Her darling boyfriend episode 11

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?By Author Joy ?

Brian felt bored so he decided to visit Michell his only friend. Happy she’s got some cramps for him, he believed things will be cool with her cause the thought of Ann has been wiped away from him.

He arrive at her house and tap the door bell, without waste of time the door was opened by his cutie Mitchell. She really looks cute with her face brightens up.

She wore on a blue sweatshirt with a white vertical strips on a pure blue tracksuit. She’s on a trainer shoe, on her long curly head was parked with a blue sweatband that matches her track suit. She looks perfect on her out fit.

“Hey, come in and stop staring at me” she chuckle at him. He smiled and walked in, she was about to go for juggling but she called it up cause of him.

“You look good ” he said looking at her from head to toe.
“Really? ” she asked already blushing.
“Sure, yeah or what do you think with this? ” they both laughed as she poked his nose.
“I’ve got something for breakfast ” she said. She held his hand and lead him to the kitchen.

She took bread, sliced it. She spread butter on it and added jam not knowing he doesn’t like it. He preferred cheese, luckily for him she has cheese. She cut it in chunks and make coffee.

It was fun for the both as they admired each other at every seconds.
“I’m happy with you ” he began after the breakfast
“I’m more happier than you do” she said.

He smiled not knowing what to see, he’s not good at beating about the bush. She knew he is tripping for her but choose to take things easily so she’ll not end up fooling herself like the other day.

She cared the dishes, when she was coming back from the kitchen being carried away by her butterfly thought she almost fell from the last stair but Brian caught her waist. She raised up her head in surprise, they were looking each other eye to eye.

“Thank you ” she said trying to get of him but he pulled her back….. Without saying a word kissing fun began. They kissed each other like one and only last kiss of lovers about to die.

He slipped his hands down her sweatshirt, she pulled his hand down and removed the shirt. The kissing became deep and intense. She stopped him and lead him to her bedroom where the second round began.

They were carried away to the extent they got naked without knowing, the air of romance changed so fast to that of sex.

The two retired to the bed confused of what they have done, she couldn’t believe she had sex with Brian sane as Brian.

He became weak but played with her boobs, she laughed so happy love again.

They showered together and play like babies forgetting about their sorrows. They took chocolate together.

Brian spoke up about something important “you have to forget about Alvin, he’s matured and ready to get married same as Bella but you still have time, don’t forget you are still schooling” he said.

she gave him a weird look, he demanded why she look sad. She opened up to him that she’ll have to drop out of school due to insufficient fund.

“I’m gonna take care of your school fee and I promise to wait until you are through with your studies. I want the both of us to go and see Alvin so we’ll make peace with him” he said

She was overwhelmed with joy, she hugged him tightly.

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