House of secrets episode 1

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There is a house on Maryland Street, Cross River State.
It has a blue roof and its body is painted milky white.
This house is built on Secrets.
My father had just died three months earlier, his body was not yet laid to rest, this was because we had no money.
“Poverty is a sin, how can he still roam this earth when he’d departed long ago”? Mama cried and wiped her eyes with the edges of her old wrapper.
” Mama, you need to pull yourself together, there would be a way out, just believe in God” I tried to console her. I hated the way we were, the way we lived, like rats caved in a hole, we were as poor as that but that never wavered my dreams, I had made up !y mind to conquer poverty, and thati could only achieve through education.
“I doubt if there is a way out of this one Ajunwa, there is no way, no one is here to help us, all your uncles have abandoned their brother’s body to rot, I doubt if there is a way out of this one” she sobbed louder.

I cried along with her, she was right, there was no way out. I had finished secondary school five years back, yet there was no money for me to further my education. I had hoped to find myself a job, but it was difficult finding one talk more of keeping it for a long while.
“Mama, I will find a way out of this” I inhaled deeply. I knew my mother would object to the idea, but that was all I could do to help her and my five little younger ones. My best friend, Joy, had spoken to me about it. Unlike myself, Joy was already in her final year at the University of Calabar, under the sponsorship of her wealthy Uncle whom I was to work for.
“What way ehn? What way Ajunwa? I would never allow you go into prostitution to save this family” she sat upright and stared deeply at me.
“No mother, it isn’t prostitution” I replied calmly.
“Then what”? She arched her brow.
” I want to be a maid” I replied quietly, that was the only thing I could think of.

“He is gone, they are all gone” Nelson rushed into his Madam’s bedroom, his boss’ wife was a very beautiful woman and he found himself to be very lucky to have her as his girlfriend.
He was a graduate of Mass Communication, he had searched for a job for more than two years, he got tired of searching and decided to find gimslef something doing, that was how he became Pastor Ita’s personal driver.
“Are you sure”? The beautiful Mrs Helen Ita asked her lover.
” Yes, he left with the church driver’ Nelson nodded eagerly, he couldn’t wait to devour her body.

Helen Ita was in her mid forties but she looked nothing like forty, though she had mature kids, she still looked very young. She was not !much of a tall woman but she had a flawless and radiant milky white skin, well rounded hips and large breasts and a face to die for.
“So what are you going to do to me today”? Helen winked and dragged Nelson’s slender body into her arms. She had grown to love him, though he was younger than she was, he made her feel young again, not her fanatic husband who had no time for his family but the church.
” I want to make you Pour, then I’ll lick you all over again” he dragged her lips with his teeth, she groaned and yanked his shirt off him, revealing a nest of dark hairs, Nelson was not just a good lover, he was a cute one.
“I love you” Helen whispered to him.
“I love you too” he replied and lifted her to the bed. They didn’t usually make love in her matrimonial bed, she had designated a special room for that.
He caressed her neck for some minute, then his mouth fell on her t--s while his hands rubbed her honeyed hips.
“Awwwww baby” Helen groaned as he pleasured her.

His hands decided to explore her beautiful body further, they found a place beneath her abdomen, where she was already dripping for him.
“I can’t wait to feel you inside me” she writhed as he touched her core with his fingers.
“Me too” he parted her legs and was ready to plunge in, when something fell down from the cupboard and she screamed as they both found a decaying human hand

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