completely everywhere started shining like a burning forest even my friends shift back for me because the flame is too much for them, I jump up and spread my big wings, I fly to the top and face the door of the dark room the trap us, I summon flame from my body and shoot at the door, the door blast but still intact, I repeat the process five times before the door blast open like a nuclear bomb and because of that my energy has reduced rapidly, I came down and kneel down changing to my human form, my friend pull me together and buddle me out of the room, we came out and saw many men with swords standing in front of us.

    Eighty eight

    Na there battle start with my men using anger to dismantled Eve men.
    When my men saw them standing in front of us they gently drop me and pounce on them like lions pouncing on rats and when I look up again I saw like twenty men on the ground with my men still hoping for more.
    Tera look up and shouted
    “Eve is that all you got?” She shouted with anger still holding her spear with sword head, and yes it was a big mistake for her to call Eve like that because more than 500 men emerge from the west with swords bows and arrows, even my men shift back to meet me, I stood up and said.
    “Try to hold them off as long as you can while I go up to look for Eve, if they are too much run away” I said to my men.
    “We won’t run, go and look for my sister we will be here waiting” Lucy said.

    I wish them good luck and spread my wings again, the men started running towards us maybe to stop me from flying, I jump up spreading my big red wings, I flew pass pass them and release some hut furnace on them and yes my flame kill like twenty of them before I fly to the top of the mountain leaving my men to quench their taste with Eve men, they started fighting with swords, bows and arrows, my men can dogde arrows so I have no cause to worry about them, I should focus on my own mission.
    I fly to one part of the moutain where grass grow and land on the rock, I change back to my normal form and started walking inside the mountain top like I saw in my dream.
    Eighty nine
    I continue following the same path till I saw smokes emanating from the top of the mountain, I walk through the smoke changing my eye to red so that I can see clearly through the smoke, I walk inside the smoke and from there I saw another dark room inside the mountain and beside the dark room there is another road that lead to where I don’t know so I decided to check out the dark room out first, I enter inside and started seeing real human skeleton, I started wandering if Eve has started eating human being because of the human skeleton, I continue walking inside the dark room and then I heard something like a low moan, I have the feeling that there is something dangerous inside there but I keep on moving anyway, am a little bit scared but I have to be strong for Lizzy and my baby.
    As I keep moving something like a shadow came out and struck me heavily on my chest, the blow throw me off the dark room and I landed on my back outside the room, I saw the blow coming but I can’t dodge it because of the speed.
    I got up slowly and walk inside the room again this time steadily, I move my fit majestically and brought out my feather to cover my front in case the thing struck again I can use my feather to rebuke it, as I walk to the point where I got struck before, I look everywhere but didn’t see the invisible thing again, then I continue walking till I reach the end of the dark room, as I turn back behold there I saw a mystical creature like a vampire that hasn’t eaten anything for a whole year, the thing is white and have gigantic teeth with big hands like king Kong, the thing is not that big but very scary, it has upper and lower teeth like a vampire and saliva keep dropping out of its mouth.

    As I face the creature the thing growl and raise its upper hand to struck me down again, I fell on the rock and as the thing came closer to finish me up I roll on the ground and took a big rock, I raise it up and jump very high using my feather as camouflage, I drop it on the head of the creature, the rock scattered on the creature head and it fell down, as I walk closer to the creature something like rope came out from its body and rap me up, the rope swing me to the opposite side of the room and I fell down heavily injury my hand, the thing got up again and I when I look at it carefully then I realize the thing is not a rope but its tail, how can this creature have a long tail like that?
    Knowing fully well I can’t defeat the creature with logic I decided to change to basic, as I tap the ground my hand started changing till all my body change to a red phoenix with hot flame, I stood up and look at the creature, the creature bring out it tail to rap me again but I caught the tail, the fire in me started burning from my hand to the tail till it get to the creature, I draw the creature closer and then I punch the creature very hard on the stomach, the creature growl and fell down, I walk over and as I raise my hand to finish it up the thing started crying, the tears touch me like I have seen the tears before, then I put my flame hand inside the heart of the creature, I started rubbing the heart, just like how I can die and wake up that’s how I killed the heart of the creature and renew it with my flame, (I didnt even know I can do that, maybe the tears touch me) then the creature started changing to its normal form, and when the creature change fully I started crying too as I change back to my self.
    “She have our baby” she said and pass out.


    I took Lizzy out of the dark room and as I came out I drop her on the ground, looking at her like I have not seen her for ten years now, oh well of course she was gone for long but not up to ten years, I know I have to drop her here as she recover steadily.
    I lay her down ontop the grass growing ontop the mountain, I kiss her forehead and continue searching for Eve and our baby, I walk to the top of the mountain the tallest part, as i get to the lair I saw somebody standing on the tip of the mountain as if the person want to jump down, of course nobody can survive from here because this is the tallest mountain in the world, the person wore white gown with blood all over the person body, I wonder if she’s Eve.

    As I get closer it became clearer that the person is holding something in her hand with a long sword placed on her back.
    I walk closer and then she turn and face me.
    “Hello brother I’ve been waiting for you” she said.
    Of course I know it’s my sister but how can I fight her now that she’s holding my baby and standing on the tip of the mountain?
    “Eve” I said.
    “I hope you got the gift I kept for you” she said.
    “I will kill you no matter what, give me my child” I said with a commanding voice.
    “Now that’s not a good way to talk to your daughter god mother, I help you deliver her at least the best you can do is to thank me” she said smiling.
    I dont even know what to do as I continue walking left and right while she remain standing, if I try to fight her she might throw the baby off the mountain which I believe she’s capable of.
    “You have done your worst, what else do you want from me?” I said shouting with anger.
    “Nothing, I just want to see that you continue to suffer, now this baby will die here unless you do something for me” she said.
    “What is it?”
    “First you throw the dagger to me and kneel down and beg me”.
    I was surprise she know about the dagger, only few of us know about it and if I give her the dagger there is no way I can defeat my mother and other evil demons that return with her but now I don’t think I have any other choice, if I don’t she will kill my baby.
    “And after that, will you give me my baby?” I ask foolishly.
    “Of course, I will” she said.
    I gently remove the dagger from my back and throw it to her, she bend down and pick it up then she throw the dagger off the mountain while I kneel down and bend my head to her, I close my eyes and started begging her to spare the baby.
    “Well well well, who would have thought you will accept defeat, that’s why I hate love because love is weakness” she said.
    “Please Eve I have done all what you ask me to do, just give me the baby please” I said with a shaky voice.
    “So sorry bro, you of all people should know you can never make a deal with the devil” as she said she throw the baby off the mountain, I shouted and run after the baby but Eve use her power to summon wind, the wind throw me back inside the mountain, I hit my body on the rock, and from my back a heavy lightening appear and struck Eve, she fell down while Lizzy came out from my back and jump off the mountain following our baby.

    I manage to stand up and raise a big rock, I took it to Eve and scatter it on her body, the rock scatter on her body but she didnt feel it much as she stood up and punch my on my stomach, she open her big wings and jump up to fly, I caught her leg and throw her inside the mountain, I change immediately to red phoenix while she change to a red dragon, as I run to her she vomit fire at me but I bend down while the fire flew past me, I jump up and land on her back, I took her sword and as I wanted to struck her from her back she jump up like monkey and hit her back on the rock, the rock hit me on my head and then I fell down, she started running off the mountain and as she wanted to jump off again to take off, I summon fire from my body and destroy the rock above her head, the rock fell on her and then she lay down as if she’s dead, I got up and run to her as I took the sword wanted to pierce her to the ground she use her tail to wipe me taking me off my feet and then land me on the ground heavily, she turn to me and raise her long nail to pin me to the ground but we saw something like light coming ontop the mountain from the ground, the light started shinning very bright as it get closer and then we saw her, Lizzy holding our baby crying, I don’t need to be told that the baby is dead, the anger made Lizzy to summon all her power that’s why shes shinning like star, remember when I said Lizzy is stronger that all of us.
    She was crying looking at the baby standing on the air with something like ball surrounding her, me and Eve gaze our attention at her as we stop fighting, and then Lizzy shouted looking at the sky.
    She shouted “Nooooooooooo” she voice was too much that it took me and Lizzy off the ground and change us back to our Hunan form, the mountain started falling because of the shout, she didn’t stop shouting and as she continue shouting all the rocks started giving way and then the mountain started falling, I don’t know what to do as i watch my love vent her anger to the world.
    “She’s destroying the world” said Eve as me and she continue falling, I tried to change to Phoenix back and I believe Eve also tried to change too with no success, it seems Lizzy has overcome us.
    “There is no world thanks to you and your mother”.
    Everything started turning to sand and water started rising from the ground swallowing everything above.


    Everything started crashing while the sea level continue rising, I don’t know about my guys on the ground I hope they manage to get out before the rock explode because I don’t see anybody surviving this kind of crash.
    As me and Eve continue falling I took a rope from my back, I use it to tie my hand and then throw the other end at Eve, I use it to draw her closer and tie her hands too.
    “Really?” She said.
    Yeah, I know you are going to survive this fall so yes am not ready to loose you again, after all this is all your fault” I said.
    “You are a disgrace to our family” she said trying to free herself from the rope but no matter how she try she can never be free, the rope is an enchanted rope given to me by Cao.
    “I was never part of your family, my own family will be proud of me” I said as we both crash on the sea water, we started sinking because we cannot swim as the water keep rising, I struggle to change again but I still can’t then it occurred to me that we will soon die, oh well am ready so far Eve will die with me, but if I die who will defeat my evil mother with all her crime and atrocities? My friends can’t do it alone they need me.
    As I keep thinking while drowning something big started approaching us, Eve was afraid trying to get away but I hold her closer what ever it is it will eat us together, I still continue wondering how Lizzy manage to seize our power from working, I don’t know she have that kind of power and now that she’s destroying everywhere who will stop her? I can’t even get closer to her how am I going to stop her?
    The thing came closer and then open it big mouth and swallow us together, we float to the bottom of the thing that looks like a sea lion but very big like ship, we float to the bottom then we landed on a door, the water float out before the door open and we saw somebody standing in front of us, when I look up I saw Cao.
    I was relieved and happy at the same time.
    “How did you find us?” I ask.
    “We will talk after we get you clean up Sir” she said.
    “Who is the we?” I question.
    And then I stand up and she gave way for us to pass, I saw all my friends sitting down on a round table, they all stand up to greet me, am glad they were able to make it too.

    Cao took Eve to a sacred prison inside the ship and lock her up while she took me to a nice room to change and maybe rest, but I don’t want to rest I just change my clothes and return to the round table, they ask many questions like what cause the Apocalypse and I told them exactly how it happened.
    “So how are we gonna stop her” Lucy ask.
    “That I don’t know because she seem to find a way to jam all our powers” I said.
    “Yeah, she’s surrounded by magnetic field which must have give way because of her lost, we must kill her to stop the field” said Cao.
    “You are not serious, am going to stop her i just need to find a way to get my power back” I said.
    “We are talking the same thing, once we kill her you will get your power back and then you bring her back just like you did before, beside if we dont kill her shes going to explode by herself because the power is too strong for her” Cao added.
    “i think she’s right” Tera said for the first time.
    “I don’t even know how I manage to do it before” I said.
    “You will find a way, you always do, we must save her because we need her to defeat your evil mother now that you dont have the dagger again” Said Tera.
    “Okay okay, so how are we going to kill her?” I said.
    “Oh well that’s not going to be easy because anything that get closer to her turn to dust but if you and Lucy manage to combine your power together you two can strike her down” Cao said.
    “Am sorry to disappoint you but me and Ozila power can’t match her, the force is just too much” said Lucy.
    “Not if we add Eve” I said and then everybody pause and look at me as if I commit a crime.
    Ninety three
    I don’t know why they are looking as if I said something bad.
    “What? She’s the only option” I said waving my hand.
    “And how do you know she won’t just strike you down and escape?” Said Cao.
    “She want Lizzy gone so I can bet she will join us” I said.
    “that will be a bad idea, if she escape I don’t think we can capture her again” said Tera.
    “We can, if we manage to rescue Lizzy we can merge together to defeat her and her mother.” I said.
    “Hmmm okay even if am not okay with it, not that we have any other choice anyway” Lucy said.
    They all agreed that we should seek for Eve help and they all appoint me to go talk to her because am closer to her, I stood up and Cao took me to the magic prison they kept her, she used her fingerprint to open the door and then I walk inside the nice prison with beautiful textures, I saw her sitting at a corner even though there is a chair set aside for her.
    “Why are you not sitting in your chair?” I ask as I enter.
    “Let me guess, you need my help to defeat your love?” She said.
    “You pretty much read my mind, we need you” I said..
    “And what will you give me in return?”
    “Nothing, you have done much harm we can’t forgive you”
    “So what makes you think I will help you?” She ask.
    “Because you want her dead more than anything”
    “I killed her already and you manage to being her back, how will this one be different?” She ask, I don’t know how she manage to know our plan, so what should I tell her now to make her join us?.
    “So what do you need to help us, don’t talk about freeing you because it won’t happen” I said.
    “Then leave me alone, If you can’t free me I won’t help” she said turning her face away from me.
    I didn’t know what else to do so I face the door and started walking away, I remember something and then I face her and said.
    “How about after everything we let you walk among humans?” I ask.
    “You expect me to believe you?”
    “Yeah, that is if you will agree to lose your powers”
    “No, not happening” she said
    I didn’t say anything again as I walk out, I met Cao on the way.
    “Let me guess, she refuse?”
    “Yeah” I said as we walk to meet the rest.
    “I thought as much” she said.
    When we told everybody the news they were all happy that we won’t be setting her free even though they know we need her to carry out our plan, I don’t blame them anyway with all the crime she has committed who will want to set her free again? Even If I have the chance I will kill her.

    As they were deliberating on what to do I just walk out from them, I walk to the mouth of the strange ship which I don’t even understand the doors, I stood in front of the ship and started thinking what to do, I know I am the only one that can stop Lizzy if not she will destroy every living things in this area, I don’t know if non living things will even survive because rocks are not living thing but they are being destroyed now, the destruction is spreading very fast but it can’t affect the sea because our ship is inside the sea or so I thought, does that mean that if I swim to where she is I can stop her? No I can’t because she’s standing on the air how can I fly to her when I will lose my power the moment her wave touch me? I am really confuse, if its another person I will know what to but since its my Lizzy am really confuse, first time something like this is happening to me.

    While still thinking something happened, as I was looking at the sea through the mouth of the ship Queen Olokun miraculously appeared on the sea, I was surprised and shock then she said.
    “Be calm its only me” she said.
    “Waoh, am really glad you are here I need your help”
    “I know, but what I don’t understand is why didn’t you contact me all this while when you know am always here to help?” She asked.
    “I didn’t know how to contact since you no longer in prison” I said.
    “Its even more easier now all you have to do is to find a place I can reflect on and then call my name three times” she said.
    “Great at least I know that now, we are in trouble, Lizzy has lost her mind after Eve killed our baby, everything is crashing”
    “And you can’t stop her?”
    “No, if we are too close to her our powers will stop functioning “ I said.
    “Hmmm, that’s strange, and what about Eve?” She asked.
    “She’s inside her cell” I answered.
    “both of your powers can break through Lizzy barrier” she said.
    “I know but she won’t help” I said.
    “She don’t have a choice whether dead or alive she’s going to help you, take a sharp virgiin knife and go to her, tie her hands together on a rope and make sure her legs don’t touch ground, tie her mouth and then say the incantation I will tell you now, once you see her eye change to black stab her heart with the knife and you will have all her power” she said.
    “You mean I should kill her?” I ask feeling sad.
    “do you want to save Lizzy or not? Beside Eve deserve it, and also know that we have manage to put the outside world in order, everybody is back so if you dont stop Lizzy now shes gonna destroy everything again” she said and wave her hand, she disappear, as she vanish a sharp knife appeared on the ground.
    Waoh, so they have returned my town the way it was before, am really happy and with that without thinking twice I pick up the knife.
    I pick it up and walk back to meet the others.
    “Where have you been?” They all ask.
    “Went to ease myself, Cao come on let’s talk in private”

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    She followed me and then I told her to open the prison for me, she refuse telling to me tell her my plan, I finally filled her in and she said she’s okay with it, she ask why I don’t want others to know and I lied to her, but I know that taking Eve power will make me evil just like her but I hope I over come it, that’s why I can’t tell my friends because they will never allow it.

    Cao opened the door with her fingerprint and then I walk in, she close the door leaving me and Eve inside.
    “You are back so soon, I already gave you my answer” she said.
    “Oh well I tried the easy way which you refuse now am gonna try the hard way” I said and grip her, I push her to the table and hit the back of her head which quench her temporary, I tie her hands and legs and then I climb the table and tie her to the roof of the room, I block her mouth too and then I remove the table, I remove the knife from my back and when she saw it after regaining herself she screamed as if she know what am about to do, I didn’t even bother to listen to her again because when I tried to talk to her earlier she refuse, now no more talking.

    I shift the chair in front of her and climb it to make sure we are in the same height, then I shift my long sleeve shirt up and tap my hand three times the incantation appeared on my left hand and then I started reading it carefully, Eve started screaming as if she’s begging me, I refuse to pity her because she’s the cause of everything so I did it without blinking, I continue saying the incantation and when her eyes change to black I stab her heart and then all her power started flowing to my body through the vain, I was filling more powers, she started shaking and vibrating like a headless chicken, after all her powers enter my body she explode throwing me away and also destroying the prison and some part of the ship, I stood up and saw Cao looking at me like a stranger from were she lying because of the explosion, I look at the mirror beside me and saw that my eyes have change to complete black, when I heard footstep coming Cao said “go before they come”
    I run to the part of the ship she destroyed and jump inside the water, I started swimming to the place where Lizzy is and almost getting there I bounce from the sea and jump very high to the sky and then I landed in front of my love standing on the air, her wind is still driving me back but am holding my ground, I started walking to her little by little while I hold the knife on my right hand.


    She was still standing with anger on her face holding the child, I look at the baby and feel like crying, it was all my fault assuming I did more the baby would have still be alive, I didn’t try all my best.
    I started getting closer to her little by little, she face me with her red eyed and then I raised up the knife to stab but she screamed and the sound of her scream pick me from the air I was standing and throw me metres away from her into the deep sea.

    I bounce out from the water and jump in front of her again, I was in front of her but metres away, seeing that I can’t defeat her I started changing to my Phoenix form, first of all I close my eyes and imagine myself in Phoenix form, my body started changing but later on things get complicated as Lizzy breath and breath out. The air that came out from her mouth brush some of my skin of my body in that my skin started falling off, I try to change back to my human form but it was too late, another scream from Lizzy shattered my ashes, that’s how my ashes scattered inside the deep sea, and you know to gather ashes inside water is impossible, so how am I gonna escape this?.


    I can feel my parts been splinter away to different places, I don’t know how to resurrect my self because am not even in control, but I can feel myself been splinter away, I started praying to any god that will answer me, if I don’t stop Lizzy now she will destroy everything, it will be regrettably lugubrious if the things we were trying to protect all this while will now be destroyed by her, she will never forgive herself if she manage to regain herself, this is something I can’t take never, I have to stop her no matter what.
    Since I can feel my bodies been splinter away I can also think, I started praying to Olokun in my mind to rescue me, I don’t know if she will get the message or not but she’s the queen of the sea so I keep hoping and praying that she should please hear my call and get the message.

    Few minutes later I can feel my bodies been brought together like a river being brought together in a basin, I was feeling togetherness but I can’t understand what is happening, then all my parts was brought together and place on top something heavy like a rock, after pulling my body together on top rock the person light match or something else on top me with the rock, we started burning like dry grass with heavy flame, I can feel the heat and my body started coming together like a rubber, all my body join together and then I brought my hand out of the furnace, I felt a sword placed on my hand which I quickly grab and when I came out completely the person has disappeared, I came from the hut ashes naked and with the sharp sword on my hand, I look everywhere on the rock searching for the person but I didn’t see him or her, whoever the person is I thank him or her on my mind and brace myself, I saw a tattered cloth place beside one rock, I took it and use it to cover my private part, I place the sword in front of me and started changing to Phoenix, this time I was able to change to a big mighty Phoenix bird with red flames coming out of my body, I took the sword and the flame from my body melt the metal handle. I hold the steel like that and spread my gigantic wing I fly out of the place and when I came out I saw the place where Lizzy is because of the strong wing, I fly to her area and few metres away there she stand with the baby and with her eyes still blazing, I increase my speed like a nuclear bomb and then when she saw she throw the baby away and then gather all the wind she could, she throw the wind at me like before but this time I am wiser, I fly down inside the water and then before she know it I came out from her back and stab her through the heart, she scream loudly and the scream push me away changing me back to my human form, she fell inside the water with me but everything started coming back to normal and the waters started reducing, the rocks started coming up and then I manage to swim and hold one, I saw Lizzy been taken away by the sea I quickly jump in and brought her out, I started calling her name and giving her CPR which she respond to and cough out, I was very happy like for real.
    “Lizzy” I said as she look at me.
    “Who are you” she ask looking confused.
    “Not again” I said feeling disappointed because she has lost her memory again, oh well this time I won’t let her remember so far she lost her powers with it, she deserve a happy life and that’s what am going to give her let me fight the battle alone, she has suffered enough.

    “Am your friend” I said not wanting to tell her who I am.
    “Oh, and am Lizzy?” She said looking around the environment.
    “Yes, Elizabeth and Lizzy for short” i said helping her to stand up.
    “What happened here?” She asked looking everywhere.
    “I don’t know, this is how It was before I rescue you inside the river” I said.
    She started walking around the Mountain looking everywhere, I stand looking at her and also praying for her not to remember, it will hurt me a little but it will be over after I defeat my mother or so it thought.
    I sat on one rock feeling hydrated and continue looking at Lizzy, she started walking to me and then she ask.
    “What was I doing here?”
    “Honestly I don’t know” I said.
    “So how do we go back home?” She said looking cool, she is not even bothered like someone that almost die just now, oh well I like it and am happy for her, this is what I want for her and I want her to continue like this.
    “What the hell is that” she said pointing at my back, I turn back and saw our ship emerging from the sea.
    “That’s our ride home” I said and stand up.
    She came to me and put her hand on my shoulder as we watch the ship together,
    “So what did you come here to do?” She ask.
    “We will continue our talk on our way home” I said.
    Our people came out from the ship and usher us inside the ship, Lucy saw her sister and hug her, Lizzy just keep looking at them giving them space and walking hands in hands with me because it seems she trust only me, I told everybody that she don’t remember anything that happened and I will like it to remain like that, they all understand and promise to adhere.
    I show her one chamber and tell her to feel at home, I leave her in her room and went out to meet my friends, we came together in the round table and I explain everything that happened, they told me I did fine.
    “So now that Eve is out of the picture it is time to concentrate on your mother” Lucy said.
    “Yes, but before that we have to return Lizzy back home since the town is back” I said.
    “How do you she won’t get her powers back?” Tera ask.
    “Oh well, I just hope she won’t. So do anybody know where my mother is?” I ask no one in particular.
    Nobody know where my mother is so I guess we have to pay Queen Olokun another visit, we concluded and then everybody retire to their little chamber inside the ship, before I return to my own I walk up to Lizzy’s and saw her sleeping comfortably, I smile.

    Seems like she’s enjoying her new self and am enjoying it too.
    I don’t know where to take her at all because she don’t have any good life before, as I continue watching her I heard from my back.
    “She look okay” I turn around and saw Tera at my back.
    “Yeah, she doesn’t even remember anything” I said and continue looking at Lizzy.
    “Where will you take her? she doesn’t belong to your world” she ask.
    “I really don’t know, am just happy that she’s okay” I said and then something struck me and then i turn and face Tera, I hold her hand and walk her to her chamber.
    “Perhaps you can take her to your world” I said.
    “Do you think it’s a good idea?” she ask.
    “Of course, she will fit in without any obstacles, even if she manage to regain her power you can always teach her how to use it for good” I said.
    “Okay, not a bad idea, but I don’t want to leave you” she said.
    “Come on please, she need you” I said.
    “I know but the battle is not yet over, I promise to stay by your side till the battle finish” she said.
    “Yes, but keep Lizzy safe is part of the plan, she won’t be safe if you don’t do this and beside I believe myself and the rest can handle my mother. We’ve done it before so it’s not a big deal” I said.
    “When you don’t even have the weapon to kill her yet? Said Tera.

    anyway I will take her back to my world” she said.
    “Thank you very much, I really appreciate” I said.
    “You better come visit after the battle or else I will bring her back” she said.
    “Of course I will come visit”
    “Good, goodnight, want to rest now tomorrow morning we will take the spare boat and leave.” She said.
    “Thank you, goodnight.” I said and leave her, I walk to the center of the boat and sit down, I was thinking about Lizzy, I hope she have a good life in the other world, I prayed gentle on my mind.
    “Ozila” I look at my back and saw Lucy coming.
    “What are you doing by this time? Don’t you ever sleep?” I ask.
    “Why should I sleep when the battle is not yet over?” She blasted.
    “You dont look happy, what’s up?” I ask.
    “Why would you send Lizzy away when she can still help us?” she questioned.
    “Come on, she’s lost her memory she doesn’t even have her powers again, what can she do?” I ask.
    “We can take her to Queen Olokun to give her memory back and also help her regain her power, she’s the only one that know where your mother is” she said.
    “I doubt that, I think Queen Olokun can find her” I said, feeling unsure.
    “But you are not sure are you?” She said.
    “See, Lizzy has suffered enough, even if there is a way to give her her memory and strength back I won’t do it. I want her to be free and live a normal life like a normal person, don’t you know what she has gone through?” I said.
    “Of course I know, she’s my sister you know” she said.
    “That’s why you should be the one pushing for her freedom and not me, you suppose to be in line with me, I want her to live a normal life please.” I concluded
    “And you know that can never happen, she’s not a kid that you will start teaching everything again from the beginning, she can never fit in to your world, our world are quite different.” she said.
    “Yeah, that’s why she will follow Tera to her kingdom, she will be fine there” I said.
    “Oh I see you already plan everything, oh well I hope you don’t regret it, because as for me am not cool with it. she said.
    “I won’t, beside My mother is not hurting people now, we can take her by ourself” I said.
    “Okay, let’s see how it goes, why not contact Olokun and tell her to look for your mother?” She said.
    “Oh yeah, I plan to do that in the morning, let’s celebrate our victory against Eve this night and rest.” I said relaxing on the sofa.
    “Okay Sir.” She relax on the other sofa and then sleep took care of the rest.
    After few hours I woke up and saw Lucy searching for something inside a map.
    “What are you doing?” I ask.
    “Trying to find your mother” she said.
    I join her and we continue searching the map which contain sea routes.
    “By the way, Tera said to tell you they are gone” she said.
    “I wish them goodluck, did Lizzy give her any problem?”
    “No, she just follow willingly after I talk to her.” she answered.
    I left her and walk to the balcony of the ship, I was looking at the water and then I call out to Olokun three times, she appeared inside the water.
    “Congrats, you have won one battle but the battle is not yet over, your mother is still alive” she said.
    “Yeah I know. That’s why I need your help locating her” I said.
    “She won’t allow me, she’s covering my view with fire, I think you should come, there is something I need you to see” she said.
    “Alright, I will be with you soon” I said.
    I return to Lucy and Cao already sitted.
    “So where are we going?” Cao ask.
    “To meet Queen Olokun” I said.
    “Turn the ship” Cao shouted, commanding her crew member as we head to Queen Olokun coven.


    There was no changes on the way, the moment we came down from the ship we walk through the cloudy ground and this time there was no snake nor monster with three heads, we left Cao and the crew on the ship while me and Lucy came down and walk over to Queen Olokun coven, when we get there light disappear and darkeness appear, we were surprised because this isn’t what happened last time we were here,
    I took my sword and command fire from my hand, the fire consumed the sword which we used to see our path, we follow the same road we used last time we were here and this time it was kinda scary as if something happened.

    We got closer to the coven and we started seeing lights inside the coven, we walk inside gently and when we enter everywhere was quiet like grave. We saw a light in the middle of the coven where there is table and altar, we move closer only to hear from our back.
    “What are you afraid of?” She said shocking us.
    “Queen Olokun?” I said as we turn back to see her.
    “You guys are behaving as if you have not been here before” she said.
    “Come one lady, this place wasn’t that scary last time we were here” Lucy said.
    “Yeah I make it like this to scare away ordinary being and animals” Olokun said.
    “Now come on, there is something you need to see” she added.
    We followed her to a big pot opposite the fire in the center of the coven, we surround the big Calabash pot and then she insert white substance, she took a big stick and turn the Calabash pot, she say some incantation and then we saw a land on the pot filled wtih water.
    “This is where your mother is but she’s stopping me from moving further” Olokun said.
    “How is she stopping you?” Lucy asked.
    “Like this” she said and push the screen further the earth and the. We saw a heavy fire came and splash the pot into pieces throwing us off balance.
    “Hope you see it now?” Olokun said.
    “Absolutely” I said.
    “So how are we going to find her?” Lucy asked.
    “Oh well, from the Calabash pot I can guess where she is but I can’t really know the exact place” she said.
    “Oh well, just tell us were she is we can handle it from there” I said
    “That’s the problem, you cannot handle her yourself that’s why am going with you” she said.
    “Why? But you are important to us here, why not stay and let the adult do their job?” I asked.
    “Even if I say no, you can’t find the location by yourself because it’s in the underworld” Olokun said.
    “Oh well I have been to the underworld before” I said.
    “Ou trust me Ozila, this one is quite different, this one is underworld for the dead, you can’t find any living being there only the dead” she said.
    “Oh well, then get prepared let’s start going” I said feeling defeated.
    “Am already set, just pick that bag behind you let’s start going” Queen Olokun concluded.
    I look beside me and saw the black bag, I took it and we all left the coven.


    We walk to our ship and then sail away to the direction Queen Olokun gave us, it is the place we will pass to the underworld where we will get My false mother, I just hope this battle doesn’t make me lose more friends because as it is now am definitely short of men.
    Inside the ship I left the crew and stroll inside the ship where there is mirror to see inside the water, I was looking at the waters and thinking about Lizzy, I just hope she reach there successful, what if one day she remember everything? What will I tell her? Oh well I don’t plan to see her again because she might remember if she keep on seeing me, so it is better I keep my distance.
    Inside the sea, everywhere started getting darker, I wall to my friends and then saw them looking out the ship.
    “What is going on?” I ask no one in particular.
    “We going inside the underworld now” Cao said.
    “I guess so because everywhere is changing” Lucy said.
    “What are we expecting there?” I ask Olokun.
    “I honestly don’t know, but bear in mind that we will be fighting dead beings”. She said.
    Our ship move inside one dark hole with white bubbles surrounding it, we hold onto our ship tight as the ship enter the hole to the underworld and summersault many times more than I can remember, the crash affect all of us.
    I woke up in a find serene environment containing land and water, I stood up and saw my friends trying to stand up from the crash, I saw Olokun from afar and walk to her, I help her up and then we look for the others, we all come together and look at the volcanic Mountain in front of us.
    “Did you see that mountain in the pot?” I ask Olokun.
    “Definitely not, let’s check it out” she said.
    “I thought this place will be scary and dark like the real up underworld” Cao said.
    “Don’t be too fast my dear, this place is more scarier, we just have to be careful, not everything is at it seems.” Queen Olokun said.

    We came out from the water and started walking to the volcanic Mountain, as we get closer we heard animal sound.
    “What’s that?” I ask.
    We all for a circle as we listen carefully where the sound is coming from, then we saw then, mountain wolf, not just wolf but dead wolf with wicked teeth that can definitely kill wolverine.
    “Swords and spears” I shouted .
    “Ozila this is not something we can fight, do you see how many they are?” Olokun added.
    I look further and saw hundreds more coming.
    “You definitely right, let’s run” I said.

    We all took to our hills and started running to different directions as the dead wolves chase us with all their strength, me and Cao run to same direction as more twenty wolves come at us with speed, there are many rocks standing tall before the volcanic Mountain, getting to the mountain is the objective but we have to go through the wolves first, I followed Cao from back as she run through different rocks.
    As we were running two wolves emerge from our front and started running towards us while more are coming from the back.


    When Cao saw them she hesitate to run further but I told her to keep running that she shouldn’t mind the wolves coming, getting to the two wolves I told her to give way as I summon fire ball from my hand which I shot at the wolves coming from our front, the fire created a big hole in front of them driving them afar, but they got up and Dust themselves, me and Cao started running towards the volcanic Mountain as we overcome the two wolves but more are coming from our back, we keep on running not minding them until Olokun and Lucy join us with more wolves, we were running to the mountain while the wolves were running after us, almost getting close some dead skeletons arise from the ground and face us with swords and spears, they were like thousands and as the emerge from the ground the earth started shaking like a tumor, we stop and look back we saw the Wolves still coming with force.
    Queen Olokun hit her staff on the ground and then a circle from around us, a circle of fire, the skeletons and wolves surround the fire as they can’t get through it.
    “What do we do now?” I ask nobody in particular.

    “This is the part where you change into your thing” Lucy answered.
    I didn’t waste time as I bend one kneel and look at the sky, my body started changing into red Phoenix and as I was changing, I saw a big red ball from the sky coming straight at us, i didn’t finish changing before the red ball hit us like a nuclear bomb, we were thrown to different directions and as we land on the ground that’s how the dead skeletons and wolves descend on us, we took our weapons and try to defend ourselves the way we can, I was swinging my sword left and right defending myself from the bloody wolves, I killed alot of them before they were easy to kill the problem is they are just too many, I will soon get tired if something is not done.

    I look at my friends they were fighting the best they can too even me I was already getting tired that’s how the wolves pounce on me in tens.
    They were tearing me apart and when they touch my heart with their finger, it explode like a bomb killing many of them while I spread my big wings and fly to the sky, I look down and saw my men been destroyed, I started shooting fireball from the sky like a rain falling down, I make a big fireball and throw it to the center of the skeletons the fireball hit the ground with so much effect, destroying the skeletons in hundreds, I fly down and use my sharp wings to cut them in pieces then I will fly up and throw another fireball, my friends got up again and started running towards the volcanic Mountain, I followed them from behind in the sky of course.


    I was protecting them from the sky using my fires to burn the skeletons and the wolves, creating a diversion and even some of the wolves started running away while some keep on chasing them, my friends didn’t run freely too as they use their sword to splash any skeletons they find on their way, it wasn’t easy but we finally get to the mountain.

    I came down from the sky and build a fire circle round the door of the mountain preventing our predators from getting through, they only stand in front of the fire looking at us while I change back to my human form breathing heavily, the wolves ran away maybe because they can’t get through or maybe they have other plans in mind.
    “You have grown beyond expectations, i didnt expect you to be this powerful” Olokun said coming closer to me.
    “Been on the run for a long time, I have learnt a lot of things, to survive and win this battle i must keep on learning and improving” I said.
    “That’s my boy” she said.
    We face the door to the mountain, the door is very wide and big more like a rock door that can only be opened from inside.
    “Are you sure mum is here?” I ask.
    “Of course, this is where my magic point to, she cant be somewhere else” Queen Olokun replied.
    “How can there be a door in a volcanic mountain? It doesn’t make sense” Cao added.
    “fire gives her power just like Ozila, remember I told you she cant be killed and she’s guided by the ghost you release with me the other time, it won’t be easy getting close to her” Said Queen Olokun.
    “If she can’t be killed then how do we kill her?” Cao ask.
    “I think Ozila knows what to do” concluded Olokun.

    They keep talking while I move closer to the big door like the gate to hell, this is really a gate to hell because inside it there are fires that will burn you, I touch the strong gate and feel it, I heard whispers inside like someone chain with iron, I started walking round the gate looking for a way to get inside.
    There is no key, no signal, no writing to indicate what to do, I form a fire ball on my hand and use it to splash the door but nothing happen, my friends stop arguing when they heard the splash, they came closer.
    “The door can’t open, how do we get in?” I ask.
    “This door cannot be opened from outside” Cao said.
    “unless with magic” added Queen Olokun.
    “How” I ask.

    “Oh well I know a trick that can get this door open but it won’t stay open for long, and I need another sorcerer to join me because I can’t do it alone” said Queen Olokun.

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    “If I join you do it then how do I go in since you said it can’t stay open for long?” I ask.
    “Me and Lucy will do it while You and Cao will go inside and find a way to open it, if you can’t open it then I guess you two will have to fight the battle yourself while Cao friends will stay and fight with us incase of any battle” said Olokun
    “I don’t think I have the strength to support you” Lucy said.
    “You have it you just don’t know it” Queen Olokun told her and walk closer to her, she draw her hand closer to the door and then Queen Olokun draw a pyramid on the ground using a native chalk she kept in her bag, they both stand inside and hold their hands together, Olokun started saying some incantations which Lucy later join her, they keep in reciting it over and over till I heard a Creek on the door..
    I walk to Cao men though they are practically my men.
    “Watch them please” I told then and they nodded.
    The door started giving way little by little and then I look at cao
    “I am ready” she said.
    We walk closer to the door waiting for it to open very well to fit us in, I look at Lucy and Olokun again both of then are bleeding from their nose, it seems the power of the door is overpowering them.
    I know they can’t open the door completely so when the door open up a little, I took Cao hand and slide inside from below, immediately we enter the door lock again.
    Inside the mountain is dark so I took my sword and light it with my fire showing a big old ship inside the center of the mountain, standing ontop waters.
    “We should have followed the sea self” I said to Cao who is looking for a way to open the door for our comrades to come in.
    “There is no way we can open the door from here” she said.
    “Forget it let’s look for my mother” I said.

    We started walking to the old ship, there is a bridge between the ship and the place we are standing, to get to the ship we have to pass the tiny bridge.
    I took a step and the bridge make a small sound like something too old to walk on, even scraps fell from the bridge, it didnt stop me because I was eager to kill my mum and end everything at once.
    “I don’t think the bridge is safe” Cao said from my back looking at me trying to cross the bridge, when she said that I turn and look at her, there I notice a shadow on her back and before I could warn her the shadow took her as she scream, the shadow took her and started climbing the mountain to the top, the shadow was laughing, the voice looks like someone i knew, yes someone like my sister Eve, oh I forgot am in the underworld, land of the dead.
    I change my hand to fire and wanted to change completely before something use its tail to tie my two legs and draw me inside the water full of skulls.

    I was inside the water struggling to free myself, the worst thing is that I am not even seeing anything apart from the dry human heads and ropes, I know the ropes can’t be the thing that pulled me inside the water because this rope is too slender, the rope that got me is a little bit heavy with sharp objects like needles.

    I continue to struggle from the many ropes inside the water and if I free myself and wanted to swim up something else will draw me back, I will look inside the water where the thing came from but I won’t see anything, so if I try to swim up again the thing will come and draw me back, the thing appear and disappear like a ghost, its like the thing is invisible, I can’t go up and am stuck inside the water like and idiot, I don’t even know what’s going on with my dear Cao my good friend whom I suppose to be helping now because she’s in trouble, I do know something that has same voice with Eve took her before I was drawn inside the water, if I want to get out of this water I must kill that thing hindering me from coming out.

    As I continue to struggle I started suffocating, I started drinking water because I can’t breath, I was almost dead when I remember I can stay inside the water for more than ten minutes with my other form, so I concentrate and invoke my other part, even though I was inside water all my body were hot and waters around me started getting hotter and hotter while my eyes turn to red, then I open my eyes, as I opened my eyes everything became calm and I wasn’t struggling anymore not that I can breath inside water but because I can hold my breath longer now.
    I look at the deep part of the water were there is a higher probability that the invisible thing is coming from, the place was dark but because of my eyes I was able to see through and yes there is a hole there, a small hole that I can probably fit in.
    I swim inside the water and pass through the dark hole, I came out from another realm or wide room more like a palace but old and abandoned, where it looks like the place they do sacrifices.
    Everywhere is sacred and there are candles everywhere with a red altar stained with bloods, I swim to the wall and started climbing out of the water with steps, my eyes are red, my fingers are long and my body is hot, it will take more than three minutes for me to completely change to my beast form again.
    I walk to the altar where there is blood, the blood looks fresh like they just killed something here, oh well I pray in my mind that the blood doesn’t belong to Cao.

    “You are right, it is her blood on the altar” a lady voice said from my back, I look back and saw my mother emerging from the water with her long tail and red hairs, her tail is long and it has needles that can kill somebody, her hairs contain sharp long blade, she wore cowries all over her body and her body are visible except from her breast where there is small clothes with cowries and her down part where she cover with cowries string with small cloth.
    “Mother” I said, facing her and walking round the hall.
    “Finally, we meet” she said, still emerging from the water like someone reborn.
    “What did you do with her, I swear if you touch even her hair I will…….”
    “You will do nothing kid, as you see I used her blood to replenish myself, her blood is in me now and when you go outside you will see her body hang on a tree like a ram butchered for supper.” She said coming to me.

    The word struck me so hard that I didn’t even let her get close to me before I raised up my leg and struck her back inside the water, she fell inside the water and then I jump Inside and pull her up, I remove her from the water and place her on the ground close to the water and started hitting her with heavy punch, her face started gushing out blood and the funny thing is that she wasnt even feeling it because she was laughing like someone enjoying a nice meal.

    I didn’t mind as I continue punching her until she stop breathing, blood continue rushing out her face, I check her heartbeat but I can’t feel anything.
    I was surprise because I wasn’t expecting it to be this easy, I stood up and look my body filled with blood,.
    “Is this real? Is she really dead?” I ask myself.
    After I got up minutes later something started happening to the wounds on her body, the wounds started healing themselves and then suddenly she regain herself and breath out, when her eyes open they were dark like hell, her hairs stood still and started sparkling like electricity, I even took a step back because I was scared.

    I was surprise as she regain fully and stood up, she started laughing again.
    “You thought you have won right?” She said coming to me again.
    I swing my neck and crack it, I change fully to Phoenix and spread my wings.
    “This time am gonna cut off your head” I said as I swing my feathers towards her, she bend down dodging me but I wasn’t ready to rest, I fly to the top of the building and summon fire from all my body, I position it straight to her and when the fire was getting closer to her she bend down on her knees and summon shield which guard her, the fire didn’t hit her, I was surprised.

    I continue using fire to strike her which she continue dodging, she swing her hair and some blades gives way, some hit me but wasn’t deep, she was running in circle dodging my fireball and the same time throwing her blade from her hair, I wonder how an old woman can be this strong and smart,
    I got tired and fly down, I run towards her with the intention of grabbing her but she released something like a blast energy which came straight to me, the blast and her blades hit me so hard that it took me from my feet and landed me on the other side of the room, some rocks fell on me because of the force.
    She walk to me and hold my neck, I was bleeding badly because some of her blade struck my heavily.
    “You can’t kill me Son as well as I can’t kill you, but there are things worse than death” she said and used one hand to raise me up, she put me against the wall and remove sharp object from her long hair, the thing looks like a sharp point sword, she used the sharp object to merge my hands with wall, she nail me with the wall like a thief and I can’t do anything because I was tired and bleeding, I was even waiting to die so that I can come back stronger.
    “I will still defeat you, I always win” I manage to say as she was walking away.
    “Let’s see how you will win now” she said and pick up a sword from the water, she came to me and started cutting my feathers, I was screaming because it was very painful, she cut both my feathers and then place them in front of me

    I was bleeding out badly though I know if I die I will come back so I wasn’t worried.
    She put the feathers on fire and burn them to ashes in front of me, ten minutes later new feather emerge, she put the new one on fire again and she continue doing so for more than twenty times.
    The twenty two time the feathers didn’t come back.
    She look at me with a smile on her face and said.
    “Look son, you have twenty two lives remaining, let’s start killing you already” she said and stood up coming straight to me with the sword.
    “Are you really gonna do this to your son?” I ask.
    “Oh now you are agree that you are my son?” She fired.
    “Who will want someone like you as a mother?” I ask.
    “Eve did accept me, three of us together we would have been unstoppable” she said, coming closer
    “Eve is a psychopath like you, am glad she’s dead” I said.
    “Oh well you will soon join her” she said.
    She came closer and put her hands on my neck, she was pressing it and squeezing her hand, I was trying to breath but no way, she was enjoying it because of the smile on her face, shes happy killing me and I don’t blame her, what kind of a mother will find joy killing her own child?.
    She squeezed the daylight out of me till my heart stop pounding, the minute I resurrect I haven’t even regain myself before she Pierce my heart with her sword, I died again.

    She continue her game till my live remain just ten, coming back from dead she pierce my hands against the wall again and started laughing, I was confused taking my time to remember what’s going on because am just coming back from the dead.
    “Your live remain just ten, so what are you gonna do?” She said still laughing.
    I didn’t know what to do and honestly my brain just look fried without any idea on how to escape, I tried my best to free myself from the shackles but no success, I started thinking looking straight to the sky, there is no sky to see though just dark walls and old ropes from tree and some holes on the wall probably for rats and bats, “BAT” yeah that’s it, I can control bats.
    I smile in my mind as I watch my mother taking break, I don’t think she’s tired I think she just want to see if I have any means I can escape, she was sitting round a fire roasting something.
    I look up to the sky and close my eyes, I started searching for the birds, the connection is like a network allowing me to see through different places and their noise draw me closer to them, after searching the whole mountain there are possibly thousands of bats inside this mountain, I smile and started summoning them.
    “And why the hell are you laughing?” She ask.
    “because am about to kick your asss” I said.
    “Oh seriously? Let me even continue my work till your life remain just one” she said.
    “Oh so you are scared because I want to kick your asss huh” I said.
    She came to me and burst my stomach with her sword but as she was removing the sword she stop and listen properly.
    “What the hell is that sound?” She ask.
    “Your worst nightmare” I said before giving up the ghost.
    I woke up from the ashes with my life remaining just nine, I look around there was nobody and I started wondering where my mother is.

    I close my eyes and connect with the bats again, I saw them chasing my mother away down the hole until she dive inside water for safety, I recall the bats and then they came and surround me, I spread my wings waving it to make sure that its still working, of course its working fine.
    “Let’s go hunt my mother” I said and follow the same way my mother followed, I get to the water and dive inside searching for her.
    I was swimming inside the water going deeper and deeper, not that I know where am going but am very sure she will be in the deepest and darkest place I was in my human form using my beast eye to see where am going, I came out from another opening inside the mountain that look like a room, I climb up and search the area but I didn’t see her so I dive inside the water again and started searching room to room inside the mountain, it wasn’t easy searching through every area so I summon my birds and command them to search every ins and out in the mountain while I search the water, as I enter the water I saw a place that has red colour, more like something is burning on top the mountain making the water to turn red, as I get closer I can feel the hotness of the water but I can get hurt because fire is my power, the hotness was even giving me more strength, I swim to the area and bring out my head, I saw rocks burning and melting forming flowing magma, the magma is very hot and I can feel it from where am standing, I climb up and walk to the magma I touch it with my hand it burn my finger totally, immediately another finger grow, this is the perfect place where I can kill my mother, she can never resurrect from a place like this, and yes this place can kill me too without me coming back, I was thinking how to bring her here I never knew she was on my back and before I turn back she has already dive me inside.


    She came from my back and before I know it she has already dive me and as we were about falling in I spread my wings and fly up but she gripped my leg making sure I didnt leave her behind, as she grip my leg I was using my other leg to hit her so that she will fall inside the flowing magma and it work because when my claw hit her face she scream and fall off, as she on air I was expecting her to fall inside the flowing magma but she spread her wings too and fly up, I was surprise that she too can fly, for real I shouldn’t be surprise.

    She turn into a big bird white bird more like a bat, she is really big like me and she has long nails with sharp teeth, she fly to one of the rock and stand, I fly to another tall rock and stand there too facing her, she was screaming really loud like she’s angry, her eyes are red like mine but all my body are red like Phoenix and fire emanating from my body, but her body is white with water drilling of her body like poison, we were facing each other ready to kill each other, I believe this is our final battle and I don’t care if I die with her all I know is that she must die today.
    She roar like a dragon and I roar too, honestly my roar will be more scary.
    She spread her white wings and I laugh because I know nothing can defeat fire, I spread my wings as she fly towards me with speed, she was getting closer and then I summon fire from my body and point it towards her I was surprise to see her vomit water from her body quenching the fire, she came to me and punch me from where I was standing which throw me off balance and I landed heavily on another heavy rock, I was weak and as I try to regain my strenght I saw her coming from the sky again, for my mind na
    “Which kind wahala be this?”


    As she was coming towards me on the group with speed I summon fire again and shoot her and as expected she use water to revoke the fire, she landed on my chest and started using her fingers to tear me apart, if I let her continue there will be nothing left of me again so I use all my strength to push her and she hit her body on another rock, I ran inside the mountain to hide and perhaps regain my strenght back, I hide in a dark spot and watch her come inside the mountain, the place I am is dark but I can see her thanks to my red eyes, what I don’t know is if she can see me with her red eyes too.
    Her form is really scary like an old bat that refuse to die, oh well whether she like it or not she must die today, she walk and started looking for me with her scary form, I make sure I hide in a small rock and when she pass the rock I ran out and from her back I burst my hand inside her stomach, she scream out very loudly before turning back and hitting me with her right hand, the punch throw me to another corner of the dark room, I hide again in another rock its seems like she can’t see me with her eyes where I can see her, this is an advantage so hide beside a rock and make a strong heavy fireball, the light of the fire ball draw her attention and she attempt to run away from the dark room so that she can see properly outside, I throw the fire at her and shatter her to pieces.
    I was happy that she is gone so I walk to where I strike her there was no sign of her just waters, I watch as the water flow away from the mountain I was watching it to see where its heading to, the water continue flowing till it get to a big river and enter inside, does it mean she’s not dead, that I don’t know as I keep on wondering then I heard from my back.
    “Is she gone?”
    I was shock and when I look I saw Cao, Lucy and Queen Olokun, I ran to Cao and hug her so tightly, all of them look at me with surprise written all over their face.
    “I thought you are dead” I said.
    “For where, am very much alive” she said.
    “So is she dead?” Lucy ask again
    “I honestly don’t know, I splash her to pieces and she turn to water, I just hope she’s dead” I said.
    “Okay then, let’s get back” Cap said.
    As we all turn back we heard splash from our back and look back, the big river started coming together turning to a human form,
    “I guess this answers our question” Lucy said.
    “Everybody run” I said and as we all started running Queen Olokun remain
    “What are you doing?” I said to Queen Olokun
    “I am Queen of the sea, you can’t expect me to run away when am the Queen of the river” she said and kneel down, she started saying some incantations as the water change to My mother completely and flow to where Queen Olokun is, we watch in distance

    The water tried to cover Olokun but something like shield appear from nowhere and cover Queen Olokun, the shied prevent any water from touching her, the skies started shouting followed by heavy thunderstorm, we ran away because the water was getting closer and we just can’t stand the heavy thunder.
    We ran away from the deadly scene and rush to our ship, but as we came out from the mountain we saw the dead and all the wolves waiting for us again, there is a deadly water chasing us and there are wolves waiting for us so we took our chance with the wolves, even though they are many we manage to fight our way and make a path, but they are just too many for us but when they saw the waters running towards us they forget our fight and started running for safety, they where even scared of the thunder too.
    We continue running till we reach the shore where the pieces of our ship are, we even forgot that there is no more ship for us.
    “What are we going to do? She’s getting closer” Cao said.
    “We have to swim” Lucy said.
    “You do realize she’s controling the water right? If we enter this sea we are as good as dead” I said.

    I saw a log of wood and I told Cao and Lucy to enter, they enter the wood and I change to beast and started pushing the wood with my hands inside the water, I wasn’t so fast because of the wave of the sea, I manage to get them inside the sea and started pushing them through the water, I would have probably take them through flight but they will probably burn to ashes, My mother splash us with a wave of waters, as she pounce on us, I fly to the sky seeing that I have lost my friends and there is nothing I can do, if I enter the sea she will probably kill me too, the best thing is for me to run away and gather some more men to help defeat her, as I was flying looking for my friends above the water something got to me and hold my leg, I look back and saw a long rope of water she probably form a rope using the water, I have never seen anybody control the sea like this, I think she’s the real Queen of the sea, the water pulled me back and I fell inside the deep sea, I wanted to swim but the water was rushing inside my mouth rotating me like someone inside a washing matchine, I can’t even breath it was as if am being made to drink tank of water, it was like hell I can’t feel any of my body at all just as if someone is controlling all the blood in my body, all my bone started cracking and then suddenly I saw myself standing in front of the red rushing volcano again, honestly I don’t how I got here because this is the only thing that can kill me, instantly I can not feel any part of my body because am not in control of any of them, suddenly the water pushed me inside the volcano and then I started melting, all the part of my body started falling apart, I melt to pieces inside the volcano.
    Anytime I tried to come back the volcano will burn me to ashes again and that’s how I lost all my lives with no one left, I didn’t know what happened to all my friends I just pray to God that they are alright, oh now I remember that there is God? I thought am a god myself, the thing is that everybody need a God, it just depend on the one you choose to worship.

    Final Chapter
    I opened my eyes gently, I look my left I saw a big drip and another big drip on my right, I have oxygen on my mouth and nose, where am I? I don’t know, am on top a white bed, there is nobody in the room and it looks like am dead, am wondering if am in hell or heaven, all my bodies are covered with bandages, there is nobody around but below my finger I saw a button, I press it even though I don’t know what it means, seconds later a white woman wearing white top walk in.
    “Oh my god, you are awake?” She said.
    “She walk to the machine and started checking something I don’t understand, I tried to communicate but the thing they put in my mouth (oxygen) won’t let me, I was devastated and then the nurse notice..
    “Relax I will soon remove it from your mouth” she said.
    Minutes later my elder sister walk in, am glad I have seen someone I know, she was happy that I have woken up, she bend beside me and started thanking God, she was asking how am feeling, I couldn’t say anything, the nurse removed the oxygen and then I manage to ask.
    “Where am I?”
    “You are in a hospital in Abuja, my dear, you have been in a coma for two years” she said.
    “What?” I said and faint back.
    So I have been dreaming all this while? Since when?
    “Since when?” I ask her.
    “Since after the mob beat you up for stealing, they almost set you on fire but ogijio rescued you and took you to a hospital, the beating was too much so many hospital rejected you saying there is no chance of survival, until we bring you here in abuja.” My sister said.
    “Oh my God, where is mum?” I ask.
    “She went home to take care of somethings, she will be so happy that you are awake, let me even call her.” She said bringing out her phone.

    She was so happy, so I have been in a comma for the past two years?All my adventures are not real? What the hell they all felt real.
    The nurse told my sister that I have to remain here for one more month, I can’t walk so she bought a wheel chair for me, I remain in the hospital with my family for another month before they finally discharge me, I went home with my family and since its time for Christmas all our family come together to celebrate with us, our house was filled up with so many people and also my church members, ogijio was always present to move me around in my wheel chair, the people that beat me up came to apologize to us, it was wonderful seeing my family happy.
    On Christmas eve I was with ogijio the carpenter in front of our compound around eleven in the night, everywhere was busy and with so many people moving around I thought it will be nice to stay till twelve before I go to bed, I was with ogijio and corper and one other friend call chuck, they where discussing about girls, I wasn’t interested in their discussion so I just continue operating my phone on my wheel chair, we where under a tree and suddenly something like blood fell on the screen of my phone, I look up the tree and saw a bird, the bird fly to the back of our landlord upstair building, I wanted to tell the others but something in me suggest I go alone because they were so into their discussion, I wheeled the chair alone from their midst and went to the back of the building, I saw a dark object like a human, the object was putting on a dark rob with lots of hair, I don’t know what gave me the confidence to go the where the object was standing, I get closer and ask.
    “Who are you?”
    The person turn but there was no face, all I saw was smoke inside the rob forming a human being.
    “The demons are free, you have a heavy task ahead of you, you must find all of them and kill them or else what happened in your dream will turn to reality” the dark object said.
    “Who are you and what do I do?” I ask, it seems like I miss the adventure and I want it to be a reality.
    “I was sent by Queen Olokun, the demons are watching, find what it is in you don’t have now and then everything will fall in place”
    “Ozes what are you doing there?” My elder sister said as she walk to me.
    I look back and when I turn again the dark object has disappeared.
    “I was just walking home” I said.
    “Don’t wander about please” she said and wheel my chair home, I enter house and enter bed, I started wondering what she met by find what I don’t have, I thought the story has ended.

    Two Year Later.

    I was jogging around five in the morning, since I started walking jogging has been my morning routine because the doctor said I have to keep the leg busy, I was jogging in old road Ogute when I felt something following me, I stop and look back I saw a girl wearing a white top and a white trouser with a golden phantom necklace, she jog pass me and then I decided to follow up, I jog close to her and said.
    “Hello, I hope you don’t mind me jogging with you.” I said.
    “Ozila I have been following you since maybe its time you started following me” as she said that I look at her face and then I remember.
    “Lizzy?” I said and stop and she stop too.
    “I wonder how you didn’t recognize me at first” she said.
    “But it was all a dream” I said.
    “A dream planted by me so that you can be ready for the main thing” she said.
    “What main thing?” I ask.
    “An Apocalypse is coming, we need an apocalypto to solve it, we need you ozila” she said.

    The End

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    Nice Ending.

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