Hope for tomorrow episode 5

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Episode 5

Fred looked into her eyes and kept thinking of how he was going to make his intentions known to Sofia
“I want to tell you something, I think if I don’t say it now, I might never have the chance to say it again. I know this may cause me my Job, Sofia, I can’t explain it but I’m into you, I love you right from the first day I saw you, I know I shouldn’t be telling you this because you are my boss, but I want you to accept me Into your life, I love you so much” He said.

For a moment, Sofia felt she was dreaming and didn’t want to wake up if it were a dream.
“Is Fred actually saying all this to me?” She shockingly asked herself. Her joy knew no bound as this was the first time she wanted someone this much in her life and she felt happy that the feeling was mutual.

When Fred was done talking, she looked into his eyes, smiled, leaned forward and kissed him. Fred wasn’t expecting the kiss but embraced it with all his heart. They kissed for a while. They were so caught up in the moment but was careful not to pass their limits either.

After a while, They stopped kissing back. Fred smiled and asked her if the kiss meant that she felt the same way for him and she nodded “Yes”. Her positive response brought joy to his heart and he promised to love her forever. They had mutual feelings for each other and wanted the best for their new relationship.

Six month into thier relationship and Sofia had told her mother that she was seeing someone, her mother couldn’t wait to hear all about the man in her daughter’s life, she danced for Joy and she told Sofia “That’s good news my daughter but now you have a man in your life, Please hurry up and get married to him or what are you waiting for? you know you are my first child and my only daughter, your younger brothers are even married with children, please don’t waste time on courtship or dating, get married” .
Sofia smiled helplessly.

Fred was the best lover one could wish for because he treated Sofia like a queen. Sofia gave him maximum respect and care in return. Fred never demanded anything from her but was rather the one always showering her with gifts. Sofia’s life changed a lot as she was always happy. She loved Fred with all her heart and didn’t want to ever lose him.

Six months after, Their relationship grew stronger, Fred’s love for Sofia remained strong even when he found out that she was 7 years older than him.
Sofia and Fred kept thier relationship private, no one in the company knew about thier love affair until one day, Fred proposed to Sofia openly, everyone who worked in the company were surprised and majority concluded that Fred was only interested in madam Sofia because of her wealth.
“Fred is a gold digger, a social climber!” They gossiped.

End Of Episode 5
To Be Continued
A Story By Christabel Nwoko

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