Work of the devil

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    His quest for success and wealth got stained with an unhealthy method and means. Now he has hurt some human soul and traded a life, a little innocent life for money.

    Would he ever be forgiven? Would he forgive himself? Would who he sold be found again?

    story by @AvatarMode

    episode 1

    Call it the work of the devil. Or some demon. Or any evil being, maybe a messenger from hell. I might not argue with you. I have no strength left for that. Moreover, I have got no proper understanding of all that happened and how they did happen. The motive. The progressions of events that led me to where I found myself now and all of that.

    It is one thing to be a part of an event and another to lack proper explanation about it. Who would have been the best person to explain an event if not one that was involved in it? I was not just involved, I was the main character at the center of it all. I was not a spectator, I was at the middle of it.

    As I sat in the prison, at one corner, I began to weep again. I am a man for crying out loud. I had lived most of my life without tears. I grew up with the notion that men don’t shed tears. It was my grandpa that put such notion into me. Even though I had spent most of my pre- teen and early teen years with him and grew fond of him, yet when he died, I did not shed any tears. Not a single drop of tear left my eyes. I was so terrified about his death, for I seemed to know him closely. I got scared of dying. Yet I was more scared of something else- of failing to heed to his words at his death. I was scared of crying when he died. That was what he taught me. I stuck to it when he was alive. I must still do while he is no more. My respect for him should not exist only in his presence, it must also in his absence, I had thought.

    But here I am in this shit hole of a prison failing him again and again. And that hurted me more. But with the crime I had committed that had put me in here, I could not help but weep. It would not be human if I didn’t cry. It would be evil- a deep one. And I would be so scared of myself.

    My fears had increased. I no longer had one fear. As we grow into adults and begin to experience life, we also grow in fears. Our fears increase. I no longer have the fear of disappointing grandpa about shedding tears. I have now the fear of loosing my humanity. I feel something or someone strange has been influencing me and I feel I am so loosing myself. But my tears reminded me that I was still human. There was something human about me. I might have done a very vile thing but then I still have a conscience that can be touched. That can get watery. That can rain down my face as tears. Genuine tears.

    And so I let the rain fall more. More tears. More. Let me feel my humanity again.

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    episode 2

    I am Linus Daki. I am here in this prison, sorrowing alone without any friend or relative visiting me because I hurt the people that really matter. And I did something that was so wrong.

    I had developed a poor value system. I had misplaced my priorities. And I had made the major things the minor ones, and the minor ones the major ones.

    I had placed my need for money above my need for humans. My value for the naira above human life. And I have acted on this misplaced value system and the arm of nemesis had caught up with me.

    My cousin, Regina was one of those beautiful women with inadequate domestic training and skills. I would not really blame her. I would blame her parents- my uncle John; who was my father’s immediate elder brother and his wife Joanna. It was their fault. They made Regina who she turned out to be.

    Regina was the only daughter of the Johns. They had had six boys and was so longing for a girl child. After some years, after they had thought they would just have their last child and stop child bearing and enjoy the genders the Creator had given them, Regina was born. Celebrations filled the whole place. There was joy and much happiness.

    As she grew, her siblings noticed the special treatment her parents were giving to her and it made them feel bad. She was not allowed to do anything at home. She was treated like a princess until she became a spoilt princess.

    She could not cook, wash, clean or keep the home. Her brothers did all these and when they began to complain bitterly, a maid was hired to do the work.

    After much selections and useless ‘iyanga’, she finally picked one man to marry and she made sure, she had her way. He was a handsome young man who was trying to stand properly on his feet, but it never mattered. They exploited him because of the love he had for her. They took advantage of him and made him pay so much to have her as his wife.

    After their wedding, his attitude changed somehow as soon as he saw his wife for who she was. Stubborn. Hard. Over pampered. Greedy. Lazy. Untrained. Proud. Never apologizing for anything even if she was wrong. And always comparing him with other men.

    He couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t put up with her attitudes after they had their first child- Princess. He got tired of always apologizing whenever they had issues. They had a fight and she angrily left her matrimonial home with their daughter when her husband had left for work. She just took few of her things and the baby and left.

    episode 3

    Days turned to weeks and then few months. Three months. Then four months. Mr. Dan had called and tried all to get his wife and baby back home but failed.

    Her parents would not let it. She talked them into believing her but her siblings knew better. They understood their in- law. They understood what had happened. They knew she was at fault. They knew the kind of man that he was and the kind of sister that they had.

    She stayed at her parent’s home, lazying around. Doing nothing. Staying at home. Watching movies. And ‘slaying’.

    But things soon changed faster and suddenly, far from what she had anticipated. Her parent’s suddenly got tired of her and asked her to humble herself and plead with her husband since the man had stopped calling and asking about her.

    It seemed as if he had forgotten that she existed. His persistent calls and pleas were feeding her ego. She rode on them and felt good not knowing that they would stop coming. And when they did, she began to complain to her parents of how heartless her husband was. And of how they gave her to such a hardened man to have her as his wife.

    They got annoyed and gave her the bitter pill of truth and she felt so bad. They wanted her to go fix her marriage and focus on her home instead of abandoning her husband and home.

    She would not take it. She felt bad and betrayed. She was stubborn. Begging was not her thing. Pleading wasn’t. Apologizing wasn’t. It never was and would no start to be. She thought of leaving her parent’s home but not returning to her husband’s house.

    She decided to keep her plans to herself and then chose to call me. She said she needed a job. She didn’t tell me all that had happened but I had got to know. She made up her story. She had told me what she wanted me to hear.

    I felt it was an opportunity and I asked her to come down to Portharcout. There was a job, I had told her, a new company was recruiting. She obliged to come to Portharcourt.


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    And that is how you met your waterloo
    Link to Available Episodes

    Episode 4-6

    Episode 7-11

    Episode 12-13

    Episode 14-17

    Last Episode

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    Alright… Lets go there

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    And that is how you used her for rituals

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    Fire on oya @ladyg new one

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    Ride on

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    owkay,,, let’s go

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