• Westley’s POV
    I watched her sleep in my arms, she is too beautiful, I caressed her cheeks, she slept like
    an angel, so peaceful. At times I tell myself I don’t deserve her and she doesn’t deserve a
    bastard like I am, my child doesn’t deserve me.
    I kissed her temple and went to the balcony to clear my thoughts.
    Will I ever be a good father to my…[Read more]

  • Westley’s POV
    The memories of our honeymoon flashed my mind as I sat on my sit working on some
    files in the office.
    We decided to go on a trip together as couple. We went to Paris. We enjoyed our time
    there, we visited places and most importantly we made love like rabbits. I blushed ear to
    ear as remembered.
    “Mirabel is my precious jewel” I said…[Read more]

  • Mirabel’s POV
    The rays of light heat my sleepy eyes. I opened my eyes slowly, I just felt so tired and lazy
    to do so.
    I found me self alone on the bed. My heart skipped. Did my he leave me? Where is he? I
    looked round the room. The sleep varnished.
    I checked on the bedstand to see a small written note which says
    “Good morning beautiful,
    In case…[Read more]

  • Westley’s POV
    The happiness I have always wished for is her with me. I smiled as I flipped through our
    photos we snapped together. I smiled she’s so beautiful.
    I heard the closet open. I raised my face to see her looking sexy. She wore a skimpy night
    dress which revealed her boobs and I could see her nipple shooting out through the
    dress, she had…[Read more]

  • Mirabel’s POV
    That time when he says he loves you and will never stop loving you, that’s the best
    assurance you can get from the one you love. My hubby is just the best, I adore him so
    much. He showed me nothing but love.
    “Mine, please pass me the icing sugar” I said to my hubby as he help me bake some
    cupcakes. He loves stealing them. He is such…[Read more]

  • Westley’s POV
    I was excited and at the same time angry at Damon, my joy is that he’ll have to pay for all
    his atrocities.
    I took a quick glance at my heartbeat, I noticed she was mute, she had her face down
    while she played with her fingers. She wasn’t bright, I was bothered about her sudden
    mood swing.
    “Jewel” I called to her attention
    “So…[Read more]

  • Mirabel’s POV
    All my days I have always wished for happiness, to experience true love, I discovered
    something we wish for doesn’t just come on a platter of gold, mine came in a cabbage
    bag of which I have to take time to find that gold I’m looking for. I thought as prepare
    coffee for my man.
    I noticed a familiar scent which filled the kitchen. He…[Read more]

  • Westley’s POV
    I suggested we go out on a date to get to each other well. She welcomed the idea whole
    heartedly. I was very happy.
    We wore a jean and a white polo together as couple, she was so elegant so pretty.
    I noticed she had her wedding ring on her so do I. She was the typical meaning of fun.
    My being with her had being so fantastic, I love…[Read more]

  • I’m sorry for not posting as usual.
    I want to write all the complete episode before I post it.

    I’m really sorry

  • Dorka Eedee replied to the topic Longing To Be His in the forum Stories (drama) 4 months ago

    Mirabel’s POV

    I felt a pair of strong arms holding my waist firmly, I woke up to see the sleeping figure of my husband, he looked so pale yet so handsome. I starred at him as I chuckled at the funny face he made while I traced his nose.
    “What ah funny person” I said to myself
    He opened his eyes slowly with a smile, those smile I always wished…[Read more]

  • She slapping your mum…was so out of it. She didn’t do well. She was suppose to take your mum as hers. Maybe that’s your mother’s way of showing her anger. She would have been calm instead of slapping your mum.

  • Westley’s POV

    Her being around me was just so much fun. I love her!
    “Mine, have you taken your bath?” She asked me smiling.
    “No dear, I was too weak for that” I said as I typed in the password to our room of which I changed it to MiraWest. The door opened and we entered the room.
    “Uhm….Mine will you love a warm or cold bath” She asked as she…[Read more]

  • That’s exactly what happened to me o…my 15k went like that.
    The same exact message.
    What saved my money was that I lied to them about my ATM pin.
    People are heartless

  • Westley’s POV

    It is Monday I’ll have to see my Jewel,I’ll have to claim her back.I want her to trust me thatI’ll protect her and to see that I’ve changed.I decided to see he first before I’ll go to work.
    I drove down to her house but I was told she was in her bake shop. Her sister gave me the address. I went there what I saw shocked me. My fears…[Read more]

  • He he…..u people are now talking to Mirabel?😂…don’t you think Westley deserve more that just that?
    Him been dey over do too

  • Mirabel’s POV

    Weekend was over, I was so bored at the bake shop. I baked the cakes that people ordered. I was done and I was waiting for my costumers to come take their cakes.

    I sat down there and started blogging, Mondays is always boring like this. I wonder what Westley is doing right now. I hope he is fine. I miss him.
    I raised my face to see…[Read more]

  • Mirabel’s POV.

    Hurray, Its weekend I get excited when its weekend. I’ll not too much work I’ll just sit down watch movies, blog, sleep and eat. My old life was back.
    “Sis, I’m going out with David. I’m not coming back until its evening” my sister Rita said as she kissed me good bye.
    The love between her fiance and her is so strong, at times I…[Read more]

  • Mirabel’s POV

    I had waited patiently for him to come claim me back as his. He came after a week. When my sister called me I wasn’t really expecting to see him.
    When I came to the sitting room I saw him, my husband. He looked so handsome in his suit. I felt like hugging him tight but I had to control my feelings before I’ll spoil this game.
    He…[Read more]

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