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    Nick Nation
    Nick Nation
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    Episode 1

    Ebonyi State
    10:00 Am

    It was Sunday morning, that was the day i was meant to go back to school.
    Yes! I’m from a polygamous family,my dad live in Anambra state with my step mom at the village and that’s where i school.

    I always visit Ebonyi State on vacation because I hate the village during vacation.
    It wasn’t my decision schooling in the village though, it’s a decision between my dad who thinks I’m meant to be with him while my junior sister stays with my mom because things wasn’t working out fine for me and mom which is what i call a
    (family issues)
    I accepted the idea of going to my dad, though i knew staying with my step mom is not gonna be funny.
    The decision works out well but definitely i was missing mom and junior sister.

    *Make i Yan una small village life Tori before we return to the main Tori*

    (O’Boy life in the village no be small thing o)

    I got used to village life and i started doing things i never thought of doing in my life, Every morning I’ll have to walk up to the well in my dad’s compound, I’ll fetch and fill up every drums of water and after that I’ll sweep the whole compound before I’ll think of getting myself prepared for school.. I was in SS1 during this moment of my life in the village.

    Village wey be say electricity light no dey even plan to blink.
    The only way i get to play is when there’s no cassava to grind, then i can go join my friends at the field to play football apart from that I missed every part of my life in the city.

    I got used to the life and knew i was one day gonna graduate.

    Any ways my name is Nicholas Nzekwe A.k.A Nick Nation the writter of Nick The House Help click link of my story below

    Nick the house help

    I’m from Anambra state and writter at I’m not the only child, I’ve got siblings but let’s focus on this sweet stories

    My step mom was just a pain in my butt and I can never do anything because I was under her.. I was only fighting to finish my secondary School or i wait for the vacation to come through so that I can save up money for my journey in the city, that’s the only way I get to be free.. from my life in the village i leant brick layers job i use that in sustaining my self at least make pocket no dry..
    Infact Make pocket no try dry you for village my brothers and sisters because Dem go use you do yeye.


    On my last year in secondary school,I went to Ebonyi State to visit mom again,she was very happy to see me, I was also happy because it was my last semester and I’m glad to be in the city.
    On that day i came.. my mom complained of little headache which we thought it was minor thing.
    We think say na all this headache wey be say Panadol go wipe comot.

    But Hell No! It transformed from headache to malaria, from malaria to typhoid.. day to day it was getting worst to the extent that she was rushed to the hospital, hospital couldn’t cure her she was getting slim all day, I wondered what type of sickness would make someone go slim in a twinkle of an eye.

    Little did we know her day have been numbered..
    Pastors came to pray, prophet came,she was introduced to many churches but it never stopped. Until the day i was meant to go back to bed..
    I went straight to where mom was sleeping, I touched her. She looked at me.

    Me : Mom.. please let me stay and take care of you!?

    Mom : No Son! I’m alright, moreover you need to finish up your school, it’s your last semester and your junior sister is here to take care of me, just go I’ll be okay.
    *She Smiled*
    Your uncle will be here to take you back to school shortly. Go get dressed.

    Me : Okay mom… *I walked away*

    My mom brother later came with his car to take me back to school because he was going to Anambra,so instead of spending cash on buses ,I decided to join him. I dropped my belongings inside my the car boot..
    My mom waved at me as i waved back to her and my sister, little did i know it was the last goodbye.
    On my way to Anambra i told my uncle to please drop me at Enugu because i needed to see my senior brother in Enugu,he rejected but i pleaded until he accepted.
    I went to meet my senior brother,on getting to my brother house.. my phone rang

    I picked without looking at my phone screen

    Caller :Hello Nicholas

    Me : Hello, who’s this

    Caller : It’s the nurse

    Me : What nurse , how can i Help you,?

    Caller : Please rush back to Ebonyi State, your mom is dead

    * Chai* Black Out

    To be continued…..

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    Romeo Macjordan
    Romeo Macjordan
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    sowi oo bro
    nice start luking forward

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    Your mum is dead?

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    What a great loss

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    Nick Nation
    Nick Nation
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    Episode 2

    I couldn’t believe i just got that call,I said no words as i knocked at my senior brother door.
    He stays with his friend in just a single room apartment.
    I knocked at the door once again and i heard a voice from the inside.

    “Who be that??”
    I knew it was him, he loves all this drugs life,he smokes marijuana, he drinks and misbehaves, sometimes I do wonder where he got that act from.
    I no even fit count how many times wey the guy don enter police cell sote anytime wey police catch am dem go dey hype him name

    “”Our customer”

    Because my mom was always there to bail his A-s.
    And now that she’s gone who wan bail am.. Hmmm bad market.
    Though i love being with him because he’s the only guy who’s got my back.
    In fact he was a cultist and a brutal one for that.
    His name is Jeffery and he’s the first child from my mom side.

    He opened the door and saw the sad face i was wearing.

    Jeffery : (on seeing me) Shuuu! Wetin make you keep face like this,abi your girlfriend don get Belle ni?

    **Smh.. he was never serious**

    I didn’t answer him as i dropped my heavy bag carelessly on the floor and fell straight at the bed, while he was still wondering why I came without his notice and he said again!

    Shey na you i dey follow talk bro.. what’s wrong?

    **I cleared my throat**

    Me : I got a call just now.

    Jeffery : Eh ehn! What call?

    Me : Mom is dead

    Jeffery : Eh , wetin you talk?

    **I repeated The same thing, he didn’t say no words as he picks up his phone from his pocket as he dialed my mum’s number,he was expecting her to pick up,but it was my junior sister that picked, Oh yes she was crying deeply and it was Dawn on us that my mom was truly gone.
    We called our dad immediately, oh yes.. the news have gotten to him already, he told my elder brother to go to Ebonyi State and i should take the next bus to Anambra state.
    My brother did as he was told and as for me ,I was too weak to make a trip..
    I lay down on bed as my brother left and all that comes in my mind was my mom,I couldn’t still believe she was gone.
    I slept off and i was shivering on a hot sunny day as i asked my self many questions.

    What will become of me now that she’s no more?

    Who have we offended?

    Or are my dreaming ?

    How the did this happen?

    She told she was gone be alright!?

    Oh God!!

    To be continued…

    May we not experience death of our loved ones in Jesus name #Amen

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    Joshua John
    Joshua John
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    Ride on bro

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    Just take heart

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    Babatunde Diekola
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    Nick, intresting let go

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