my lying husband episode 10

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My lying husband


*Part 10*
Adaora is Blessing’s friend and we hardly flow but we exchange greetings anytime we meet. She
called on Blessing to inform her she saw Gbenga and she will like to show where she saw
him. When Blessing told me about it, I was so curious and anxious to know where Gbenga was
found. She promised to take us there by Saturday when she will be less busy but God knows I
can’t wait till Saturday before I set my eyes on Gbenga. I begged Adaora to take us there the
next day. She reluctantly agreed to take us there the next day. I was happy but over anxious
ought to be the right term to describe my mood at the moment. I want to hear what he will tell
We chartered a taxi to take the three of us as we set out in search of Gbenga. While we were in
the taxi, many thoughts ran through my mind. Why would my caring Gbenga abandon me after
impregnating me?Why will he be in this Lagos and never come back to see me? What did I do
wrong?But he was happy when I told him about the pregnancy, what went wrong?I began to
think if I did anything wrong to him but I didn’t find any. I was absent minded, I didn’t follow
anything Adaora and Blessing were discussing. All I wanted was to see Gbenga face to face.
The journey from Akoka where we took off from to Ikoyi was to me like a journey for one
traveling from Maiduguri to Lagos. My heart was really heavy as we moved closer to Ikoyi. At a
point, I didn’t know what to think about, hence I left my mind blank.
We got to Ikoyi and Adaora and Blessing dropped from the taxi.I didn’t know we have arrived
where we were going because I was absent minded all through the journey. Prisca, this is
where we are coming, Blessing collected my bag and helped me out of the car. Blessing paid
the fare and we headed towards a carwash centre. It is a big carwash and from the caliber of
people who comes there to wash their car, you could see flashy and expensive cars all around.
We met the owner of the place. Mr. Lekan, good afternoon sir, my name is Adaora. These are my
friends, Blessing and Prisca, she introduced us. How may I help you young ladies?While Adaora
was trying to open her mouth, you can’t believe who came out from the carwash. It was Gbenga
with two empty buckets, with towels inside the buckets and a big sachet of detergent.
When I saw Gbenga coming out, I almost collapsed. I screamed his name, Gbenga!No one was
shocked because his real name was not Gbenga.I went straight for his T-shirt. So this is Dallet
multinational company owned by Germans?Gbenga is one of the carwasher in Mr. Lekan’s car
washcentre. He was reallya shamed of himself. People came around and pleaded with me to
leave his clothe alone. Mr. Lekan held his peace watching the whole drama. All the time
Gbenga’s head was buried in shame.
Mr. Lekan asked me what happened and right in the presence of everyone I narrated my story
with Gbenga to them. His real name is actually Bayo. As I talked, everyone was sighing intermittently. Hmmmmm! hmmmmm!!hmmmm!!! Gbenga got me, used my poverty against
me. He took advantage of me because I was desperate to get out of poverty. My case looked
like from frying pan to fire. I ran from poverty, but poverty ran to meet.

Follow me to part eleven to know more about who Gbenga is…..

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