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Episode 1️⃣✍️…..


(she’s psycho? & troublesome ?)

Collaboration story ?


“Go to hell” The maid said and beat me on my chest.

I stared at her amazed.
She doesn’t know who I am.
Like, she doesn’t know I can fire her right now?

She’s a new maid and she’s acting stubborn already.

“Come again?” I asked her.

She scoffed. “I said go to hell”

I chuckled.

It’s time I teach her a lesson.

I carried her up and took her to my bed while she struggled. I undressed her while covering her lips.

I was h---y anyway, thank God she looked for my trouble at the right time.

She’s so sexy and pretty.
She’s going to be great down there too.

Am Steve, 24 years old. My dad is the wealthiest business tycoon in the states so I inherit everything.

I admit am a sex freak and kinda spoilt but what do I know?
Dad spoiled me cause am his heir.

She continued screaming and begging me to stop but I was persistent.

I was able to penetrate her and she starts to cry.
I was kind of surprised to figure out she’s virgin.


The pain was much.

After he was done, I slept off shedding tears in my sleep.

Two weeks later….

That moment when you have no choice but to obey your parents.

You’re trapped and helpless.

“Everything have been settled Steve dear. All you have to do is go and buy a ring of your choice” mom said smiling.

I cussed under my breath.

Turns out the maid actually got pregnant and now mom’s making me marry her.

I have to.

Am forced to marry her.

But am sure of one thing, after the baby comes, am going to divorce that hot headed maid.

And marrying her doesn’t cage me at all.

I can still f**k any girl I want.

I left the house angrily.

I’m going to make sure I ruin Tessy’s life.

She’s going to leave me on her own wish after I have finished dealing with her.

❄❄❄After the wedding❄❄❄
Wedding Night ❄❄❄


I stayed on my bed rubbing my tummy.

Very soon someone will be calling me ‘mom’

I sighed.
But am just 22 years old.

When Steve’s mom found out I was pregnant, I begged her to overlook it but she refused.

She said am perfect for his son.

But his son ain’t perfect for me, where is that sonofabitch anyway?

He walked in.
Thinking of the devil ?

He came to me and joined me on the bed.
He starts to rub my thighs.

I removed his hands.

“Come on Tessy, let’s do it” he said.

“Do what?”I asked pretending to be dumb.

“You know what I mean. I need to screw right now” he said.

I smiled.

“Okay. I’ll just go wear my thongs…” I said smirking

I left the bed and walked out of the room. I headed for his room and went in.

I locked the door and stayed on the bed.

He’ll never have me.
Not again.
Maybe he should consider doing it alone?

He knocked but I refused to open up. He left after a while.

❄❄❄Next day ❄❄❄

I woke up and left Steve’s room for mine.

I start to hear loud moans and groans.

I ran downstairs to meet Steve and a lady f**king in the living room.

He just crossed the line ???

Game on.

Two can play this game.



luckily, The idiot hasn’t noticed my presence since he was busy drilling the lady.

I ran back to my room and took my phone. I returned to the living room and hid by the wall.

I turned on the recorder and started to video them.

He has the guts to bring a s--t to our matrimonial home.

He’s going to pay for this.

They were done and began panting.
Steve pulled up his pants and took his wallet. He gave the biatch alot of cash and she fixed her clothes before leaving.

“Enjoyed the show?” Steve asked and I knew he was referring to me.

I came out of my hiding place.

“No, I should be asking you. Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked.

He chuckled.

“She’s the best. I can choose her hole over and over again. She’s great more than your tight boring hole”
He replied smirking.

geez, he’s words hit me.

How can he insult me like that?

“It’s tight but pure. I know you’ll never admit I was golden down there…. You’d rather brag about a w---e whose hole is as wide and ungodly like the dirty streets of New York. I can sense you already have AIDS so don’t even dream of touching me again”
I said, turned and stylishly went upstairs.

I heard him scoff from behind.

After having a shower, I came downstairs to have breakfast.

All that f**king made me hungry.

The girl I screwed with is Vanessa. My sexy PA. She always knows how good I want it.

She’s always at my beck and call.

So if Tessy denies me s3x, I’ll just call Vanessa.

I got to the kitchen.
Our maids are still at the big Mansion.

Mom said Tessy and I will have to do everything on our own for the next two weeks.

The pregnant pepper (Tessy) was sitting on the kitchen table eating chips.

Is she even allowed to eat that?
Anyway, I really don’t care.

I walked straight to the fridge to check what’s available and edible. There’s no way am asking Tessy to cook for me.

I still want to live to spend money and f**k all kinds of girls.

I took two eggs.
I plan on making tea and then have it with toast and omelette.

“Steve, give me a bottle of yoghurt from the fridge” Tessy said pouting.

Wait a sec…
I looked behind me. She’s actually talking to me.
Does she think she can just order me around!!??

“Am waiting” she chipped snapping her fingers.

“Are you seriously talking to me?” I asked.

She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“I said help me get a yoghurt from there” she repeated.

“No, I won’t” I said and shut the fridge taking my eggs with me to the gas cooker.

“You might want to change your mind…” She said like she was singing.

I turned to look at her. She was holding her phone up for me to see.

She tapped on it and a clip of me and Venessa making out started to play! ??

“If you don’t do what I tell you to do, your mom will be the next person watching this” she says.

I scoffed.
“I’ll tell mom you edited it. I’ll tell her it’s a fake” I said.

She sighed.

“Okay, have it your way” she said and tried to send it.

Who am I kidding??
Mom will know Its true.

She just loves and trusts Tessy much!

“Okay stop!!!
“What… What did you want? Yoghurt right?” I stuttered running to the fridge.

She laughed and dropped her phone.

“No, I don’t want yoghurt again. I want us to go to the mall with your credit card and you’ll let me buy whatever I want!

“After that, you’ll carry me around the parking lot before we enter the car and go to the amusement park!” She said happily.

seriously?? ?????


my breakfast was totally ruined with what Tessy just did. Blackmailing me like that…

I went to my room and brought out my briefcase. It contained all my credit cards. I took one and left the room.

Tessy was waiting at the living room.

“Steve, let’s go now so we can go to the amusement park before it gets crowded” she whined like a baby.

I rolled my eyes and we left the house.

We got to the mall and I ‘opened’ the door for her which is something I don’t usually do.
Just to please the pregnant pepper.

I walked some distance away from her As we entered the mall.

“Okay, what do you want?” I asked and she squealed like a baby.

“Let’s buy shoes first” she said going to the clothing section.
I followed her like a sheep cause I hardly go to the mall. I don’t know a thing about this place, it’s the
maids that run errands for me.

She starts to grab jeans and leggings which I assume are going to be very tight on her.

Is she taking them to make me mad or what? ?

“How can you wear those when you’re pregnant? Won’t it…affect the baby somehow??”
I stuttered trying not to sound like I care.

“Then help me select better ones that wont hurt our baby. ” she air quoted.

I grabbed the trousers she was holding and threw them to the floor.

“Try something like this” I said taking a big jean from the hanger.

She gasped.

“Do you hate me this much? How do you expect me to where something so big?, it won’t even hold on your mom’s waist” she stated angrily.


I took the jean and held her by her shoulder.

“C’mon, let’s go and try it” I said.

“Try what? It looks like you don’t want me to get noticed by guys around. You want to hide my beauty” she said tapping my forehead as she spoke.

Drama queen

“You want me to be stuck with you” she said and scoffed.

“You’re not even the last person I would care about on earth. I was just concerned for my baby. I am the one that created him, right? But if you want to wear rags and explosive clothes, sooth yourself.” I said and let go of her.

I dropped the trouser on the floor while she picked the ones I got rid off. She even took a dozen crop tops and mini skirts…she’s driving me crazy!

I saw a busty cheek nearby picking clothes. Just her backside can make a man bow…

I approached her and she gasped on seeing someone like me in person..
I became a celebrity cause am a hottie. Very cute and s*xy guy.

Tessy should know she’s lucky to have a baby with me. She should be lucky I gave her a VIP time while we made out and now she’s my wife.
She’s really lucky.

The girl smirked.

“Do you need help with that?” I asked her and she blushed and nodded.

I helped her take a shirt from a table next to her and give it to her.

I’ll just play with her till pregnant pepper is done shopping.

I came out with all the clothes I had and got quite a shock. Steve with a busty lady…. What does he think of me?

And here I thought he was setting things right between us.

I smiled as an idea came to mind…
I left the scene and looked for somewhere to hide.
If he have never been so worried in his life, he would now..

I stopped my conversation with the cute girl the moment I noticed Tessy was taking so long.

I went to the back of the clothe collection where she should be but she wasn’t there.

I chuckled.

Tessy, missing??!

My mom would kill me…

Was she kidnapped?
I rushed to the counter to let them know am looking for my pregnant pepper, scratch that, pregnant wife.

They all set out to look for her.

Oh my God Tessy, where are you?

For the first time in my life,
I actually care to know where someone was

We looked for Tessy for like 3 hours and am already going insane.
My hair is a mess
My Gucci top was already sweaty.

How do I tell mom?
She got lost at the mall?
She’ll tell me I wasn’t watching my wife. I wasn’t paying attention to her.

I looked behind me to see Pregnant pepper walking to me. She even have the guts to catwalk!!

She pouted her lips.
“Am done taking what I want, let’s go and pay” she said with the most innocent face.

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