Sequence 30
A week later

Johannesburg, South Africa.

🌠Haira POV🌠

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed. I and my husband sat at the back seat of the cab. It was evening already and i am famished. We have seen the Soweto & Mandela museum, we visited Gold reef city and finally constitutional hill. I threw my head on his shoulder and he caress my body.

“H---y bull” I giggled and we kissed. He brought his hand under my gown and walked it up to my breast. I let out a slight moan as I felt his thumb on my left n----e.

“Ambrose, someone is here” I cautioned sneering at the driver.

“I won’t take it too far, we are couple remember?” He kissed my neck and down to my shoulder, I was dripping in between my legs. I shoot my eyes when I felt his hand between my thighs, that place got me putty in his hands. A finger soon slide into my womanly part, I moan and he kissed my neck.

“If I don’t stop now, we would do something crazy, we are close to the hotel. It can wait?” He whispered licking my face.

“Sure!” I said opening my eyes.
Throughout the drive, his hand didn’t let my thigh breath, I could vividly see his bulgy manhood from his dark pant. It turned me on more, I wonder if the driver wasn’t driving, it seems the car is crawling.

“Thank you” He paid the cab man and held my waist leading me to the restaurant.

“I would love to eat you first” I grinned taking a quick glance at his face.

“Uhmmm, done” He held me by the hand, taking our key from the receptionist, we walked briskly towards the stairs.

“Always hungry for me” He said as he shut the door behind us. I yank off my green gown, I went under the duvet in my undies and waited for him to get out of his suit too.
He joined me under the duvet, licking my neck down to my cleavage, Ambrose would tease the hell out of me especially when he knows I am wet for him.

“Do I have to beg for this?” I asked feeling upset, he wasn’t going down on me anytime soon with the way he kept kissing my ears and thigh.

“Maybe, Just keep mute and enjoy every bit of it” he said.

I kept calm, shut my eyes and allowed him do his thing. My panties slid off my kneels, he parted my legs and I felt something cold on my c------s. I moaned in ecstasy, by the time he entered me, I was d--n wet and would hit him if he took another minute before entering me.
I held his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his waist. He kept probing in and out of me, I lifted my hips a bit and moved accordingly.

I felt strange, I suddenly felt pressed and a gush of blood ran across me. I was scared to wee on the bed and in presence of Ambrose in such condition.

“Ambrose” I found myself screaming, I wanted to push him off but I couldn’t, the feeling got really intense and i felt totally different.

🌠Ambrose POV🌠

She screamed my name sexily, at first i wanted to withdrawal and ask her what the problem was but something told me I was hitting the right place, she has never called me this way during sex, I hit harder and she kept screaming.

“You just experienced it” I told her kissing her neck. I was outside her but still hard on. She just emptied her content and for the first time i made her ejaculate.

“Did I wee?” She asked innocently and I busted out laughing. She hit my back angrily “You are embarrassing me”

“Sorry, you just ejaculated, I would get you books” I said climbing on top of her to resume my unfinished job.

“I love you Ambrose” we laid under the duvet, she held my flaccid cork in her hand.

“You are bold now” I pulled the duvet above our heads, she flip it off and laid on top of me.

“Thank you, you made me smile again” She whispered scratching my chest.

“Did you get to see Donatus unclad?” I suddenly asked, we didn’t talk about her past since the only man in her past was Donatus.

“No” She responded.

“Is mine the first you are seeing?” I really don’t know why i would bring this up but i can’t help it, I am a jealous lover.

“Yes” She responded before rolling over to the other side.

“Get dressed, let go for dinner” I kissed her back before i got out of bed.

************** *************
Lagos, Nigeria.

🌠Hanna POV🌠

I gave Kay the car Amos bought me, I don’t need the car so I gave it to my boyfriend.

Kay is my new man, I think i like him now. for the few days I have known him, he was just too sweet. he made sure he check on me every night before retiring to his home.

Today, we went out together, I just got a new place I intend setting up to a salon standard. Kay has been supporting, he was the one who went in search of a suitable shop and location. He had taken me to see the spacious shop today and I have talked to few work men to help renovate it to my taste.

“So? Lunch tomorrow?” He asked parking in the compound.

“At least come in for a glass of water, you have been roaming the street with me” I told him getting down and heading for the sitting room.

“Who’s this one following you around, when did you even leave Amos that you are……..” My mom attacked immediately I got into the room, she was interrupted by the cracking of the door, Kay stepped in and greeted her.

“Baby, come with me” I told Kay and my mom’s eye widened.

“Ba-by” my mom murmured and I hissed.

“I would get you a glass of water” I made Kay sit comfortably on my bed, I was heading for the door when he pulled me back.

“Can i kiss you?” He asked like a child wanting a permission to suck from it mother’s nipples. Before I could answer, he took my lips in his and s----d them passionately.

We lost control, I found my self on the bed unclad and moaning, he took my boobs in his mouth and s----d them. I was lost in the world of fleshy desires.

He went down the bed and yank off his under pant before joining me in bed, he flung my legs open and I quickly protested.

“If you don’t want it, I wouldn’t force you” He whispered kissing my navel.

“I need time, the relationship is still very young” I pleaded holding his shoulder.

“Fine” he nodded getting down the bed and slipping into his wears.

“Would you take me for lunch tomorrow?” I asked biting my nails.

“If you want me to” he blew kisses and I dashed out of the house.

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