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Genre: Romance?, Suspense ?, Full of drama?

? #Prologue

?Donald’s POV?
…. “I warned you not to betray me but you didn’t listen.” I said chopping out of his fingers.
“Arrrrrghhh… Please Mr Smith, I am sorry” He said in pains.
“I hate sorry!!” I said and was about slitting his throat when my worker interrupted me.
“Sir, your mother is calling” he said stretching his phone at me.
“Finish him” I said cleaning my bloody hands and collecting my phone as I moved out of the torture room.
A story is a love spark between two different kind of people.. Between

Sharon a beautiful, rich, young nurse, who is regarded as the best nurse in the whole of King Smith hospital, and..

Donald, an handsome,rich, but mean guy who is the only heir of King Smith.

Their journey started when Donald was diagnosed of Kidney cancer and was admitted to his father’s hospital where he met Sharon who was appointed has his nurse..

Find out what happens between Donald and Sharon on the long run in these wonderful story??..


?Sharon’s POV?
“Sharon!!! You are needed in ward 5A” Monica yelled barging into the room I was having my lunch.

“Hey, What is going on?” I asking quickly packing my snacks into my handbag. I packed my loose her in a rough donught style and wearing my nurse uniform.
“The patients heartbeat increased drastically while I was setting the drip in his vain. Please help me Sharon, I can’t afford to lose my job” she said in tears as we both ran out of the room.

I ran towards the patient and I saw he was gasping violently and suddenly he stopped moving and the Holter monitor wasn’t reading anymore.

“Monica get me the AED( Automatic External Defibrillator)!” I yelled using my hand to press his chest so he could start breathing again. Runa ran back with the machine and I took it and rubbed the surface together.

“Monica 150!!” I yelled as I pressed it on his chest raising his body top slightly, but there wasn’t any response from the Holter monitor.
“250!” I yelled in fear as she increased it and I pressed it again on his chest but it was till dormant. I could hear Monica crying behind me already.

“350!” I yelled as my eyes heated up. She increased it and I rubbed the surface pressing them oh his chest. “Huuuunnn!” He breathed in deeply almost immediately.

“Ahhhhh!” I sighed in relieve with Monica. I took the needle and inserted it in his vein, I checked the necessary things I should check.
“Done” I said and moved out of the ward sweating profusely.
“Thank you so much Sharon, you just saved my profession” Monica said walking behind me.

No problem Monica, I couldn’t have left you like that. I know once the doctor hears that the patient you were appointed to look after had a problem, your licence will be collected” I said entering the room I left my bag.

“I wish to be like you Sharon” Monica said smiling beside me.
“Runa, you don’t need to be like me, you are good in your own way” I said as I pulled her into a hug.

I am Sharon Young. I am 25 years old, I am very beautiful, very intelligent, soft heartened and humble. I am a nurse by profession and I do the best when it comes to my work. I am from a very rich family.

I finished schooling and I was giving a job in Kingsmith hospital. I am regarded as the best nurse in the hospital.
I am loved by everyone who gets to know me and because of my soft heart people gets the opportunity to use me.

I have been used and dumped by guys countless of times. I loved all of them with all my heart but they all ended up hurting me.

I have decided to zero my mind when it comes to guys, all I want to do now is to focus on my job.

? End of introduction?
“Sharon we need to head home now, its time to go home” Monica said jolting me out of my thought.
“Sure” I said standing up from where I sat.

?? Donald’s POV??
“Donald!!” My mother yelled from the living room waking me up from my sleep.
“Arrrrghhhh” I groaned rolling on my bed.

“Dinner is ready” she yelled again.
“Am coming!!!!! Am still sleeping” I yelled in anger. I rolled on the bed again using my pillow to cover my head.
I closed my eyes still feeling very sleepy. I was trying to continue my sleep when I heard a knock on my door.

“Ahhhhh!!!!” I screamed hitting my legs continually on the bed.
“Donald, you know I love you. Come eat before it gets cold” she said with her sweetest voice.


That is my mother for you, she is so problematic. Well I can’t blame her, she loves me so much.

I am Donald smith, the guys with the looks and sause. The onky heir of KingSmith, my father owns the biggest hospital in the whole America.

I live alone but visit my parents every weekends and that is why I am here now.
I am in my mid twenties, and guess what? When ladies see me they faint. That is how handsome I am.

But one thing fears them the most. I am deadly, I fear no one, I kill like I am taking a nap, no one dare talk to me looking straight into my eyes. They will always bow.

Because of this fear built in people, no girl wishes to be mine. Tho I buy ladies to f**k, they just face their business and leave. No one wishes to be with me as a partner.

And the same goes to me, I am too handsome to have a single girl I will be dedicated to. I f**k whosoever I want to.


i walked to the dinning table after freshening up. Mother was already at the table and I know that father would be at the hospital by now.

I sat opposite mother and starred digging into my food. My mother looked at me smiling and I smiled back at her. She is the only woman I love.
My phone vibrated in my pocket and it brought it out and looked at the screen to see my p.a on the line.

? Yes Richard.
? Sir we found the fraudster.
? Kill him

I hung up and I saw mother looking at me sadly.
“Donald” she said but I cut in before she could continue.

“Mother don’t try, you know no one offends me and goes scot free” I said and faced my food chewing it slowly.
I heard her sigh heavily and she started eating too. ” Mother you know.. ” I said but I felt dizzy immediately causing me to stop talking.

Mother became blur all of a sudden. I held my head and I stood up from where I sat. I heard mother calling my name but it sounded far off.
I tried walking but before I knew it I slummed and everywhere became dark as my eyes shut dead.

“Donald” I heard my mother afar off but I couldn’t reply

? Sharon’s POV?
I got home at night feeling very tired. I took my bath and wore my pyjamas before going to take my dinner.
I sat on my dinning chair with my parents and my younger sister Mary. My father lead the prayers and we started eating in silence.

That is my family, we respect table manners. I finished eating and was about heading to my room when my mother called me.
“Sharon come sit with me” she said tapping the chair close to her.

I moved to where she was and sat with her. “Mother is there any problem?” I asked watching her countenance.
“Frank dropped by today” she said holding my hands. I rolled my eyes and breathed out in frustration.

“Mother I made it clear that I don’t want to get into any relationship now. I am too hurt, I just want to focus on my job” I said firmly.

“Sharon, you are 25 already. You are not growing younger, you need to plan the future. This frank guy loves you” she said and I removed my hand from hers.

“Mother I am done here. I need to rest now” I said and headed for my room. I got to my room and laid on my bed staring at the ceiling.

I don’t need any guy, they are all the same. That are all liers and deceivers, that ate just after my money nothing more.
I was still thinking when my phone rang. I picked it up and saw the caller was Monica.

? Hi Monica.
? Hey babe. There is an emergency at the hospital, the only heir of king smith has been rushed in, I was asked to contact you
? The famous Donald!? I will be there in five minutes.

I hung up and rushed to my closet to wear something nice. I have been hearing about this Donald but I have never seen him. Why will he be rushed to the hospital??? What is wrong with him??

I rushed out of my room after packing my hair and wearing my shoe. “I need to be at the hospital now” I said to my mother who was still in the living room.
I ran out of the house before she could even say anything and moved to my car. I entered it and zoomed off to the hospital.

I got to the hospital exactly after 5 mins as I said. I ran into the hospital and I could see nurses running here and there in the hospital.

I sighted Monica and I ran to her quickly. “Where is he??” I asked breathing heavily.
“In the emergency unit on the right with some professional doctors.” She replied fearfully.

“What of his dad??” I asked.
“He wasn’t allowed to go in and that is why I was asked to call you so you could help. You need to go now” she said pushing me to her right.

“See you soon!” I said and ran to the Emergency unit. I washed my hand and I was helped to wear my uniform, glove and my hairnet.
“Thank you” I said and moved into the ward.

? Monica’s POV?
Since I have been hearing about Donald Smith I have been crushing on him seriously. I had met him once and I had seen how good looking he is.

I heard that he is single and he haven’t seen anyone worthy of been his girlfriend.
I can’t wait to get a chance to talk to him, who knows i may be his girlfriend on the long run.

I wish I am appointed to be his nurse if he it requires for him to stay in the hospital some few days or weeks.
I waited for almost 3 hours before Sharon came out of the EU looking very tired and sweaty.

“How are you dear” I said helping her remove all the stuffs she wore.
“I am so tired Monica” she replied stretching her body.

“It is obvious” I replied.
“So what is wrong with him?” I added nervously.
” He is diagnosed of Kidney Cancer ” she replied washing her hand.

“Kidney cancer???” I asked worriedly.
“Yes Monica and he has to stay in the hospital for the mean time so he could have full attention and proper care” she said looking at me.
“Really?? He would be needing a nurse then.” I added happily.

“Yes Monica.” She replied coldly and started walking away from the EU.
“I know you will be the one chosen to look after him” I said trying not to look sad.

“Common Monica, you can’t judge. You may be the one” she said smiling.
“You are better than me” I added sadly.
“You really wish to be his nurse?? Fine you will be okay??” She said holding my shoulders.

“What if you are chosen?” I asked again.
“Then I will talk to Mrs Smith if I am chosen, that I won’t be chanced and that he should appoint you” she added smiling.

“Really, you will do that?” I asked happily.
“Yes Monica, I don’t need to be his nurse before I can achieve okay?” She said and moved out.

☁ Yes!! I can finally be able to speak to Donald one on one☁.
The buzzer sound very loud and it signifies that the Manager of the hospital wants to talk to us the senior nurses.

I ran to the meeting room to meet the other six of us including Sharon who was smiling at me.
I quickly moved to her side and stood facing the Manager as she started speaking.

“Good day all” he said and we responded “Good day sir”.
“We all know very well that Donald Smith, the only heir of King Smith has been rushed into this hospital” he added.
“Yes sir!!” We responded.

“I am here today to appoint a nurse to look after him. And we all know the best nurse in the Hospital. So I am going to be appointing Sharon as his nurse” he said and everyone clapped for her.

She looked at me sadly and I couldn’t help but grow sad. I really wish I could be better than Sharon.
“I will talk to him” she whispered in my ears and I nodded hopefully. I will be so much hurt if I don’t nurse Donald.

This is the right time to show him I really feel for him and now this Manager is trying to destroy the opportunity.
To Be Continued ?

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