my maths teacher episode 2

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Katelyn’s POV:

It was after recess he came into my class, JSS.3. I was writing on my
diary when I heard these strong footsteps down the hallway.
My classmates were already settled in their seats as they waited for
our new Maths teacher. I closed my diary immediately and slipped it into my
bag, bringing out my maths textbook and notes.
Then he entered the class.
The moment I raised my head up from my book, I received an electrifying
jolt. The type you get when you touch a naked wire.
He was soo gorgeous; Beautiful dark brown eyes, stylishly combed hair
and powerful arms. You can tell he works out a lot judging from the way his
black shirt hugged his body in the right proportions.
” Good morning class,” he spoke.
” Good morning sir,” the class echoed. I didn’t join them. I was
staring at him, too distracted by his dashing smile. I noted his voice; it
had an American accent clinched to it. His voice flowed with an unhurried,
compelling sound that melted me inside.
” My name is Adam Edward. I’m going to be your new maths teacher,” he
said, scanning the faces of everyone in class. ” My colleagues will take
the other classes. From now henceforth until further notice, I will handle
your class, JSS.3 and SS.3.”
This was a new development to everyone which caused us to become
He walked to the nearest student desk and sat on it. ” How about we
start with introduction. I’m not going to rush things today so we’ll take
the rest of the period in getting to know one another remarkably. How does
that sound?”
The class relaxed and smiled with excitement. He was such a cool
friendly person.
” You there,” he pointed at a girl at the back seats. ” Can you tell
me more about yourself?”
The girl stood up blushing Scarlet. She tried to avoid looking him in
the eyes but her efforts failed as he smiled all the more, not letting his
eyes off her face one bit.
” My name is Faith, I’m….thirteen years old….I live here in town
with my parents…and I…oh my gosh…” She wasn’t able to complete the
rest because she was shy to. Turning her face away, she sat down with her
head on her desk, her head a swollen pink.
The boys laughed hard, amused by her attitude towards the new teacher.
Adam didn’t look annoyed. Instead he smiled more. ” Alright guys,
quiet down. Who’s next?”

A boy stood up then a girl and so it went with everyone introducing
themselves to him until finally it came to my turn.
If someone hadn’t tapped me from behind, I wouldn’t have known I was
being asked to introduce myself. I must’ve been ogling at him for soo long
I was immediately lost into another different world.
Rising up from my seat with a heart pumping faster than usual, I tried
to speak. I noticed he was staring at me with a strange look on his face.
I know that look. It’s the same look most men have whenever they
looked at me.
Now unlike most fourteen years old girls in school, I had the biggest
boobs. Even some of the seniors can’t boast of having large boobs compared
to mine. Somehow I felt I was growing very fast. The boobs came
unexpectedly when I turned thirteen. Call them prematured if you like but
they were nice big boobs.
Because of this, I was given a nickname which stuck with me since the
first day I began schooling here in GreenFord high school. I was called ”
A senior once joked behind my back that if someone was to cut my
boobs into ten pieces then she’d be able to get her size.
” My name is Katelyn,” I didn’t tell him my age. ” I live in town.”
Simple and brief.
He nodded his head. He seemed to be a little distracted by my boobs
but he fought it off and became focused again.
” Alright,” he stood up to his feet. ” Let’s begin today’s lesson.”
I sat down on my seat, my eyes still locked at his face. Lesson went
well and it was the most amazing teaching we ever had in years. He taught
slowly and carefully to enable us to follow him through. And whenever we
failed a question, he’d have the entire class applaud for us and then
encourage us to do our best next time.
I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was soo dashing, soo awesome,
soo nice and soo sexy. At some point, his eyes jam into mine and I’ll feel
my blood racing and butterfly tingles in my stomach. He was soo
irresistible. I wondered if he’s got a girlfriend.
Moreover, I wonder if he’ll date me.


Violet’s POV:

As the school bell ranged for dismissal, I grabbed my bags and packed
my books into it. Walking down the hallway with Liz, I began reflecting on
the marvelous maths lesson we received today.
I’ll have to admit. It was the best maths class we’ve ever had but it
was hard concentrating when you have a sexy hot teacher staring at you from
time to time.
The news of the three new maths teachers had spread like wild fire
amongst the students. The school had employed three men. A potbellied fatso
who looks like a giant mash mellow, A tall skinny middle aged man who looks
like drumsticks that needed replacement and then there was Adam. These
three men were all intelligent maths teachers but Adam was the best of the
best. Was that all there was to him? Nope. He was kind, he never yelled at
us and he always encourages us with this heart melting smile of his.
The SS.3 guys already liked him for his American accent and brotherly
attitude. The girls just day dreams about having him in their bed. No lie,
that’s what they were discussing during recess after he left our class.
Whenever he’s not around, he was all they talked about. It nearly drove me

Adam only handles the SS.3 class and the JSS.3 classes which caused
the other classes in GreenFord high to moan with grief.
What about me?
Well, I still can’t believe Adam was back and with a new
transformation? That was the most shocking thing about him. From when I
knew him back when I was a kid, Adam was skinny and lanky. He hates doing
labourous house chores and when he was given a job, he sucks badly at doing
them perfectly. The new Adam was a great shocker to me. Believe me. I still
had my doubts though. The only thing getting my doubts off my shoulders was
his name, Adam Edward. There was only one Adam Edward I knew since
childhood and that Adam Edward was Adam Edward.
Weird right?
Still, I refused to tell him my real name while we were introducing
ourselves. I was more surprised he didn’t even recognized me or so I
thought. The class were too distracted by his presence to care if I lied
about my age, my name and where I lived. If this hulk of a guy really is
Adam then whenever he wants to see me at my house, he will have to find me
there. I don’t want the whole girls in school gripping my shirt to ask how
long I’ve known him.
And yes, I was still mad at him for abandoning me six years ago to
study abroad. I want revenge. I want to bite those red lips of Adams and
chew on them….sorry, that’s not what I meant. How embarrassing. Snap out
of it, Violet. Stop thinking about his goddamn lips.
” Violet?” Liz woke me up from my thoughts. ” You’re taking to
yourself, again.”
Was I? D--n. I had to work on that bad habit of mine. ” Sorry, I was
thinking about something.”
” The new Maths teacher, Mr Adams?”
I rolled my eyes. ” That’s not what I was thinking about, stupid. My
mother wants me to deliver some flowers and I also have to make dinner for
tonight. I got a lot on my mind.”
” Maybe I should help you,” Liz offered. ” I’m also free today.”
I laughed. ” Hello? You have private lessons today after school till 8: remember?”
Liz looked deflated. ” Oh, yes you’re right. What about your
punishment to clean the staffroom after school?”
I walked passed her towards the staffroom. ” Of course I remembered.
That’s where I was heading to by the way.”
” Well, how about we play some chess tonight at my house?” Liz asked.
Chess! I hated that board game. Liz had been working pretty hard to
teach me the game but I wasn’t interested. I really s--k at games don’t ask
me why. I don’t wanna talk about it.
I ran down the stairs and stopped at the staffroom. Pulling the
doorknob gently, I walked into the large room.
There was a bucket, a mop and a duster already waiting for me. I
sighed and dropped my bag. The teachers had all left for home. If I wasn’t
done with this job in the next thirty minutes, I’d be locked from outside
the school gates.
Taking off my white school shirt to avoid stains, I placed them on a
desk beside my school bag and began clean up. I always wore a singlet but I
rarely wear bras. Mom had always drummed to my ears: ” You’ve got to dress
like a lady, Violet. You can’t go about, showing off your nipples to the
world, you know,” she’d nag.
But I hated bras. I have six of those things at home but I’ve never
used them. I just love the feeling of my nipples brushing against my
singlet. I was sure no teacher would come in at this time but I was wrong.
Instead, I saw him.

Adam was seated at the far edge of the wall, away from the window. I
stiffened the moment I saw him and my broom fell.
He raised his head, saw me gaping at him then his eyes travelled down
to my nipples outlined against my singlet. He immediately looked away
politely like a real gentleman.
Forget the gentleman part. What the hell is he doing here by this time
and how the hell did I not see him before taking my shirt off. This was too
embarrassing to be real.
From the books packed on his desk, I could tell he was making notes
and reading. That pervert! He must’ve saw me when I took off my shirt. How
dare he!
” Put on your shirt, Cherry,” he spoke from across the desk without
looking at me. ” You don’t show your body in front of a man.”
Cherry? Who is Cherry?
Then I remembered it was my fake name that I told him in class today.
I tightened my hands and picked up the broom from the floor. No body bosses
me around, not even him.
I began sweeping, ignoring him and turning my back against him to
avoid him staring at my nipples. To my dismay, my nipples got hard.
Jesus Christ!
I didn’t know if he was watching me but I had a funny feeling that was
exactly what he was doing.

To be honest, standing before my maths teacher with only my singlet
and my skirt was the most toughest thing I’ve ever done. It got worse
knowing it was Adam. If I wasn’t such a stupid, stuborn girl, I would have
considered that if I was caught in this manner with him in the staffroom it
might raise suspicion but I was too mad at him to consider that.
He must’ve thought the same thing too for he rose to his feet, packed
his books and left the staffroom for me.
I watched him leave, my eyes staring at his cute full buttocks.
Then I slapped myself. What in heavens name is my problem? I scrambled
for my shirt and put it back on immediately. Thank goodness he was gone.
Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, was all that went on in my mind. Even his
fragrance filled the room, spinning my head like a carousel until I thought
I was gonna faint.


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