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  • ep. 22
    “Jeez, that thing’s fast.” Seamus is
    barely able to deflect them all. He is
    given no time to rest though as
    Nuve has a massive supply of bolts
    in a satchel on his side and a wire
    bow string that re-draws itself every
    time he clenches his fist.
    “I really didn’t want to have to fight
    you,” Nuve shouts over the sound of
    his arrows clanging…[Read more]

  • ep. 21
    “Good morning.” Nuve is waiting at
    the bottom of the stairs of the inn to
    greet Seamus and Row at sunup.
    “Are you still here?” Seamus’s
    response is not a friendly one.
    “As I said, I shall stand watch until I
    am sure this village is safe. Quite a
    shame I didn’t arrive earlier though.
    A good number of people were
    “That’s your…[Read more]

  • ep. 20


    v “Just move out of my way,” Seamus
    refuses to engage in conversation.
    “My dad says you’re a monster; is
    that so? Are you one of those
    creatures that eat people?”
    “If you don’t move, then I’m going to
    have to run you over,” Seamus
    resorts to threatening the boys.
    “Oh I’m so scared.” They pretend to
    shiver. “My dad says that…[Read more]

  • ep 19
    After burying Lodar’s body properly,
    Brand and his two trusted vassals
    continue their trek through the forest
    on horseback. The demigod has not
    told either one of his companions
    what his plans for the near future
    are. Too afraid to challenge a
    bloodsucker as strong as Corvic and
    not powerful enough to stand
    against Turok, Brand is at a…[Read more]

  • ep. 18

    “How should I know?” She shrugs.
    “Maybe he sees something we
    can’t. He can transform his eyes
    into that of an owl or a hawk, you
    know. He can probably even see in
    the dark right now.”
    “What does he see; something
    worth letting a bloodsucker and her
    servant pass him by?”
    “You’re still thinking as if he were a
    demigod. This is not Wan,”…[Read more]

  • ep. 17
    “Why are we here?” Row groans as
    Seamus finishes tethering their
    horse and carriage to a post next to
    the inn. They have just arrived in a
    small village only a few miles away
    from the capital of Lord Glasstien’s
    “Because we need to rest for a
    moment while I plan our next
    move,” he answers with a sigh.
    “I thought we were going…[Read more]

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  • ep. 16.

    Seamus tethers his horse and
    carriage to a rather large tree and
    lifts Row down to the ground before
    continuing to follow Aldrea on foot
    into a clearing. The first thing he
    notices are over a dozen separate
    tents of all sizes with blazing fires
    burning next to each one, making
    the entire area rather warm even
    though it is the mi…[Read more]

  • ep. 15
    “Seamus… Seamus… Seamus, can
    you hear me?” Row calls to her
    servant. He is currently sitting on
    the bench at the front of their
    carriage, steering the horse with his
    reins while she sits in the back with
    all of the supplies they were able to
    collect before fleeing the village of
    Bos Stad. “Seamus, will you answer
    me?” she starts to los…[Read more]

  • ep. 14
    “Don’t you mean ‘what did you
    do?’?” Lodar corrects her. “It seems
    you have just killed one of your
    fellow villagers; such a shame.”
    “You bastard!” Champaign’s
    screams at him. “What kind of
    demigod are you? You can’t use
    humans as shields?”
    “Why not?” Lodar shrugs. “It’s you
    who is attacking me. I’m simply
    using whatever is at my…[Read more]

  • ep’.13
    “Halt; who goes there?” the night
    watchman at the gate of Bos Stad
    shouts from his perch. He is staring
    down at the edge of the forest,
    having just been startled by the
    sound of rustling leaves. When no
    one answers he continues shouting.
    “I’m warning you, I am armed.”
    “Alright, alright, there is no cause for
    alarm,” the soft calm voice…[Read more]

  • ep 12
    “Five years ago I infiltrated this very
    castle under the intention of
    eliminating a bloodsucker by the
    title of Lady Owleen Ironglave.”
    “That is common knowledge,
    Turok,” Brand yawns.
    “Perhaps.” He shrugs. “What’s not
    common knowledge is what I found
    upon my entry. Lady Owleen was
    not alone; she had been in hiding
    long enough to…[Read more]

  • ep. 11
    “It’s her, it’s her, it’s really her.”
    Kalina is unable to control her
    excitement as she watches the
    approaching guests from the
    courtyard of the castle as they trot
    over the drawbridge. Grange is less
    interested in the faces of people he
    has never seen before. “Oh, welcome
    to our humble abode Lady Ardine.”
    Kalina bows in front of the…[Read more]

  • ep 10
    “Do not pity them,” the leader
    laughs. “I have freed them of the
    prison chain that is humanity. They
    are now stronger and faster and
    “All they are is animals,” Row spits.
    “Ghouls are not bloodsuckers. They
    don’t even compare.”
    “Is that what you are?” the leader
    finally takes notice of her. “I thought
    you smelled different…[Read more]

  • ep.9

    While Champaign is off hunting
    ghouls in the forest, she tasks
    Seamus with looking after Row, just
    in case she fails to return. “So this is
    where you live?” Row twirls around
    as she enters his house, taking in
    every corner of the main room.
    “Um, who exactly are you again?”
    Seamus’s mother is no where near
    as enthusiastic.
    “I’m Row,” the…[Read more]

  • ep. 8
    “I’ve already made up my mind.”
    She grabs hold of his arm tightly.
    “Escort me to the town square,
    servant,” she orders pompously.
    “Ye-yes, milady,” he whimpers as
    he leads her away from the shop.
    His heart is beating rapidly and his
    hands are shaking. It is taking all of
    his concentration to keep himself
    from yanking his arm away from…[Read more]

  • ep. 7
    “Champ, hey Champ, are you in?
    Hello?” Cabith raps on the window
    to the blacksmith shop as he waits
    outside impatiently. “Come on,
    Champ,” he uses a shortened form
    of Champaign’s name. “Seriously, I
    have an order to fill and you aren’t
    “Mommy’s not in right now,” Row
    spouts while pushing the swinging
    window outward so she can…[Read more]

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