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My Best Decision
Episode 1

Best decision talks about the act of making up your mind about something or someone, which turns out to be the best. This folktale talks about two cute couples, who were so in love when they got married. When all of a sudden, everything changed, and hell was let loose on the lady, and that made her to take a decision about her life, and marriage, which happens to be the best decision ever. Relax as I take, you down the Memory Lane of two couples called, Lawrence, and Olivia. Lawrence and I met each other at the Maryland University, we loved each other so much that it became obvious to almost everyone in the campus. We love to flaunt each other, and for that reason, our school mate calls us the Maryland couple. At that period, another guy named Liam was also in love with me, but I never paid attention to him because I was so much in love with Lawrence. Isabel my best friend has always advised me to go out with Liam, but I refused, telling her, “I love Lawrence so much, and would want to spend the rest of my life with him”, I said, “Okay, but I still prefer Liam to Lawrence”, Isabel said to me. Isabel never stopped supporting me, and Lawrence.

Two years later, we were already in our finally year. One evening, Isabel called me, and told me that Lawrence was seriously sick, and had been rush to the school clinic for treatment. I was shocked, “But I spoke with him on phone three hours ago”, I said as tears fell off my eyes, “Fred just called me now”, Isabel said, “Okay”, I said, and ended the call.

Few minutes later, I arrived at the school clinic, and meet Isabel standing outside. “Isabel, take me to his ward”, I said, and she led the way. The moment I open the door, the next thing I heard was, “Surprise!congratulations!”, Fred shouted, I was shocked,”What! Why this, Where is Lawrence”, I wasn’t done talking when Lawrence walked out of the crowd, and went on his knees, “Miss Olivia, Will you marry me?”, he said. “Oh my goodness, my wish is finally here,”, I said to myself as I shouted, “Yes, Yes, Mist. Lawrence, I will marry you”, I said with a lot of joy, and gladness from my heart. Lawrence slips the ring into my finger, I was so happy “Atlast am getting married”, I said to myself as Lawrence kissed me on my lips.

Few months later, we graduated, Lawrence was employed in a broadcast television show, and I was lucky enough to open my own office as a counselor, where I counsel people. Few months later, we finally got married, I was so happy for the double achievement.

We began to live, and enjoy ourselves as a happy couple with alot of joy in our hearts. Lawrence would sometimes come to my office to pick me up, and most times, he waits for me until am done with all my clients. We were so cute, and loving together.

Two years after our marriage, I began to notice few things about Lawrence, but I didn’t bother because I felt there was no need to make big issues over nothing, since he still shows me love, and encourages my career. I was a counselor, and I counsel alot of people on Relationships, Love, marriage, and a happy home, how would I allow my home to go down.

One month later, Lawrence called, and told me he was traveling that day, his flight has already been booked for 3pm. “Alright, I will miss you”, I said, and ended the call. I was supposed to go to the supermarket to get some groceries, so, I quickly left my office, and went to the supermarket. I went to the supermarket, on my way back, I was supposed to follow the same road, I took when going to the supermarket but, the traffic was so much, so, I took another road.

As I drove closer to a hotel, I saw my husband with another lady, I was surprised. “That’s Lawrence, but he told me he was traveling, and his flight was scheduled for 3pm,” I said as I parked my car. “What is he doing in a hotel with another lady at this time”, I said to myself. I wanted to be sure of what I saw, so, I took my phone, and dialed his contact, it started ringing, I watched from a distance as he took his phone from his pocket, and answered the call. “Hello baby”, I said, “Honey, sorry I didn’t call, I just landed”, he said, “Okay, I went to the supermarket to get some groceries, so, I decided to call you because I missed you”, I said, “I missed you too,” he said, “So, When are you coming back?”, I asked, “In two, days time”, he said. My heart was broken, “so, he will be spending days with this lady, and I will be at home alone, what a shame”, I said to myself. “Okay, I love you”, I said, “I love you too”, he said, and ended the call. I was tempted to go confront my husband, but I had to control myself, and handle things in a matured way, so, I drove away, and went home.

That night, when I arrived home, I broke down in tears, I never thought or dreamt Lawrence would ever do something like that to me “why?”, I asked myself couple of times, until I slept off.

The next day, I woke up, like nothing ever happened. I prepared myself for work, and was about having breakfast when Lawrence call came in. “Hello honey”, he said, “Good morning love, how are you?”, I said, “Am fine, hope you slept well?”, he asked, “How would I, I was lonely, and I miss you”, I said, “I miss you too”, he said, “Am having breakfast now, I will call you later”, I said and ended the call. I quickly took my breakfast, and left for work.

When I arrived at my office, there was a client waiting for me. I took her to my office, she explained everything to me. “This lady’s problem is similar to mine, although she wasn’t married, but was already engaged”, I said to myself. “Okay, I will give you few tips on how to make your relationship come alive again”, I said to her. I was telling her few things on how to make her relationship alive again when I heard her say, “Mrs. Lawrence, I want to be like you”, the young lady said, “Like me?”, I asked pointing to myself, “Yes, the lady who gave me your card told me how beautiful your dating life was, and how faithful your husband is to you”, she said, “If only you knew, I can’t let Lawrence tanish my image”, I thought to myself, then I took a deep sigh, “Don’t worry, you will be just like me, now let’s finish this section”, i said to her, then we continue.

The next day, Lawrence arrived home, I was happy to see him but was angry at the same time. We greeted each other, then I took him to the dinning. Soon we started eating. “How was your flight?”, I asked, “Fine”, he said, “So what did you travel for?”, I asked, “Business as usual”, he said, “Are you sure?”, I asked, “Yes”, he said with fear in his tone. I could see through him that he was already nervous. “Baby, you know I love you,” I said, “Yes, and I love you too”, he replied, “So tell me, what were you doing at the Dreamland hostel the day you told me you were travelling?”, I said with anger in my voice. Lawrence was shocked, “Dreamland hotel?” he asked……………….

Written by Esther alex
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