• ZONE -3

    It was an odd experience, judging from the fact that the students wore a confused and uncertain look. This was the first time they had heard the emergency bell, which had echoed like a thunder pushing the foundation of the school. The linage color streaking their uniforms; was the only thing that distinguished the junior class from the…[Read more]

  • Damned army

    The whole school was still beaming with activities in preparation for the coming graduation party, when Matt and Jeff came to the Girls dormitory. Everything about the place was confusing. The road tiled with cobber stones, spiders in all direction into different area. Some went into the ornamental gardens, meandering into the forest.…[Read more]

  • “Who walk in the comfort of the night? Show yourself or I will strike you with my spare, the gods stake me if I miss the first blow” The hardened voice of one of the night’s guard bellowed. There were five of them visible by the gloomy yellow touches, which lined the two hands of the narrow road, driving the shadows behind the palm trees which…[Read more]

  • The Dreamers prophecy

    The road the women had took led away from the forest into a huge metal gate. The gate was ajar but Rex hid behind a tree and surveyed it for any guard. The rough wall surrounding whatever was inside was way taller than any fence he had ever seen. It was a gray wall, which might have once been white. The algae on it made…[Read more]


    Four hard face sat quietly as they watch Anadan’s map revolve round and round on a projected film. Each of them had a jotter and a pen on the desk before them. They were heavily armed in black and white uniforms and emblazoned on their left breast, was a silver snake in an eagle’s claw.

    “This is our home” said the captain…[Read more]

  • More mysteries

    “WOW!!!” Ham exclaimed

    “What is this place?” Pinna finished and held her breathe.

    The five walked out of the land Tripler and awed at the sight before them. They were standing on a nation of green vegetation, stretching out as far as the eyes could see. It seemed to be surrounded by beautiful orchards, and flowers, as tall as…[Read more]

  • A huge touch of yellow fire, as large as five average men placed on top of each other, lay resting now, on the center of the circle, to commemorate the blazing kindness of the gods of the land. The jamboree and songs of the people blast the night with melody. The drums, the Ogene (metal gong), the xylophone and every sweet talking instruments,…[Read more]

  • The Heroes academy

    The fifth day came like a whirl wind, the day that marks the end of the entrance examination into the Heroes academy. To Matt, it was the happiest day of his life. It was a day that signals his freedom from bondage. He was free like a bird in the sky. A part of him he knew would miss all about this place, but the part that…[Read more]

  • The strange envelope

    Matt came home later that day with so much joy in his heart. The day’s event had steered into a direction he hadn’t expected. It was true that he hates racing and all about it, but his ambitious self, had dragged him into it today. What a perfect turn of event, it was really a blessing in disguise. His father Derek Zonna was…[Read more]

  • The sound of the ikoro (wooden gong), percolate the quiet, pale moon night, following the cheerful cries of the people and giving warmth to the cold harmattan air. The dancers filed themselves in a single column, dancing to the melody of the beat. The jidida on their frictionless waist, were shaking vigorously with their body, creating a vibe in…[Read more]

  • The men watched as the Diviner circled another series of dance step, the beads and cowries that clothed her, oscillated and swerved in rhythm to the wooden gong that vibrated the serenity of the cold night, whose handler was a ghost in the scene. Sulugede, the dance was so-called. It was, it is and will always be the dance of the spirit.

    Drunk…[Read more]

    It all started like a little spark in her chest, and then it grows and ignited her whole being with an outburst of emotion, Before she could collect herself, she found out that she desired him more than anything else in the world.

    She was madly in love.

    Ada is a palace maid, the most trusted servant in the palace. The king…[Read more]

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