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Episode 9 (Second to last episode)

Sofia broke down in uncontrollable tears and Fred hugged her even tighter. “It’s ok, stop crying” he said as he wiped the tears off her eyes. “I thought you stopped loving me” she said sobbing, “I love you everyday, and I’m going nowhere, we are in this together, it’s me and you against the world” Fred said.

They made new commitments and promised to always put each other first in everything they did and decisions they took. Their marriage took a good direction and things gradually became better.
They adopted a male child from the orphanage home, a child whom they named Isaac.

A year later, one morning, Sofia started feeling feverish. She thought it was just the normal symptoms of malaria, she took some malaria medication, Shortly after, she fainted, Fred became very scared and didn’t know what to do. He rushed to where she laid and shouted her name severally but there was no response. He started panicking and quickly got dressed to take her to the hospital, he rushed unconscious Sofia to the hospital and many medical tests were run on her to find out what could be the problem.

Few hours later, Sofia was conscious, the doctor walked into the Hospital room to give Fred and Sofia the result of the the numerous medical tests run on Sofia.

“Hi doc” Fred greeted
“Hello Mr Fred, the test results are out” The doctor said calmly
Sofia stared speechlessly
“I hope all is well” Fred asked nervously
“Congratulations Mr Fred, your wife is 3 weeks pregnant” the doctor said. Sofia almost collapsed from the hospital bed she laid. “it’s not true!” She shouted, “It is true” the doctor confirmed.

Sofia almost ran mad due to how she was feeling at that moment. “So I can carry my own child, Oh God! God I don’t know how you did it but thank you” she said crying as she took the result from the doctor.

On the other hand Fred had been speechless, The news of Sofia’s pregnancy hit him so hard that he couldn’t utter any word for few minutes. He was dumbfounded and doubtful as he kept asking himself if it was a joke. He couldn’t believe that Sofia was pregnant with his child. It was a whole lot for him to take in and it made him break down in tears.

“Doctor please are you serious?” He finally asked after keeping silence, with tears in his eyes, he looked into Sofia’s face “Yes baby, it’s true, I’m pregnant, take a look at the test result” Sofia replied instead, she was sobbing too.
It was a very emotional moment for Fred and Sofia as they kept crying. Fred has never been more happier in his life, he couldn’t still wrap his head around the fact that he was going to be a Father soon. It was truly a dream come true for them.

They wasted no time in informing thier two mothers about their bundle of joy that was on the way. To thier greatest surprise, their mothers were both so happy over the phone, they urged Fred to take care of Sofia, “Fred, watch sofia closely, please take care of her as I don’t want any stories, please my son” Sofia’s mother pleaded on the phone and Fred’s mother urged Sofia to take care of herself and her unborn grand child.

Sofia had to take a break from work in her oil company, Fred had to take charge of the company and other stuff. He pampered Sofia and made sure she didn’t lift a pin.

Everything went on smoothly until one fateful day,
Sophie was having a slight cramp all morning and she thought it was normal,
At that time, Sofia was already 7 months gone. Few hours later, Fred had left the house to thier oil company, when the cramp became a severe pain, Sofia breathed in and out to relieve her of pain but it was as if the pain was increasing instead as she breathed in and out. She got up to pick her phone to call Fred but fell down in the process.

Fortunately, thier Domestic staffs walked in at that moment and found her in pain, lying on the floor. They panicked and quickly alerted Fred who rushed back home and
Sofia was rushed to the hospital and the doctors tried all they could to relieve her of pain but it wasn’t working. The doctors figured she was in a state of premature labour so they quickly induced her for the baby to come out quickly, Sofia was going through hard labor, 24 hours later she couldn’t deliver her baby on her own. She became too weak and she lacked energy to push the baby out
She had been screaming but when she became weak, her voice was down and Fred was confused, worried and scared as he didn’t know what he could do to ease his wife’s pain.

End Of Episode 9
To Be Continued
A Story By Christabel Nwoko

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