My lying husband episode 9

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My lying husband


Aunty Seyi fulfilled her promises. I came back from school on Saturday and my things were
already waiting for me outside the flat. She had thrown my loads outside the house. Neighbours
gathered to beg her but she refused. I had no place to go except Blessing’s place. Blessing
stays in a one room apartment around Iwaya, a locality close to the university. I called Blessing,
“She has thrown out my things and now I have nowhere to go”. “Get a taxi and bring your things to my place”, she replied. Blessing is such a nice person and I owe her loyalty all the rest of my
life. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”
I moved in with Blessing in her one room apartment where she’s managing her life. Her only source of income is her uncle and Sam. Sam was blessings fiancé. My life was miserable but
Blessing never left me alone. That month, my pregnancy was four months old and I couldn’t
send anything home because my source of income had been taken away. I managed to explain to my parents to understand with me as things are not well with me here in Lagos. Their
monthly allowance which I usually send to them never failed but for this month. Another month
climbed and I couldn’t send them their allowance. My mum was worried but I didn’t tell her the
details of my challenge. Mama is hypertensive and telling her is to create more problem for the
family. But how long will I hide my pregnancy from my mum?
I went to Yaba market one day and I saw my mum’s friend. Mrs Benedicta is the chairperson of
the women group back then in Benin. If I saw her first I would have dodge her but she saw me first. We greeted and she congratulated me and asked me about my husband. I responded like I
was married. She came to Lagos to buy some of her goods. Mrs. Benedicta will surely tell my
mum she saw me in Lagos. There was no news of my wedding and the look on her face showed
that she will challenge my mum for not telling her about my marital status the moment she gets
to Benin.
Four days later my mum called me. “Prisca,so you are pregnant and you didn’t tell me? Why will
you hide such a thing away from your own mother?Prisca what is happening to you?”, She
asked. I couldn’t answer her but wept. What I promised them when I left home was to liberate
the family from poverty and not a shameful pregnancy like this. I apologised to my mum for
disappointing her and the family.”Who is responsible for your pregnancy?”,She asked in disappointment.”What does he do for a living?Has he accepted responsibility? Where is he
from?” “His name is Gbenga. He is from Ogun state and he works with a German company here
in Lagos”, I replied.”Have you known his people?” “Not yet mum,but he planned to take me to
them soon.” “I will like to speak with him”,she requested. “Okay mum,I will call you anytime we
are together so you can speak with him.”We ended the call but my heart began to pants
like someone who was caught in the act of stealing. I know I am in for a big trouble. Gbenga is nowhere to be found and mama wants to speak with
him. How long will I be able to cover up these lies?I was really disappointed at myself. Only
Blessing stood by me.Our pastor didn’t bother to talk to aunty Seyi as he promised neither did
he follow up after she sent me parking. This is the disadvantage of a large congregation. Pastor
hardly know up to60% of his members and it will be difficult to notice my absence in church.
Good morning everyone!

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