Loving Miss beautiful episode 1

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Chapter 1~

….It was a Saturday at about 11am, I had gone to the supermarket to get some groceries when I saw this beautiful, elegant young lady.
She was an epitome of beauty, she was on a lovely blue t-shirt and a black trousers,couple with a pair of matching sneakers, I couldn’t help but admire God’s work, she was God’s perfect creation. I stood looking at her and it was obvious I was loving this beauty in front of me. Still lost in thoughts, I saw her walking towards my direction, or so I thought. She took her things to the cashier, I walked up to where she was and volunteered to pay.

She looked at me from head to toe and asked me not to bother that she could sought herself, but I refuse and pushed forward insisting I pay, again she declined my offer. Although I felt a little embarrassed but I have to let It be to avoid creating a scene. She paid for her things, and went out of the supermarket, I ran after her.

Hello, hello,hello I called As I ran to her, hello gorgeous I said, trying to shoot my shot, you look extremely Beautiful, by the way I am Cyril, but you can call me CY, it’s nice meeting you may I know you. So CY or whatever they call you ,you just stop people on the way and want to know them right, she said .no not really I think I like you,so if you don’t mind we could go somewhere and talk anywhere is ok by me.

Well Mr cy, thanks but no thanks. I am not interested , i have so many things doing at home I only rushed out to get these, so please maybe next time excuse me,she said and worked out on me. I stood and watched her get a taxi cab and zoomed off I couldn’t even get her name nor her phone number.

I went back into the supermarket but the thought of that lady was still in my mind. I bought my needed groceries and domestic stuffs and went back home.

Getting home I couldn’t get my mind and thoughts off the beautiful lady I meant at the supermarket, but there was no way I could reach her nor any means to get through to her…

An idea came to me I decided I will be visiting the supermarket every Saturday perhaps she could come by once again. I started going to that supermarket to get things and even when I don’t intend to get anything I still go there with the hope to see Miss Beautiful but unfortunately after 4 Saturdays and Miss Beautiful not showing up I was getting discouraged and I thought perhaps she wasn’t living in the area.

After sometime I had forgotten about Miss Beautiful and I moved on with my life. I was invited to a birthday party by Ben my friend,it was a Friday, and a colleague of his was The Host. I didn’t want to go but Ben talked me into it insisting it was Friday and there was no better way to spend the night than in a party, after much persuasion from Ben I decide to go with him. I had nothing planned for the night anyways, it is better I went out than been bored inside..

We arrived at the party at about 9:30 p.m. Ben was a party type he had join in the party already couple with the fact that you knew most persons there. I on the other hand wasn’t much of a party Guy also and i only knew few persons so I decided to sit in a place and enjoy the show from where I was, I am a better spectator then a performer.

There were many dancers I mean good dancers, I just admired them sipping my drink. soon I noticed a beautiful lady whose face keep flashing on my mind I have met this person I thought to myself but where, after much thinking I remembered it was the girl from the supermarket she was looking rather extremely gorgeous that night perhaps a little makeup here and there and done the magic.my God this lady is beautiful indeed,I took my glass of drink and walked up to where she was.

A beautiful evening gorgeous I greeted, hello she replied without showing much concern. I must say you look extremely beautiful and at long last we meet again,I said, she then turned to me trying to get my face perhaps, excuse me have we met before she asked me.yes darling we have,at EVERYTHING SUPERMARKET some months back,the guy who volunteered to sought your bills but you declined saying he wasn’t fit enough to,I told you my my is Cyril and that you can call me CY for short,,,ohhhhhh she smiled a little I can remember you now thank you, my face didn’t change did it,I asked playfully, Nice having you around the party, you know the celebrant I asked? well not really I’m a friend to his girlfriend. oh oh that’s great,I said, I was invited by a friend who happens to be the celebrants colleague. oh that’s nice she replied.so miss beautiful,I hope you wouldn’t mind giving me your phone number and telling me your name this time around please,I said, well Mr cy I don’t go about giving my numbers to every Tom D--k and Harry, oh come on Miss Beautiful please, and what’s with this miss beautiful she asked, well until you tell me your name I’ll call you that,I said, she laughed that means you’re going to be calling me that for a very long time cause I don’t give my name at, well not giving your name out wouldn’t be a problem I’ve already named you miss beautiful, just your phone number would do I said.you know you’re very corny right she asked,with a little smile but thankfully she gave me her number.

Soon the party was over and I offered to take her home, but she politely refuse my offer. we went home myself and Ben and I was happy to have been in the party and I couldn’t tank Ben enough…..


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