Sequence 29
Johannesburg, South Africa.

🌠Ambrose POV🌠
In a flash, she started adjusting to my taste, she gradually became a sex freak. We had it everywhere we could. Haira wakes me in the middle of the night for sex. I was so lost in the world of love. I sat on the on one of the two sofas in the room, I watch her pick a dress for the day, she no longer dress like the SUs. She looks extremely hot on every of her new wears.

“What about this?” She showed me a pink elastic gown, it looks short and clingy with a bra strap hand.

“Good” I winked fixing my gaze on her. She soon dashed into the bathroom, Haira still hide to wear her dress once in a while.
My phone beeped, I giggled at the sight of the caller’s ID.

“Idiot’ I giggled

“Why are you laughing now? She don f--k you die” Fiks said from the other end and I laughed.

“I am just super excited, she’s changed and I can’t thank you enough for the idea”

“Gist me, wetin dey sup?” He asked anxiously.

“Changed her wares, our sex life………….” Not knowing what to say, I held my peace. It was hard trusting Fiks to the core after his sexual experience with Hanna. I am so scared he would come for Haira too.

“Well, enjoy your stay. I would continue searching for love since everyone is getting married now” He said chuckling.

“Guy bye bye, let me attend to my wife” I ended the call and looked towards the bathroom door, she stepped out in a beautiful short gown, cleavage revealing and clingy.

“When I saw you, I saw life” I said as I stood up.

“When I saw you, I saw love” She responded walking towards me

“Tell me the love the sun have for the moon” I walked towards her as slowly as I can.

“The sun goes in and the moon comes out giving light to the world”

“For better?” We were close already, I dragged her into my warmth and kissed her neck.

“For worse” She giggled fixing her lips into mine. That was some verse from one of her musics.

“Let’s see South Africa baby” I whispered but she shook her head.

“I still want to stay in your warmth for another few days” she said.

“I am always by your side sweet, ain’t you tired of staying indoor for the past one week?”

“With you by my side, I am not. Come!” She held me by my waist and pushed me into bed.

“Should I cry now? It’s the third time since today, have some Mercy” I giggled rolling away from her side. It was now my turn begging for mercy, I just wish she would let’s see the cities together. I know she would be too exhausted to go three to four rounds by the time we return home.

“I thought you wanted this?” She pouted crawling up the top of the bed.

“I do baby but, i need rest please” I kissed her back and she moved away from me.

“So now you are complaining, it was you shouting Haira i am sex starved, haira I want you, Haira this, Hacira that” She jumped out of bed screaming and demonstrating with her hands.

“Is it a crime to demand for rest now? I would make it up to you at night, na blood i dey use now” I chuckled and she laughed hitting me with a pillow.

“Naughty boy”

We laid side by side and stared into each other eyes.

“Haira please don’t leave me” I kissed her nose and she smiled

“Do I look like I can survive without you?” She brought my hands to rub her boobs and I quickly withdrawal, I was not in the mood to have her.

“Now that you dress hot and seems to have a very high libido. I am scared, what happens when I am not around to quench the fire of your thirst?” I asked demanding a sincere answer.

“I would join you wherever you are” She said giggling but I think it’s not really funny.

“Hanna was…………”

“Talking about Hanna in our marriage? Hanna was what? was hot, was good, was a crazy f----r or was hell? Hanna in our marriage? hell!” She was peeved, I tried calming her down. It was the first time she got upset from me mentioning Hanna’s name, she has suddenly gone jealous.

“Hanna was wayward, I am scared” I finally said what I was going to say. She jumped into me and squeezed my back.

“I am not her. Forget her now and face your marriage, our new home. I would kill any woman that have you aside me” She barked and tears rolled down her cheeks.
Have I really said or done anything wrong? Haira is in love and I know she meant what she said, she hardly fight or threaten people , but this threat she just made, I am so sure she would kill anyone that comes close to my manhood including Hanna.

*********** *************
Lagos, Nigeria.

🌠Hanna POV🌠

Kay said he wanted love yesterday, I was silent. he brought me back to the house and made sure he put me to sleep before leaving. I have thought about it, he’s cute but not rich. well, his pocket isn’t really the problem, the problem is me. I don’t trust him, my instinct tells me something is wrong somewhere, he doesn’t look real to me. Or am i guilty of prejudice? I like him but I feel Ambrose is the only good man on earth. Amos left me with a very big physical scar while Ambrose never left. He’s still sitting somewhere in my heart and i find it hard to love again. I tossed to the other side of my bed, it was 7pm in the evening and I found it hard to shut my eyes. I searched through my phone music library and click on the first music. It was Haira’s voice. “If love was a crime” was the tittle and she had dedicated the music to her husband.
Would you walk the aisle with me?
Would you tell momma about me?
If love was a crime 🎼🎼🎤
Would you sleep in jail with me? 🎶

Her beautiful voice sang, I angrily put the phone off in tears and ran towards my wardrobe, I searched through for my wedding gown and I slipped into it. sitting in front of my dressing mirror I cried, “Ambrose, I love you” I whispered letting the tears flow and dropping my head in my palms.

“Are you okay?” A familiar voice said and I starred at the mirror in front of me, I caught an image of Kay behind me.

“What are you doing here?” I thundered jumping out of my seat and clenching my hands under my dressing table firmly.

“Get out!” I fired looking in my mirror with blood shooted eyes

“Do your worse” He shocked me by slumping into my bed.
I turned around and look at him, I was soaked in my own tears and I could not bring my self to say a word. Anytime I try to, I end up hiccuping.

“There’s a message behind this wedding gown definitely but you still have to take it easy” He came towards me and pulled me into him.

“Easy, easy” He calmed me breathing into my hair.
he soon played a music from his phone “Far from you”. until I heard Haira’s voice, I was calm.

“Why is her song playing everywhere?” I pushed him violently and he struggled to maintain balance, his phone went crashing.

“I am sorry” I apologized when I saw the broken screen on his phone.

“She’s your sister right? You are a twin?” He asked making me sit on the edge of the bed.

“Yes” I nodded still sobbing.

“You hate her?” He asked and I gave her a scorn.

“She sings love, love. Does she know what it entails? She took love from me, she married my ex. look at me, Just look at my miserable life” I yelled getting out of bed and lifting my gown up slightly.
“This was suppose to be my wedding gown, I don’t know she hated me this much. I knew she was seeing him before the wedding plans, now they are married”

He dragged me into his warmth kissing my forehead.

“I am sorry, I discovered you are a twin few days back. That was how I started listening to her songs but I don’t know you despise her” He kissed my head and I hiccuped.

“I don’t despise her, she has what makes me happy. I just wish their marriage don’t go well, I miss him”

“Give me a chance, I would be like him” He whispered as he got my head on his chest.

“No one can take his place in my heart” I cried into his chest.
He withdrawal from me and went on his kneels, he dipped his hand in his back pocket and brought out a small box, flipping it open my eyes behold a beautiful sliver ring.

“I am poor
I have no gold
I have dried cheese
I have no wealth
But I do own a heart💖
Walk down this aisle with me💏
Let’s make our kids👧👨
If love is a crime,
what would you tell to me?
if I say marry me?”

Yet another song from Haira. he sang it in his kneeling position and I was perplexed.

“You don’t even know me, marry you?” I yelled.

“I don’t know everything 🎧
But I know love
let’s take this fountain 🎼
Love is no fraud”

He sang again, ohhh Haira has finally succeeded in producing some of the best love music of all times.




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