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After the conversation they had, Nathaniel went to the market to purchase all the items he needed and went straight to his new apartment and furnished it the way he likes.

One week later, he moved to his new apartment and on his way to church to attend a programme one fine morning, he went to visit his brother.

Mark: How are you?

Nathaniel: Fine brother and good morning. Where is your wife and kids? I thought I won’t meet you here today?

Mark: I didn’t go to work today, just thought I take time off from work. The kids and my wife went out.

Nathaniel: My apartment is ready as usual and I have moved in already.

Mark: Good, that is good news. By the way, your wife to be will be coming over tomorrow, I need you to be here on time tomorrow.

Nathaniel: No Problem brother. What about the job for I thought, maybe after that we talk about me getting married?

Mark: Yes but we can still do that while plans is on the way.

Nathaniel: Has the money been paid yet?

Mark: No, Not at all. When I am ready, I will call you to come collect the money. You will be the one to and give the person the money for he will like to see you in person

Nathaniel: No Problem brother. What is the name of the lady in question?

Mark: Which lady?

Nathaniel: The woman you want to introduce to me.

Mark: Her name is Christiana and she is of a good home and a devoted Christian.

Nathaniel: No wahala, I already like her since you said she is from a good Christian home.

Mark: You do? Even without seeing her?

Nathaniel: Yes Brother, I will marry her if that is what you wish for me.

Mark: I am glad you are accepting it without putting up a fight.

Nathaniel: Fight ke? How can I put up a fight when all I know is that you want the best for me? Thank you a lot brother.

Mark: You are welcome. Ermmm, this one you are holding your bible, are you going to church?

Nathaniel: Yes brother, I am going to church for a programme.

Mark: ‘On a Wednesday, by this time?’ He said looking at his wristwatch and the time was 10:15am.

Nathaniel: Yes brother, It is only for those who are leaders in one unit or the other.

Mark: What if you were working, what would you have done?

Nathaniel: I will find a way to do it but until then, I still have to serve the lord.

Mark: Alright oooo. I won’t say anything to that effect.

After the two weeks fasting and prayer was over, Mercy and David made up for long lost time and everything became just the way it was. One week later, Mercy came home from church when her husband was not around with some men from church accompanied with a van and carried all the home theater in the sitting room, including the air condition, Plasma TV. Everything in the sitting room except the cushion.

When David who was away entered his house, he was shocked to see his house empty and scared that maybe they have been robbed. He quickly called out his wife name.

David: ‘Mercy! Mercy!’ He screamed fearing that the worse may have happened to her ‘Mercy!’

Mercy, Who was in the kitchen preparing dinner came out and hugged him.

David hugged her and checked if everything was all right with her
‘Are you okay, hope no harm came to you. Where is Jacob our son’ he asked.

Mercy: Are you alright? Our son is fine and this one you are checking me out, hope no problem for you look so worried. Did something happen?

David: What do you mean?
He looked at her, looked at his sitting room and looked at her again ‘Were we robbed? What happened here?’

Mercy: ‘Oh’ she smiled ‘is that why you were checking me out to see if I was harmed and asking after our son Jacob? He is fine and do not worry about what you see here for I gave them all out.

David: I don’t get, you did what?

Mercy: I gave them all out.

David: You gave all our gadgets out?

Mercy: ‘Yes I did’ she said smiling.

David: Why would you give all our gadgets out and to who if I may ask?

Mercy: To the church.

David: Pardon.

Mercy: I said I gave all our gadgets to the church.

David: wiped his face and scratched his two ears for he couldn’t believe or understand the words that just came out of his wife’s mouth. ‘What did you say again?

Mercy: I said I gave them out to the church, I figured there were people who needed that more than we do.

David: You gave out our home theatre, Plasma and other stuff to the church for someone who is in need of them without consulting me?

Mercy: No need because I know you would have done the same thing.

David: Hmmm, I am speechless.

Mercy: Why? More blessings for us ooo.

David: Really?

Mercy: Yes honey.

David: Good! now before the blessings starts coming, I want you to go in there, get dressed and you know how my sitting room was before I left this house this morning, I want it that way otherwise, I don’t want you to return to this house until every single penny is returned. Do I make myself clear?

Mercy: But it’s for a good Cause oooo.

David: ‘I don’t care’ he screamed ‘Get out’

Mercy quickly left what she was doing and hurriedly left to the church to get them back. When she got to the church she met one of the leaders of her unit for he was also among those that followed her to her house to get them.

Mercy: Ermmm brother Abraham, good day.

Abraham: Good day Mrs. Mercy, are you okay this one you are looking tired and worn out, hope no problem and why are you here by this time? Did you forget something?

Mercy: I am okay its just that ermmm, I have a little problem.

Abraham: What is it?

Mercy: Errmmmm…she didn’t know how to put her words and was finding the right way to put it when David interrupted her thought.

David: ‘Where are they’ he shouted

Mercy: David!

David: Don’t David me, where are they?

Abraham: Brother David, what is wrong and is everything alright?

David: Where are the things you took away from my home?

Abraham: What things, you mean the things you gave out for the work of God?

Mercy: Feeling embarrassed tried to calm him down ‘Sweetheart, Please don’t …..

David: ‘If you had told me before doing any of this, I am sure I wouldn’t be here today. You don’t want me to make a scene yet you keep coming up with crazy ideas every day. Where are my stuff my friend’ he said to Abraham.

Abraham: What is going on here Mercy?

Mercy: Ermmm, brother Abraham you see, can we…ermmm can I get the stuff back, the gadgets you took in my home.

Abraham: What for? I thought you gave it to the church and brother David, why all the screaming and yelling?

Mercy: Can we please have them now, please?

Abraham: it’s for the church.

David: Not anymore, can we have them now.

Mercy: Brother Abraham, Please just hand them over to us.

David: Every piece of them, just the way you took them.

Abraham: Wow! Okay. He took them where they were kept and handed it to them for it seems like David was willing to create a scene if he doesn’t have his belongings.

David took the items back home and replaced them right where they belonged and turned to his wife.

David: You see all this? He asked using his hands to show her all the properties he has ‘if I ever hear that any of them is missing, you won’t like what I will do. If you want to give out anything again, give out the ones you bought with your money and leave what I sweat for alone.

Mercy: What is wrong with you? i have never seen you like this.

David: Don’t just do stuff without my permission for I don’t like it.

Mercy: Is that the reason why you acted the way you did in the house of God, do you know how embarrassing it was and what pastor will say when he gets to know of what you did?

David: Does it look to you like I care? The way you carrying yourself about church and Pastor is really beginning to get on my nerves oooo, you are beginning to get me angry.

Mercy: Why won’t I carry them like it is the air I breathe David? I know they will always be there whenever I need them. I don’t just know what to say to Pastor for this uncalled for attitude you displayed over there today.

David: I have told you my own woman and you would do as I have said.

Mercy: I will also listen to my pastor and do whatever it takes because it is obvious you are moving away from the service of God.
My Comment: I think it’s getting hawter here. Any advice for Sister in Christ “Mercy”?

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