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    “Nah!!! We’re both gonna die together…”I whispered kissing his lips..
    “That’s fair enough, I wouldn’t wanna make you cry when I’m gone…”he kissed me back…
    His kiss gradually became forcefull yet lovingly…
    “You’re gonna make it out of that hospital alive…”he kissed me deeper, inserting his…[Read more]

  • My Eternity
    A story written by Joyce Okolie

    As all this was going on, Charles later gathered courage and profess his love for nana who accepted without hesitation, their love for each other grew stronger day by day, they go outing together, go to the club together, and do everything together, so one day Charles called nana on…[Read more]

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    The Slave!

    Episode 31.

    Six months gone since Ukeh joined the household of master Graham. He had learnt to keep to himself. The only time he spoke with people was when he went to church with some of the slaves and some whites

    Just like little Tom, master Graham’s son was also a Christian. But he was not as friendly as little Tom. He kept to…[Read more]

  • I KILLED MY WIFE part three

    Gbade checked the dinning room the cup he drank his tea in the morning was still on the table , the saucer he put his egg and the remaining loaf of bread,even the soup from yesterday night and Eba . “Chinwe!!!!

    Chinwe !!!! ” Screamed while rushing to the room . He opened the door , Chinwe was on the bed like she…[Read more]


    It had been three months since the landlady , daughter of our landlord moved with her eleven children into our compound.
    This was in 1998 or 1999 her children told us they were chased from their previous compound by a malevolent spirit . Five months after them packing into our compound we started experiencing strange things .…[Read more]

  • Campus Runs Girl part two

    ” Small madam , the moto done ready o,make I help you carry your bag go put for car , so you when you finish to chop you go Waka come meet me ”

    Said Mr Wasiu an elderly driver who had been working for the Onyeama’s even before Oge was born
    ” Thank you Mr Wasiu I’ll take my bag down as soon as I’m done with my…[Read more]

  • Campus Runs Girl

    ” Hello Oge baby how are you doing ? Sorry did I wake you up from sleep ?
    Mr Onyeama asked his daughter because her was raspy on the phone.
    ” Yeah dad I took a short nap so I can wake and read in the night”
    ” Oh sorry baby , I didn’t know you were sleeping baby , I just wanted to inform you that I’m in…[Read more]

  • I KILLED MY WIFE part two

    Gbade drove halfway to work,he packed the car ,today wasn’t the first time he’d left Chinwe at home when they had a quarrel, she usually calls an Uber that drops her off at the bank . He drove back to the gate of their estate , his phone began to ring , it was Mr Ogunwale, the regional manager of his company , he had…[Read more]


    It’s been eight months after the wedding, the love and affection Gbade Had for Chinwe began to dwindle , she was his beauty , his treasure of inestimable value, his mother was against him marrying an Omo Ibo his family was against the union .
    But three months into the marriage Gbade was already tired he secretly regretted…[Read more]

    CHAPTER 23


    “Get off her!!!”I heard Travis shouting..
    Everything happened too fast but I was suddenly in the arms of a familiar fragrance…
    The drunk guy was dragged away by the security guard…
    Even without looking at his face…
    I know he’s the one…
    He came for me…
    My Fabian…
    “I love you…”I…[Read more]

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    The Slave!

    Episode 29.

    Just as they finished praying, Gilbert and some of master Tom’s boys stormed them. Gilbert started clapping when he sees them holding hands.

    “Aha! I said it, I said it, I knew you guys were up to something.”

    “And what do you mean by that?” Ukeh asked.

    “Shut up Bush, you really have some nerves. You black dirty…[Read more]

  • My Eternity
    A story written by Joyce Okolie
    ”Oh my this is so pathetic! hmmmm! pls stop crying pretty nana I assure u all will be fine, I will makes sure ur father comes out of that jail as soon as possible, when I gets home I will call my lawyer! pls don’t cry again ok? as for ur uncle’s wife, I assure u, she will regrets her…[Read more]

  • ㊙💯



    Written ✍ #Sadiq_Infinity ( Capri Leo)



    I knew I had opened…[Read more]

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    Ok waiting 😊

    Part one(1)

    My wife and I loved each other so much as we don’t quarrel because we understands each other very well.

    She was my first love and we dated for seven(7) years before marriage. Last year,we were awarded the best couple of the year by a spousal organization and we both were happy that at least our marriage…[Read more]

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    CHAPTER 22

    And I slapped her….
    “Get out of my sight!!!!”I shouted but she did not flinch…
    She stood before me fearlessly…
    “Get out!!!”I yelled…
    “Get out of my sight before I hit you again…”I shouted at her…
    “I’ve had worst.. This is nothing compared to what I received when I was living with my…[Read more]

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    The Slave

    Episode 27.

    Ukeh knew that if Amara walks away getting another opportunity to speak with her alone would take time and would be difficult. He thought of what to say or do to stop her. And suddenly an idea came to him.

    “I met an old man on my journey to the white man’s land, He was old but he was brave and was ready to do anything to…[Read more]

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  • My Eternity
    ”Hello pretty nana! it me Charles, the guy from two days ago”,Charles said at the other ends of the call, nana on hearing the name Charles started smiling ”hello dear are u there? Charles asked ”errrrm! ye yes am still on the line”, nana responded still smiling

    ”am sorry I didn’t call u as promise, I was actually…[Read more]

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    The Slave!

    Episode 25.

    Ukeh couldn’t wait for morning to come, As Agatha was walking inside he ran after her and held her hand.

    “Wait please, wait. “Amara, you said your name is Amara.

    Agatha looked at him suspiciously and wondered what was with the attitude.

    “Yes Ukeh, my birth name is Amara, is there a problem?”

    “No, not exactly, it’s…[Read more]

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