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Episode 9
Written by Ekhosuehi Testimony
“Where is the glue?” Mr. Chadwick asked, as he got to the seat.
“Oh… Sir, no glue.” She said, giving a fake smiling as she sat on it. She was afraid of being rusticated from school.
“You be careful.” Mr. Chadwick warned, walking back to the white board.
“I will, Sir.” Hannah assured.
The class of that day was interesting, they covered many areas of the syllabus. Hannah didn’t move an inch during the class. She smiled sheepishly at anything done or said. The bell rang, signifying the end of the lecture hour and time for recess. Students started going to the field to play football, while some to the canteen to please their stomach, moving either alone, in duo, or trio.

“Hey.” Vivian called as she saw John in the field. John turned back as he recognized her voice. She wore a black T-shirt with a black skinny jean, combined with a black all-star footwear with a white sole.
“Hi.” She greeted when she got to where he was standing.
“How are you?” John asked, smiling.
“I’m fine, thank God.” She said, as her facial expression changed.
“Do you know anybody who would want to harm me? I saw three razor blades in my bag.” She asked.
“No. Seems you’ve got an enemy. Don’t worry, they are jealous of your beauty.” He said, smiling as he puts his hands in his pocket.
“Don’t flatter me. I haven’t done anything to anyone.” She said as wore a worried look.
“Did you by any means call someone blind, or a clown?” John asked.
“Why would I?” Vivian returned the question.
“Maybe… someone bumped into you or something?
“No, no. Come on. Stop it!” She said, giving John a playful punch as they both laughed heavily.
“Seems were are getting along so well.” John said softly, looking at Vivian in the eye.
“Yeah, sure.” She also said, softly as they stared at each other, moving closer, but was interrupted by Vivian’s friend, Annabelle.
“Hey, Vivian. I’ve been looking to you.” Annabelle said as she drew closer.
“Hey, Anne. I came looking for John.” Vivian said to Anne, smiling.
“Oh… hi, I’m Annabelle.” Anne said as she stretched her hand for a hand shake.
“I’m John, John Monroe. Nice to meet you.” John introduced himself as they shook hands.
“The pleasure is ineffably mine.”
They got along so well, chatting and laughing together.

The rest school activities was uneventful, the school bell signifying the end of lecture hours for that day soon rang. Students started strolling out in pairs, holding their backpack.
Hannah was still in class sitting on the same position, glued to the seat. She struggled, trying to pull herself off the chair, she groaned clenching her teeth, but she couldn’t. She needed help. She dialed Lucy’s number, and it began to ring.
“Pick up, pick up. Come on.” She said, looking at her screen.
“Hello?” Lucy responded.
“Why are you? How could you leave me like this?”
“I’m outside. I thought you could handle yourself.”
“Come help me. I can’t get up.” Hannah said as she hung up, and began struggling.
“Oh, come on.” She struggled.
Lucy came in hurriedly, dropping her bag on one of the chairs.
“Hey. Let me help you.” Lucy said as she held the chair. “Now, get up” Lucy said, holding the chair. Hannah groaned, pulling herself up. She finally pulled herself up and they both paused when they heard a sound. What could it be? They looked at the chair, seeing part of Hannah’s dress on it, and looked back at each other.
What kinda glue did you use?” Lucy asked surprisingly.
“A triple X glue.” Hannah said nervously, looking at the chair and back at her dress. Her black underwear was clearly visible to the eyes, revealing the shape of her posterior.
“What are we gonna do?” Lucy asked.
“We come in and help you.” Some boys who were looking through the window said, and laughed as they record the scene with their mobile phones with naughty looks on their faces. Hannah knew the news will soon circulate. She couldn’t utter a word. It was as if she was struck dumb.
“Oh, no. I guess it’s dooms day for you.” Lucy managed to say.


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