Her darling boyfriend episode 14

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?HER DARLING BOYFRIEND (14 & Finale) ? 18+

?By Author Joy ?

Alvin stood up to go although he was glad seeing his sweetheart healthy and strong.

Michell and Brian joined him to go but Bella’s mum spoke out of anger seeing her daughter already crying “If Bella hurt herself know that you are the reason cause I see no reason why you’ll have to stop them. He loves her and she love him also why the separation? ”

Mr Malcolm was moved by her words, she’d never spoke to him in such a cruel manner before “Alvin you’ve been my good worker but I never believe you’d lie to me just the way you did the day I caught you with someone. ” he said

“I’m so sorry sir, I couldn’t withstand the shame when I thought over it but believe me I’ve changed for good ” says Alvin.

Mr Malcolm was not convinced but he had to leave the lovers against his wish with strict warnings.

“I’ll allow you to take her, marry her as a wife not just a sex machine that you’ll deceive. If you hurt her, I swear to you it will cost you your life. Bella, I want you to be the good girl you use to be, don’t take the advantage of what I just told him to be a disobedient girl” says Mr Malcolm

Everybody was surprised at his words, his wife kissed him heartily. Alvin glanced at his boss to know if he just spoke what he had, of cause he said it. He kissed Bella deeply while Michell and Brian hug each other to see the uniting of Mr Malcolm’s family.


Few months later Bella was put to bed, she gave birth to two set of babies (a boy and girl) she named them Claudio and Claudia. They got married after the birth of their miraculous babies.

Brian as promised, waited for Michell to finish her studies before taking her to the alter. She also gave birth to a baby girl who she named Yvonne.


The two families became best of friends, Claudio grew fond of Yvonne, he loved her and they got married.

“Ways of man are different from the ways of God. I never knew Michell I was dying for will end up being my in-law. What a world ” says Alvin

The family lives in peace and harmony.


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