• Adventure With The Slay Queen’s

    Episode 2

    I sat down quietly, staring straightly at her. I couldn’t think straight, I just fixed my eyes on her. Thinking about the unthinkable. I was brought back to life, by the person sitting next to me.
    ” hey dude, its your turn to introduce yourself ”
    “Do I still need that” I muttered silently.
    I can…[Read more]

  • Adventure With The Slay Queen’s

    Rated 18 plus. Contains strong language & sex.
    This story is originally and sorely written by Aderibigbe Ayomide. It is a total work of fiction and any similar event is sorely coincidental.
    Tel 08105835201. Hope you all
    enjoy my little effort.

    Episode 1

    There once a time, when true beauty used to be on the…[Read more]


    Episode 25

    Every successful person has a painful story and every painful story has a successful ending. Accept the pain and get ready for success.

    That was the wonderful news ever from a woman that has be barren for over 10 years. I wasted no time in sharing the news with Ewatomi and peace.

    Peace : like seriously?

    Me…[Read more]


    Episode 24

    A love like you’ve never known, is closer than you ever think…

    Gbenga stared at me in disbelieve. He pointed his finger at me, with his mouth wide open as if to say something but nothing came out from the opened mouth.

    Gbenga : you are him?

    Me: am not him, am Ayo.

    Gbenga : sweet heaven!!! I found you!!!

    Me: I…[Read more]


    Episode 23

    Love is the beautiful thing that ever happened to me, and the most horrendous thing you could (not have) possibly desire (sexcapade with neighbors daughters)

    Am certainly sure that I didn’t see it coming. I stared at her for a moment without saying a word. It was an eclipse of total speechless.

    Me: am certainly not…[Read more]


    Episode 22

    The best revenge is happiness, because nothing drives people more crazy then seeing someone actually having a good life.

    I was very shocked to see the see the both of them, but I didn’t make it visible for them to see, its seems they didn’t recognize me so I pretended as if I know them not.

    Both : Good afternoon…[Read more]


    Episode 21

    There are only two things that shape a life. people around you & your attitude…

    It wasn’t a dream come true, cos I never dream of having such a good job. My joy has no limit. I ran a call through to moturayo and inform her about the news. She was very happy for me and wish me success. Immediately, I drop my wheel…[Read more]


    Episode 20

    Sometimes we just have to stop running…

    Immediately I realize who they are, I didn’t wait a seconds before I took to my kneels. I left my wheel barrow and run as fast as my leg could carry me. I was on a running motion when I almost collide in with peace car.
    “what the hell!!! I could have run you over ”
    She…[Read more]


    Episode 19

    Nobody has a perfect life. Everybody has problems. Some just know how to deal with it in a best way.

    I stared at peace in disbelieve.
    “I don’t quite get what you mean”. I said looking directly at her for a better explanation.
    She took a deep breath, then she began talking.
    ” i was once in love with my father driver. I…[Read more]


    Episode 18

    The journey of life are always not straight, tedious with burning soil, sometimes its unimaginable…

    I was at the edge of being set ablaze, when a woman from the crowd suddenly voiced out.
    ” let him go he’s innocent!!! I know who is responsible! I know who stole the goods. That young man is innocent. Dragon stole…[Read more]

    (Darkest days)

    Episode 17

    If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring Adesewa back to life again.

    A week after, I sat down alone in the living room with Ewatomi sleeping beside me, I was staring at Adesewa picture and tears were running down my face.
    ” oh death… Why do you t…[Read more]


    Episode 16

    The most beautiful and amazing feeling on earth is love…but the most painful and dreadful feeling is losing that love.

    The love between I and Adesewa is beyond human imagination. We were just made perfectly for each other. Even with our current conditions, we were still as happy as ever.

    I came back from work o…[Read more]


    Episode 15

    Love is not what you expect. It is not a bed of roses, its not a cup of tea, it’s a path full of thorns and a lake of fire.

    Running away was the only option left, I could stay and lose Adesewa or run and have her. So I choose to flee. We have nothing to guide us both the love we shared.

    We arrived at jos, e…[Read more]


    Episode 14

    Sometimes you just have to run away… That doesn’t make you a coward, neither does it make you brave, but there’s always a difference between cowardice and prudence.

    I never thought of running away with Adesewa, but the situation gave me no choice than to flee with her.

    At Gen Adelaja residence, he broke the news to…[Read more]


    Episode 13

    People who are meant to be together will always find their way back.
    Sooner or later it wont all be about looks anymore, it will be about whats inside, trust, loyalty and honesty and finding true happiness.

    “Why such a life . I was supposed to be the happiest man on earth but due to the situation on ground, my heart is…[Read more]


    Episode 12

    A love like you’ve never known is closer than you think…

    Its been 3 years now since this incidence, I have completed my master degree and I was lucky to secure a good job at the airport and I was being paid well enough to cater for all my needings .
    I changed my apartment then rented a comfortable two bed room…[Read more]


    Episode 11

    A love like you’ve never known is closer than you think…

    At the herbalist house, where Adesewa was still lying. There was a heavy thunder storm which caused panic on everybody even the soldiers on guard were terrified . Gen Adelaja began wondering what’s happening.

    Gen Adelaja : baba what’s happening?

    Herbalist :…[Read more]


    Episode 10

    Every moment of life is a step towards death.

    I saw my body lying helplessly on the floor. I tried to open the door but couldn’t hold a grab. I penetrated through the door and I found myself outside. I saw one of my neighbors watching cloth, I called on him, but he seems not to hear. I move closer to him and scream more…[Read more]

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