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Written by: King Mufasa?

Violet’s POV:

It was a promising Saturday morning. The sun hadn’t yet risen which
made it more condusive enough for some early morning jogging. I jogged
passed the main market, listening to my favorite music of the year booming
from my earpiece.

“…yeah you don burst my eye glass…you don scatter my plan…” I
sang, nodding in tune to the music.
It was and I’ve been jogging for the past one hour away from
home. This was my weekend routine every Saturdays. I usually do this alone
but sometimes I would be joined by a bunch of early joggers and sometimes
my best friend.
Liz sneaked up behind me and covered my eyes. Surprised and a little
spooked, I stopped moving and groped for her face. ” Okay now, who is
She giggled.
” Hmm… Liz is that you?”
” Nope,” she laughed.
” Oh come on,” I removed her hands from my eyes and turned to her. Liz
adjusted her spectacles and smiled at me.
” Good morning, Violet.”
” Morning, Liz,” I replied and we jogged on together.
Liz was my best friend since junior high school. We were in the same
school, the same class and the same neighborhood.
Liz wasn’t what you might call pretty. She was freckle faced with
large shadowy eyes and a wide mouth that had never tasted a lipstick. Her
skin was pale without life and her figure were as sexless as an octopus.
The boys at school always made fun of her because of her unattractiveness
and her flat chest. This was why she never got a boyfriend and neither do
I. But unlike Liz, I had a nice shape. Boys woo me lots of times but I
always turned them down. One, I wasn’t interested and two, I did it because
of Liz. I felt if I started dating, she’d be left all alone.
” Hey, did you hear?” Liz called out to me over the earpiece in my
” Hear what?” I asked.
” We’re getting a new transfer teacher on Monday.”
I was surprised. ” We are?”
Liz nodded. ” I heard it’s because Mrs. Agu got fired. She was being
accused of having an affair with principal Moore’s husband.”
This was incredible news. An affair with the principal’s husband?
That’s the most juicy gossip I’ve ever heard in years.
” So who is this new teacher?” I asked, pausing to catch my breath.
Liz stopped as well and bent to tie her lacers. ” Some girls said he
was from Lagos State. Others mentioned he teached at Abuja. I really don’t
know anything about him.”

This sounds interesting. A new teacher at GreenFord high school would
make a thrill amongst the students though it wouldn’t if he was old.
Majority of GreenFord teachers were older and very boring. It would make a
remarkable change if we had a younger teacher.
” I’m sure he’s gonna be a married man,” Liz added. ” It always has
I shrugged. ” Well, yeah but you never know what might turn up
After jogging, we returned back home. Mom was watering the flowers
at the backyard when I came in after escorting Liz home.
” Morning mom,” I waved at mom.
She waved back. ” Morning, dear. I got some amazing news for you.”
I bent low and smelled a rose flower. Mom was the best florist in
town. No one could beat her. ” What news, mom?”
” Remember your childhood friend Adam?”
I screwed my face as the name brought out a hazy memory of him. ”
Yeah, haven’t seen him since I graduated out of primary school. Any news
about him?”
Mom laughed. ” Well, sure. He’s coming back to start life in town. I
heard he secured a job here.”
” Wow,” I said, showing little or no enthusiasm. ” That’s good to
Mom stared at me. ” What? I thought you would be excited.”
Without giving her another glance I rised to my feet and turn to head
for my room.

” I’ll be in my room,” I excused myself and left.
Mom stared after me as I left and she raised an eyebrow.
I wasn’t excited about Adam’s return. As a matter of fact, I was still
mad at him for leaving me all of a sudden without saying a goodbye. He
didn’t even came for my graduation as he promised he would.
Yeah, what a friend.
I had stayed up all night with him, practicing my vote of thanks for my
graduation from primary school. I noticed he was uneasy about something but
he wouldn’t tell me. Instead he helped me with my presentation, promised me
he’d be at the graduation and all of a sudden, disappeared the next day.
I later learnt he left with his parents to study abroad. It was my
first heartbreak even though we weren’t dating. At that time, Adams was
eighteen years old while I was just twelve. Thinking about it now, last
week, I turned seventeen which means Adams would probably be in his early

Falling on my bed, I wondered if I would be happy to see him again. I
doubt it. On my bedside table was an old picture of Adams and I in an
amusement park. I stared at the skinny eighteen years old boy in that
picture. By now he would be a full grown young man.
Did I missed him? Hell, yeah I do. Do I want to see him again? No!


Monday class after assembly was always the most boring. First we have
Maths, my worst subject followed by chemistry and the other annoying
subjects rolling in until it drives one nuts.

I had arrived late for assembly and after receiving five strokes for
late coming, I was also punished to clean the staffroom after school.
The day just didn’t start up well for me. It could get worse.
I walked into my noisy class, SS.3c. Boys were talking about last night
match at the top of their voice. I rolled my eyes. All these guys ever
cared about were arguing about who’s the best between Leonel Messi and C.
Ronaldo. It’s no wonder we got the dumbest boys in school.
Liz waved at me from our seats which stood by the window.
With a big smile on my face which were always fake, I walked passed the
boys to my seatmate, Liz.
” Morning, Violet,” she greeted. ” How was your night?”
I sat comfortably on my chair and brought out my maths note. ” It was
boring. I had to stay up all night doing my physics assignment.”
Liz adjusted her spectacles. ” Are you done with it yet?”
I shooked my head. ” Not yet.”
” Here, have mine and copy it quickly,” she offered her own physics
assignment note. Liz was the nerd of the class. She never fails a single
subject in school. Her only struggle in school were maths. Well, almost
everyone in school were struggling with maths. That wasn’t our fault. Mrs.
Agu was soo bad at teaching. We were thankful she was fired. Like
seriously, I’ve never seen any teacher who taught soo awfully and was as
lazy as a slug.

Deep within me, I hoped the new maths teacher would be best at his
job. If there was anything I was scared of was getting an F in maths in my
WAEC result.
” Everyone, quiet down,” someone rushed in with urgency in his voice.
” Principal Moore is heading to our class.”
The whole class scrambled to their seats and shut their mouth. It was
amazing how silent the classroom suddenly became just like a graveyard.

Principal Moore walked in first. Someone waited outside the classroom
in the shadows. We bet that must be the new teacher.
Principal Moore stood before us and studied us with beady eyes.
Principal Moore was a tall strong willed woman in her late forties. She
had a mass of dark hair held in a bun, bushy eyebrows and a small mouth.
She was always seen wearing a suit every Mondays and Fridays.
Married? Yeah, to a lousy dirty cheat of a husband. Had kids? She’s a
mother of two adorable kids. Too bad her husband was a cheap cheat. She had
been appointed to serve as a principal in this amazing school since my
” Morning, students,” she spoke.
” Good morning, principal Moore,” we said in unison.
” I’m not going to waste your time so I’ll go straight to the point.
As you all know, Mrs. Agu would not be teaching in this school anymore for
reasons known to we the school management.”
Everyone rolled their eyes. We already know the reasons so there’s no
point hiding it.
She continued. ” In that order, we employed three new maths teacher.
The man outside would be taking your class as well as the JSS.3 class. His
partner would take the JSS.1 and JSS2 class. The last teacher would take
the SS.1 and SS.2 class.”
This brought out confusion in everyone. Three maths teachers? We were
expecting one maths teacher not three. That’s why I don’t trust news that
spills out of my classmates.
” Now, I’ll like to introduce to you, your new maths teacher,” she
announced and the young man outside stepped into the light.
The class leaned forward and opened their mouths at the man they saw
before their eyes. I stared at him, knowing I was seeing the most hottest
teacher I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

He had beautiful eyes which were dark brown and spotless. He had a
Roman nose with a bridge on it that ran down to his sexy full red lips. I
stared at those lips, feeling a craving to s--k on them. Then there was his
perfectly combed hair that he styled with gel to give it that matured
handsome look that completed his facial features.
And his beard
Gosh he rocked the five o’clock shadow beard on his jaws.
But the hottest part of him was his body. He had broad wide shoulders
and beefy strong arms. His chest strained hard against his black starched
long sleeve as if trying to break loose and his jeans glued tightly to his
muscular legs to give him that amazing looks of a body builder. You can
tell he works out a lot in the gym.
He’s got bronze olive skin, a height of 5’11” and a charming presence
that made every soul to gape like a fool at him. Well everyone except
principal Moore.

She frowned and turned to him. ” I will leave you to be with your
students. If you need any help I will always be at my office.”
” Thank you,” he nodded to her. His voice was husky and friendly or a
lot more intoxicating.
When she left, he walked to the board and wrote his name on the
board. When he turned to face us, I read his name.
My eyes grew wide. ” Eh?”
” Good morning class, my name is Adam Edwards. I will be your new
maths teacher,” he said, showing off snow white perfect teeth.
My eyes tore out of their sockets as I yelled in my mind. ”


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