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My lying husband

My husband kept lying to everyone that cares to listen to his lies. The day he forgot his phone at home was when I knew my husband still keeps girl friends outside. He has been deceiving many
innocent girls with his calculated lies. I went through his chats and I was shocked. That my
husband could even rent a house for a girl while we are feeding from hand to mouth. Except the
clothes I bought for our baby, Gbenga had never bought him one single cloth, yet he could rent
a house worth N130,000 for his girl friend.I was mad at him and was going to fight him dirty
when he returns from work. When he realised he forgot his phone, he rushed back home. Where
is my phone?Where is myphone?he was screaming everywhere in the house but I pretended I
was sleeping. He came into the room and ransacked everywhere but couldn’t find his phone. As
he was about rushing back to the sitting room, I coughed and asked faintly,”who is Jenny?”He
was shocked, he paused for a while and went back to the sitting room to continue to search for
his phone.
Your phone is with me but you must tell me who is Jenny you rented an apartment for at the
cost of N130,000. His face changed, “give me my phone before I get angry”, he threatened. I
stood up from the bed and grabbed him. “Gbenga, get angry and do your worse. You are
cheating on me and you are talking about getting angry, you liar and cheat. “before I could finish
pronouncing cheat he landed a hot slap on my face, I staggered and headed towards the sitting room when he gave me a hotter one. this time I was already down and the ceilings were rotating in my eyes. I guess my scream invited the neighbours. Mama Jemila poured me a bowl
of water and immediately I regained my consciousness but Gbenga was already gone.
After he left, I called Jenny and Shade and introduced my self as his wife. Leave my husband
alone you b---h, cheap prostitute and husband snatcher, I chorused on the phone in both the two
calls. Jenny was calmer but Shade was rough with me,she called back and insulted hell out of
me and threatened to beat me up if I dear call her names again.
The call I made that morning landed my husband in the prison. Jenny is the daughter of General
Benjamin Abichi. My husband had been dating her for almost three years. He had promised her
marriage and had collected so much money from her. Two of the cars he brought to my place
belongs to Jenny’s father. Jenny was behind all the fine dresses he was wearing when he visited
me while I was in school. Gbenga was arrested and locked up for days without trial.
His case was later taken to court and he was sentenced to four years imprisonment for many offenses. As I am writing this right now, my husband is in prison and still has two years to
serve. My advice for young ladies out are;

1.)Don’t be carried away with infatuation before knowing who you are going out with.

2.)There are still many guys like Gbenga out there,shine your eyes before you fall victim like I

3.)When you want to marry,look at the content, don’t look at the container.

4.)And for those who are already married, how much do you know your spouse?

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