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Episode 7

When Sofia transferred all her wealth to her husband, she quickly told Fred about it, “Honey, I have transferred everything I own to you, that means you are in charge of my company, my finances, in fact everything, I love you so much” She told Fred
“how could you do that, without informing me first, I need a child not your money, I’m your husband, I’m not a commodity that you can buy” He said and left angrily and Sofia was disappointed.
That was the turning moment in thier marriage.

As a couple in dire need of a child, thier sex life suffered, it went from being intimate sometime, to non – existent. They both lost interest and did not even make an effort to rekindle the flame. It became normal for Fred to return home late and drunk.

Sofia was curious to know why she was unable to bear children as her heart bled, she couldn’t imagine being stuck in such a childless union pretending to be married..
“all the tests proved that we are medically okay, so what’s the problem?” Sofia thought
But Fred’s bad behavior worries her more than her childlessness.
Sofia became fed up and angry, “You know what? I think I need to give you enough space to sort yourself and make your priorities straight. I’m done with all this your odd behavior, I want a divorce” she furiously said to Fred one morning

Fred’s heart skipped several beats at the word “Space” and “Divorce” and he tried to make her explain what she meant but she cut him off and said “I’m done Fred, I can’t take this any longer, I want a divorce”.

“What do you mean by you’re done?, you want a divorce? Why? I thought we love each other, I thought we are in this forever? ” Fred asked in a shaky tone but Sofia walked out on him.

For a moment, Fred’s life seemed as though it was coming to an end. he didn’t want to acknowledge the words that came out of Sofia’s mouth because
he obviously didn’t want thier marriage to end, he only wants a child not a divorce.

Fred was still in denial and didn’t want to accept the fact that Sofia was done with their Marriage. He hurriedly followed his wife “wait, Sofia, my love please wait” Fred said when he eventually caught up with her but she ignored him and hurriedly left the house to her car and then she drove off.

End Of Episode 7
To Be Continued
A Story By Christabel Nwoko

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