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Sequence 1
Ambrose P.O.V
Hanna” I shook her left leg, I just woke up after a long night rest.
“Uhmmm” She groaned from sleep coiling and folding like a new born.
“It morning, wake up” I said, shaking her legs again.
“I am not ready to wake up please, let me sleep now”
She wrapped the bedsheet round her waist while murmuring some words I couldn’t comprehend.
“Am sure the meeting have been postponed”
She told me about the meeting she would be having this morning, I wonder why she feels so peaceful sleeping till late in the morning. She ought to be out of bed as early as 7am.
“What meeting? oh my God!” I watch her speed out of bed and headed for the bath.
“Bring my dress” Her voice echoed from the bathroom, I could clearly hear the heavy splash from the shower.
“Okay” I responded. I searched the bag she brought last night and took the only gown in it to her.
In few minutes she was out all dressed and ready for work. She picked up her bag in a hurry and headed for the door.
“Your car Key” I called out.
“Bring it to the house, I will use a motorcycle” She yelled slamming the door behind her.
“Ohhh, no!”
I don’t want to go to her house, the way her mom questions me is getting too much. Hanna is actually worse than her mom. She stalks me and seems very rude.
“Rhmmmmmn” My Tommy was telling me something, I am d--n hungry.
“What do we eat now?” I asked holding my tummy.
My kitchen is empty, I can’t cook and she can’t either. I did the few cleaning I could and went for breakfast at a close by restaurant.
My phone beeped while I was having lunch at the restaurant, it was a close friend calling, he’s a Yoruba by tribe and bears the name Adefikayo Thomas. Friends call his Fiks for short.
“Hey Ambrose” Fiks called out from his end.
“Am good” I responded grinding the grains in my mouth.
“I saw your girl on a bike few minutes ago, what happened?”
I smiled, my girlfriend is from a wealthy family, Her dad is a millionaire and very famous. Her fully name is Ima Hanna. Hanna is a spoilt brat, Her father owns a fleet of cars, you would easily argue that she has never boarded a public bus in her entire life.
“You know her now, she over slept and she was suppose to go for a business meeting at 9am so she used a bike for faster transportation”
“Ohhhh, how about you two?” He asked probably chuckling underneath. He’s always interested in discussing my relationship issues.
“I dont know yet, she doesn’t look like she would make a good wife” I whuffled.
“Common, you can’t be too sure, she’s intelligent”
“Rude, lousy, bossy and a little spice of waywardness included” I quickly added, he think he knows my girlfriend more than myself? He’s all wrong.
“Seriously? Anyways, you know better. I can’t wait to dance at your wedding you know”
“Have you gotten a woman?” I asked intentionally, most times I just pop this question when I want us to end a discussion that doesn’t favour me. I know he hate the question with passion, he’s not a marriage fan and he’s not thinking of marriage anytime soon.
“Ok bro, we would talk later” He quickly ended the call on me.
“Idiot!” I giggled.
Later in the afternoon, I rushed down to Hanna’s place, I prayed silently to meet the absence of her mother, that woman ehn, she’s a virago.
Immediately I step into the sitting room, I sighted Hanna sitting on a single sitter couch, she fixed her gaze on the TV as she enjoy the music videos on Hip TV.
“You are back” I smiled walking towards her couch.
“Hi” She greeted unusually.
I looked at her, Her “Hi” took me by surprise. She would never greet me in such manner, infact she just attack me with whatever discussion she chose to talk about rather than saying an hi to me.
“Han, are you okay? You look dull, you lost your contract or what?” I frowned sewing how gentle she suddenly become, she sat there smiling at me, I fell into the opposite couch and look deep, she’s way beautiful this afternoon.
“Alcohol or natural fruit?”
My eyes bulged at her question, I chuckled. She’s offering me a drink for real? I can’t remember the last time she served me a cup of water.
“Hanna, you want to offer me a drink? Waw, my baby is changed, Natural fruit drink please”
I watch with excitement as dashed out of the room to get me a glass of juice.
She return with a chilled cartoon orange juice and a glass cup all served on a Stainless tray.
“You changed your hair style?” I observed, I haven’t been able to take my eyes off her, she’s smashing beautiful this afternoon. I can’t explain this sudden change though.
“You look good” She complimented with a big smile and I noticed deep dimples, God, she had dimples all the while? I never noticed.
“Where did the dimples come from over night?” I asked serving myself a glass of orange juice from it cartoon.
she giggled reflecting a white set of teeth.
“I must say, you look really beautiful this afternoon, how come I never noticed the dimples?” I complimented while trying to get the fact behind the dimples. I noticed a lot though, Her nose ring is absent too, maybe she encountered the Holy Spirit after leaving my home few hours ago.
The door cracked, I turned my head towards it.
“What?” I sprang out of my seat, I am confused now, Standing before me are two identical women, Who’s who?
“Hanna, are you a ghost?” I stared at both of them almost at the same time. I could say the person at the door is Hanna because she had the dress she wore from my home in her, the same hairstyle and her nose ring is also present.
They busted out laughing at once, I felt embarrassed.
“We are twins, I am Haira. Nice meeting you” The lady I have talking to all along introduce herself.
“Oh my God! She never told me” I exclaimed at their resemblance, I opened my arms and hugged my girlfriend’s twin sister.
Hanna P.O.V
Seeing them hug, I imagined something ugly. I quickly drag haira away from my boyfriend, I don’t know why she showed up all of a sudden, I thought she would remain in the state all the rest of her life. The last time I saw her was about 17years ago, right now she looks so beautiful, she would beat me to it in a pageantry.
“Hope you aren’t planning anything stupid uhhhhh?” I frowned, we have had issues like this in the past over her boyfriend and myself.
“We only hugged” She protested.
“You aren’t allowed to have any type of relationship with your sister’s fiancee” I warned strictly giving her a “I would kill you” look.
“Ok l, I know what you think, I wouldn’t pay you back” She grinned, I don’t trust her, I once dated her boyfriend and she might be thinking of paying me back now.
“Intelligent idiot, I will send you back to the states if you try mess here” I warned. I love Ambrose and I would break her neck if she dare crush on him.
“You talk like you have the power to, you aren’t in control” She fired at me.
I pushed my head backward, she now has the gut to talk to me anyhow? Before she left for the state, she wouldn’t dare look in my eyes.
“Why did you return home now? You would cause havoc. You look like me and I hate it!” I said hoping that she would just pack her things and leave.
“I don’t look like you, I am prettier. You stole the beauty and I wasn’t stingy with it, I am back home for good. Go to hell if it stings” She said sticking her tongue out. I felt stung.
I watch her walk away, I vibrated where I stood. God knows, I hate competitions. That girl beauty is causing me heartache. We might look alike but she is prettier, oh the dimples, Her curvy shape, Her sweet voice, she can get any man at the snap of her fingers.
“Why are you standing there?” Ambrose asked, He poured himself another glass of drink and gulped.
I hissed at him as I walk towards him.
“Join me in the room” I yelled at him, throwing my bag at his face.
“Yes ma” He responded getting out of the couch to stretch.
Ambrose POV
I followed closely like a loyal dog, I have been doing this for a year now. I thought I was thanking God for changing her few minutes ago, so it wasn’t really her, the other lady was actually her sister. How I wish Hanna would just wake up one morning and change completely, she’s just driving me crazy with her crazy characters. She attacks me with “I am just me” whenever I try to correct her misconducts.
“You didn’t tell me you are a twins” I said immediately we step into the room.
“First, you woke me late, now you won’t ask me how my day went?” She yelled sitting on the edge of the bed, She bent over and got her heels off.
“Ok, sorry! How was your day darling?” I quickly ask before she get upset and start breaking things as usual.
“15minutes late and a load of embarrassment” She complained, giving a big frown.
“Embarrassment?” I asked.
She ignored my question, I inhaled, maybe she’s still upset with me.
“A b---h got the deal before me” She shouted, I could sense anger in her tone.
“Sorry!” I drop on the family sized bed as I stared at the ceiling above the room.
“Is that all you have to say?” She gave me a big frown, I coughed slightly, what else am I suppose to say?
When she didn’t get a response, she went straight to the bathroom for a quick shower.
“I can only console you, someone better got it” I shouted on top of my voice so that she can hear me clearly since their is a heavy pour from the bathroom shower.
“I was born the best, no one can be too good except me” She defended poking her head out of the wooden door.
“I said better, haven’t you heard of better than the best? That’s exactly the kind of person that got the contract”
“Fraud, how I wish I knew who it was, I am sure it’s some sort of low life. Now dad will think I am useless”
“Ain’t you?” I giggled hoping that she didn’t hear me say that.
“What?” She ran out of the bathroom with a towel around her waist, water drizzling down her body.
“I mean you aren’t, you did your best” I laughed out loud, she heard what I said already, changing it would have no effect on what I really think and said.
“Fool” She swung her left leg rubber slippers at me.
“I am hungry” She complained.
I look in her direction, she wiped herself in front of the dressing mirror, I waited for her to get the towel off her body but she didn’t. She went back to the bathroom and came out all dressed.
“Let me join you in the kitchen” I said in a low tone, I know she can’t cook, maybe I am just looking for her trouble.
“Ambrose, you know I can’t cook” She hissed, probably peeved.
“When will you learn? Please be ashamed to say this” I yell at her sitting upright. She would tell anyone that cares to listen that she can’t cook and would never learn how to. She think cooking is just a skill anyone can acquire but definitely not her.
“Cooking ability doesn’t define me, I am still a woman right?”
“Yeah, empty woman” I hissed as I stood on my feet, not upset anyways, I am use her and her annoying way of life.
“You said?” She stood hands akimbo.
“I said, pretty woman” I said what she wanted to hear, I don’t want another episode of trouble this afternoon.
“Good, let’s get something to eat” She smiled pulling my left cheek.
She walk in front of me and I followed as we went downstairs to get food in a nearby restaurant.
“I know you will make me proud” I heard Hanna’s father voice echoed, I climb down the stairs holding Hanna, I know for sure my mother in law to be is at home since her father is around too.
“Oh shit, you didn’t tell me your dad is home” I whispered into Hanna’s ears, she gave me a harsh look.
“Don’t you want to see him?” She asked staring in my eyes.
“Not that, ouch” I swallowed whatever I had to say, I know how much she loves her mom, she would strangle me right there if I told her I am trying to avoid her mom.
The family had settled down to lunch, Bobby the only son and last child of the family was busy rolling his garri into balls. He’s one playful guy that likes me a lot, he’s 21 and in his first year in school, we are look forward to having a lawyer in our mist once he graduates.
“It been a while” Chief Ima smiled at me from a distance, I slid my hand off Hanna’s and hurriedly walk up to the dinning room so I could prostrate in front of him.
“Been busy sir” I sincerely said going flat on my chest.
“And when are you marrying our daughter? she’s not a ball and am sure you are aware” Hanna’s mom quickly attacked, she’s the reason I hate coming around the house, she keep asking me when I would marry Hanna as if marriage is something that can be rushed into. Have she asked her daughter if she’s ready for marriage? If she don’t know, Hanna is the reason we aren’t married, I am busy trying to mold her into a responsible woman before taking her home to my parents.
“Mom” Haira tried to caution, Hanna raised her eye balls and fired at her twin sister, I have known Hanna for a while now, she’s very nasty.
“Will you shut up, was she talking to you? Where’s your man? No boyfriend, nothing!” Hanna attacked. I rolled my eyes, like mother, like daughter.
“That was harsh hanna” Their father cautioned, the money making money himself, Chief Ima. Hanna and the remaining kids don’t have to work if they don’t want to, Chief Ima made a lot of money already.
“I am sorry daddy” She apologized twisting her lips. Her father is the only person she listen to once in a while. The rest of us just talk and brag, she don’t care, she would do that which she intend doing.
“Apologize to her instead” Chief Ima ordered. I saw my girlfriend’s face, she’s boiling.
“What?!” She shouted folding her arms under her breast. Hanna would never say sorry, she believe she’s always right.
“You heard him” Bobby said sticking out his tongue mockingly.
I don’t know what it’s between her and Bobby but Bobby never likes her.
“It’s fine” Haira replied smiling and flaunting her very deep dimples.
To be continued ..

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