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Dearest Diary friends. You can now make money on our website by simply sharing your stories with us.
You earn fifty naira{N50} just for starting the story and fifteen Naira {N10} on every episode you post. Just so simple.

If you have a story, you do not wish to post yourself, simply send it to our mail The story will be posted on your behalf just like our “Betrayal story” and you will get paid for it. {You equally will be contacted on any offer we get concerning your work, because you still will remain the sole author and owner of the story}. please help us share this broadcast. It’s time your friends get paid for their labour.

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A New Section
has also been added, which will feature some of the hottest & longest Diary stories of 2014. The stories will also be available for sale and development.

We do hope you have no difficulty accessing our website

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  1. Just Click “season one” if you are using the desktop version and ur page will immediately start from season one, but the season one in this blog is very much censored unlike in nairaland, hope i answered your question well?? Are you using the mobile or desktop version??

    • Yea the mobile version is just for friends who wish to save their data mb and so it dosent carry much features bcos if more features is added to it, then its mb capacity will also increase….. Thanks and you are free to convert back when you are through with the season one {plss i’m also not done with the posting of the slightly censored season one} so its still kind of incomplete…

  2. @val we need a notification template added to this blog, so that we can directly see previous chit chat and reply them. Cuz like me, going back to older topics is kinda difficult, i guess that will aid. Anyway nice work bro

  3. Yea my bro, i jst noticed it today and i have gotten in touch with him, and you know his issue even came up months ago, (when we were battling with the 9erotica site, when our story was also copied there}, and i never even knew that he later continued after being warned….