my wife’s sister episode 1

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Episode 1

I’ve been so uncomfortable and restless in my own house as my wife’s
younger sister called Clara is bent on having me on her bed!

She had parked in to our house two weeks ago to live with us through her
sister which is my dear wife and since then, it’s one tempting advance to
the other from her and this had made me so uncomfortable in the house as
she sometimes shamelessly tried to hug me in the house without caring
whether her sister which is my wife is around or not!

It has really been hard for me as I’ve been hundred percent faithful to my
wife and not ready to cheat on her but this her sister is really making the
decision hard for me as she now wore very sexy and seductive clothes around
the house that barely covers her hot and fresh body and the worst is that
she’s so beautiful and sexy, Infact, her beauty is exceptional and can’t be
compared with any other.

I patiently observed my wife maybe she can notice the rash clothes and
behavior her sister is putting up around the house but she’s less concerned
about that as she’s so engrossed in her job, yeah she’s a very successful

Three weeks after she had been staying with us, her behavior grew from bad
to worse as she became more persistence in her advance towards me. She
always stand behind me in the living room when watching TV and tries to
bend and kiss me either my wife is around or not!

I think of approaching my friends about the matter but I waved it off my
mind as I know their type! They will just tell me to embrace the
opportunity and f--k the hell out of her and I will never do that.

“Pls can you just tell me what you really want from me?” I asked her in a
frustrated tone one night as I’m totally tired of her constant nasty
advances at me and my wife is not around in the house that night as she’s
away on a special task in her office which requires all her time.

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