Hadiza the housemaid episode 1

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Chapter 1
Honey, Victor said, since you said you do not have time for our children, I hired hadiza,

She saw the sign and decided to come and try her luck. Okay, thank you at least she will go

for the children’s PTA on Wednesday because my best friend is doing her birthday,

Ha, aah, Chiamaka, you still can’t go for your own children’s PTA abi. Wo, will you go or you won’t go

I will ma I’ll. Hadiza replied, ok oo victor said.Aunty hadiza little amaka said, yes my dear,

can you help me with my homework, of course, I can hadiza replied

Two plus two is equal to what? 4 amaka said, ok then 22 plus 22 is equal to what? 40 amaka replied

No , ok 2 plus 2 then another 2 plus 2 then join it is what 44 amaka said

Correct, very good amaka, hadiza said. What’s going on here? Victor asked

Daddy, amaka said joyfully as she saw her daddy

How are you baby girl victor said. I’m fine , Aunty hadiza is helping me to do my homework

Alright, what about junior. He’s studying in his room amaka replied. Ok, have fun okay.

Dad, what about mum, amaka said. As usual now, she went to a party

Ok bye dad, hello mama, yes oo, I have seen one job in the city hadiza said to her mum

That’s great, but the wife does not even have time for the children at all, it’s party every time, hadiza said,

It’s none if your business, just focus on your work, ok, ok ma hadiza replied

Hadiza!!!! Victor said, we want to go ou, the children want you to follow them , but sir what about madam.

Madam that has gone to party. I don’t even think she’s coming this week. Please aunty hadiza . The children pleaded.

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