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I wonder how they would recover from the effects of those incidents.

They were friends; Arinze, John and Chiedu. They were all classmates in the University and that was how and where they met. After their first year, they decided to get a bigger apartment that would be enough to house three of them. They wanted that because they’d become so close to each other, almost like brothers. You hardly see one without the others. Even when one was not with the others, his way about was known to them. In school they were called the “three musketeers” because of their bond.

After searching for the apartment for a while, they luckily found one. It was a two-bedroom flat not very far from school. The house had all the necessary things; water, tiled floors, interlocked compound, no backlog of electricity bill and in a serene environment. They were surprised by the price of the rent. It was as low as what each of them was paying in their previous one room houses. They were so happy and hurriedly paid the rent before the owner changes his mind. They counted themselves lucky.

When the caretaker of the building was handing the keys over to them, they noticed there were four others of such apartment in the same compound with no occupants. They asked him why the other apartments were not occupied and he told them that the owner of the building stays abroad and uses those apartments when he comes to the Nigeria. He further told them that is the more reason they should take good care of the compound so the owner won’t be pissed when he comes back. They agreed and collected the keys. Coolval stories

They moved in and started enjoying the new apartment. One week on, it started. That day Chiedu was the last to leave the house. That was because he stayed to prepare lunch before going to school. After preparing yam porridge, he left for school. When they got back, they were very hungry and hoped to devour the yam porridge. But to their surprise, they met an empty pot with lots of dirty dishes in the sink. They were more confused because the keys used to lock the house were intact and there was no sign of tampering with them. Arinze and John thought Chiedu lied to them about preparing lunch. They waved it as a prank but chiedu was disturbed as he explained to them.

The next was on a Sunday. Chiedu and Arinze had gone to church while John stayed back. After arranging the house, he (John) went to see a movie in the sitting room. While seeing the movie, he heard voices of people discussing inside the house. As he stood up to go and check, he heard the sound of a door bang. When he got inside, he found the door to one of the rooms shut. He tried to open it but it wasn’t opening. After much efforts, the door couldn’t open. He thought maybe the breeze had banged it and spoiled the lock in the process. As he turned to leave, he heard the door open. He looked inside and saw the room he just finished arranging scattered beyond normal. He was frightened. When he told the others, they laughed at him for being afraid of staying at home alone. But he knew what he saw.

Another day, the three of them were in the sitting room playing video games. In an instant, they started perceiving a very offensive foul smell from inside the house. They started accusing each other of leaving the toilet un-flushed after use. They were still at it when they heard the sound of the toilet flushing. They looked at each in surprise. When they got to the toilet, they found pieces of toilet paper on the floor. That was when they started being apprehensive of the whole drama. After then they agreed to pay closer attention to the happenings around the house.

From then to two weeks later, nothing strange happened and they relaxed their minds. Then one night around 11 pm, after dinner, they were all in the sitting room seeing a movie when they started hearing some sounds and movements in the kitchen. They quietly tiptoed to the kitchen door from where they saw their worst nightmare. A plate was in the air moving towards the pot which was on the cabinet. Then the lid of the pot was lifted and the spoon started scooping food from the pot into the plate. After that the plate moved to the side still in the air. Another plate lifted from the plate rack and moved towards the pot where it was filled again. It was as if someone was lifting the plates from the rack and dishing food into them before handing them to another person. Just that in this case the disher and the receiver were not seen.

Arinze and Chiedu soiled their pants on seeing that while John passed out instantly. At the sound of John’s thud to the ground, those plates fell from whatever was holding them and shattered. Arinze and Chiedu hurriedly carried John into the room and shut the door tightly. They didn’t get a wink of sleep that night and they agreed to vacate the house first thing the next day.

In the early morning, they quietly got up and were about running away from the house when they saw a note pinned to the door. It read: ARINZE, JOHN, CHIEDU, VACATE AND DIE.
I wonder how they would survive this ordeal.

Find out!!!
By Tochukwu Anozie

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