Sequence 28

Johannesburg, South Africa.
@Dorr guest house

🌠Ambrose POV🌠

“Oops” I breathed as I stared at the ceiling smiling. She was next to me, breathing heavily from a second round in two hours. Since we came to South Africa a week ago, she has been unspeakably happy, she’s always kissing me and wanting my hands around her. For the second time aside our first sexual night, we went two rounds.

We haven’t seen the beautiful cities of South Africa yet, we had additional two and half months to spend here so we took things slowly. In the past one week, all we did was take cool bath together, smooch each other, sleep and make love.

We haven’t been outside the dorr guest house, we just had the whole week to ourselves. Donatus kept calling, he couldn’t wait to have us in Cape Town, I and my wife plan on seeing every part of Johannesburg as much as we can before proceeding to Cape Town where donatus stayed. Her friend whose name and location she’s yet to tell me also stays somewhere in South Africa.

I felt her cold finger ran across my chest and I turned my head to her side.

“Baby?” I pulled her on top of me, I knew she wanted something.

“What do you want?” I asked looking deep into her sexy eyes.

“You” She said shyly biting her lower lip.

“Me? Again? Ain’t you tired? Can you stand it?” I asked surprisingly, when did she become a freak like myself?

“Just bring it on, you won’t watch me collapse, would you?” She winked and i quickly got hold of her lips sucking them passionately. In a blink, she was moaning under me as I carefully probe in and out.

“Back in Nigeria, we hardly make love, so what’s this sudden urge? We do it almost everyday here and you always plead for it” I asked after satisfying her. Our backs faced each other, we folded our legs like a Muslim worshipper and rested on our backs.
Without seeing her face, she replied “I can’t explain it too, i think i was scared, the rape”

“Nigeria reminds you of the incident right?” I asked breathing in

“Yes” She responded and I inhaled.

“I am sorry, it’s a good thing you are recovering, I can’t wait to have more of you” I said with a big smile.

“More of me, you would have. I feel relieved here, I don’t have to think of the incidence since there’s nothing to remind me of it, I am now sure you still love me very much even though someone took the wedding gift I kept for you” I sensed her trying to hold back her tears and I quickly turn around facing her.

“Beatrice, from this world till the next, you have my words, my heart is yours” I promised and her face brightened as she got hold of my lips and suck them like a child sucking from a n----e.

“Take me shopping” She said. She was sitting in between my legs and her body rested on my chest as we saw a South African movie together.

“Okay, what do you want to get? Popcorn or chocolate?” I asked knowing fully well they were her favourites.

“Clothes” She said.

“Clothes?” I frowned.

“Yes, I know you did some shopping for me before we left Nigeria but, I don’t like the dresses any more” She said facing me.

“Why? Thought you picked them yourself?” I wasn’t bothered about the money I spent changing her entire wardrobe two weeks ago but i was worried she saw something scary that might make her demand for a change of wardrobe so soon.

“Yes but they aren’t for me, I want to start dressing hot for you” She replied seductively and my heart beated, I watch her for few seconds before our lips locked again.

“Fine baby, check the wear stores and tell me which one you want to go, I would make it happen” I kissed her neck down to her cleavage. I can’t wait to see her in some skinny short skirt and a crop top.

She finally chose Hermana Rush’s shop, in as much as it would make her happy, I would go to any length for her. We took a cab and I watch her shop excitedly. She kept loving everything she saw and she’s tempted to pick as many as possible. By the time she was done, she spent a really good part of our money and she gave the cashier a scorn for pronouncing such a ridiculous amount.

“We have money, cool out” I whispered in her ear when i saw the look she wore. She felt like an extravagant person but she’s not, she’s just my own example of “Perfect”

“Till death do us apart” I said as I carried a bigger part of the shopping bags.

********* ********

Lagos, Nigeria.

🌠Hanna POV🌠

Kay was on my neck, i practically began to avoid him but he had a way of getting my attention. my eye was healing fast, I could now use it without the lens but I wouldn’t dare go close to any type of light without the lens.

Ha-ha, Amos is serving a four years jail term for attempted murder, assault and whatever out lawyer charged him for.

Haira and Ambrose are cooling off somewhere in South Africa. It’s not been easy for me, it seems like I was alone in my own world. No friends, no boyfriend, no sister, my dad runs away from home and the fish wife isn’t even an option. I don’t want to talk to her, she’s the culprit. The reason for my wayward and miserable life.

I sat on the armless chair in the big sitting room, it was comforting and I could stretch out my body on it. it looks like a bed and a little like a chair. The house was totally silent aside from the tickling of the “scortum” wall clock.

The door cracked and I turned to look, it was Kay. This guy again.

“Don’t look at me like that” He said when he saw the contemptuous look on my face.

“What do you want?” I fired getting out of my chair.

“You hate me that much? I mean no harm. If love is a crime, I would rather stay in your jail” He said walking towards me.
I sat back into my chair when I knew i couldn’t do anything to send him off.

“I miss you” he said. He took off my lens and I quickly guided my eye from the ray of light trying to penetrate.

“You deserve something better, someone that would tell you how beautiful you are even if you look ugly, you should glow in love and be happy again” He lean forward, I was going to say something when he fixed his lips into mine. I couldn’t resist those fresh breath, I held the back of his head and we s----d for few seconds before he withdrawal.

“Am sorry, you are too hot to be resisted. How are you feeling now?” He asked and I nodded.

“Fine, very better” I sank back into the chair.

There was silence, I felt his stares on me and I became really uncomfortable.

“I want to take a nap upstairs” I said trying to get him off my sight.

“I would take you”
Before I could say pimmm, I was lifted up my foot a d carried in the bridal style. I saw my caring Ambrose in Kay, Ambrose carried me this way very much. When I was ill, Ambrose once held me like that until I fell asleep.

“Show me the way” He grinned taking closer looks into my eyes.
I directed him, I closed my eyes all through and tried to inhale that smell I use to inhale from Ambrose’s dress but it wasn’t there, the smell here was just neutral.

“Do you take afternoon pills?” He asked as he gently placed me on my warm bed i nodded at his question.

“Have you taken it?”

“No, mom is off to the market and I wouldn’t use them without lunch” I said trying to catch some sleep.

“You can’t cook?” he asked and I opened my eyes wide. I felt embarrassed and bittered at the same time.

“It’s not bad, my sister can’t cook either and we haven’t killed her. You don’t have to feel bad if you can’t cook, it’s a skill you acquire on earth no one is born with it”

Yes, yes! This is a similar version of Ambrose.

“Thank you” I said trying to hold my tears back, it would only hurt my eye.

“You need to swallow your pills, let me take you out for lunch if you don’t mind” He offered a hand and I held it while he pulled me up.

“Where are the pills?” he asked and I showed him the drawer. He dragged it out and got hold of a pharmatical nylon.

“We should use my car” I pointed at a particular key resting on my dressing table.

********** **********

“Eat a little more” he pleaded helping me pour out a glass of water.

“I am filled” I protested and he shrugged.
He opened the back cover of the pills and dropped them in my palm, I swallowed with my eyes shut and I gulped down all the liquid in the fine glass cup.

“You can stay here a little while for the evening air, I would be glad to stare at you all through” he said and I frowned.

“What do you want from me?” I asked leaning forward and lifting my lens over my nose with my index finger.



Ambrose, please you forgot me in Nigeria oo😢😢






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