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Christiana: Hello Nathaniel , I have heard so many wonderful things about you ‘she brought forth her hand for a handshake as soon as she was introduced to him by Mark.

Nathaniel: ‘Hi Christiana, I have also heard a lot about you’ he said as they shook hands.

Christiana: Hope they are good things?

Nathaniel: Of course they are. With what my brother has in mind for the both of us.

Christiana: What do you think about us being together?

Nathaniel: it’s okay but I would prefer we get to know ourselves better

Christiana: that is okay by me

Nathaniel: ‘Alright then’ he said and they both went to see Mark who was watching the latest football league.

Mark: ‘Have you people spoken already’ he asked.

Nathaniel: Yes Brother, we are good to go.

Mark: turning to Christiana. “How do you see him?”

Christiana: Smiling said ‘he is okay’.

Mark: So the both of you have agreed to be seeing each other abi?

Christiana: Yes sir.

Mark: Good, very good. Errmmm Nathaniel, since you and Christiana has finally decided, we need to move to the next plan.

Nathaniel: The job stuff abi?

Mark: ‘Yes the job stuff. Here, take this money’ he handed the money over to him ‘that is two hundred thousand naira and he also handed the address of the location ‘that is the address. Ask for Mr. Kingsley Odogwu and tell him that I sent you, he is expecting you a day after tomorrow.

Nathaniel: Okay brother, will do as you have said.

Mark: Good, Do that and the job is yours because I have already gotten an assurance. Don’t forget to go along with your CV again.

Nathaniel: Okay brother.

Mark: After one month, you should start planning your wedding.

Christiana: I think we will need more time to get to know each other.

Mark: Isn’t one month enough?

Christiana: Two months would be preferable or what do you think Nathaniel?

Nathaniel: Two Months is okay if that is what you need.

Mark: Alright, by then you should be able to stand on your two feet as a man.

Nathaniel: Yes brother I should and that is if I get the job.

Mark: You should for he is my trusted friend. As long as you deliver the package, you are good to go.

Nathaniel: Naija don spoil finish.

Mark: What can you do, man must survive anyhow.

Nathaniel: Yes Brother.

Two Months later, Christiana and Nathaniel started making plans on their wedding.

Christiana: ‘Since we are getting married few months from now, don’t you think it’s time we start preparation’ she asked him when she came to visit him in his apartment.

Nathaniel: You can start making preparations then.

Christiana: How can I start making preparations when you haven’t given me a dime concerning wedding preparations, the money I have and the one my family members gave have all been exhausted.

Nathaniel: Don’t worry then, the lord will provide. I will see what I can do.

Christiana: What about the job? Haven’t they called yet?

Nathaniel: No they haven’t and I am looking for another job sef. I don’t want to put my hopes on the one my brother talked about.

Christiana: why, what happened?

Nathaniel: Nothing really but I am hoping on something soonest.

Christiana: Did you still see him as discussed?

Nathaniel: I did and I did everything I was asked to do.

Christiana: Why no news yet?

Nathaniel: I don’t know and like I said before, I am not putting my hopes on that.

Christiana: Okay but you don’t seem to be making any efforts concerning looking for a job.

Nathaniel: Why do you say so?

Christiana: Because it is what I observed.

Nathaniel: Then you are wrong. I believe with time, God will make a way.

Christiana: How can we get married when you don’t have a job and no money for wedding?

Nathaniel: Do what you can and leave the rest to God.

Few Months later after the incident that happened in David’s house, the wife made it a duty to always put her husband in prayers for God to open his eyes and heart towards his service.
After David came back from work one evening, Mercy decided to tell him of her trip to Enugu for a programme.

Mercy: Sweetheart, I will be travelling to Enugu in one week for a programme.

David: ‘Okay’ he said for since his wife has decided to put a deaf ear on what he has been saying concerning the way she goes about with the church programme, he decided to let her be. ‘when are you leaving?

Mercy: next week Monday

David: When will you be coming back?

Mercy: Upper week Monday.

David: Alright, No problem.

Mercy: Thanks Darling. If not for work, I would have said you should go with me.

David: You know I am always busy.

Mercy: Yes I do and I appreciate your effort for deciding to take care of Jacob while I am gone.

David: No problem.

Few hours after she travelled, David got a call telling him that his wife was involved in an accident and that he should report to the hospital immediately. He left what he was doing and rushed down to where he was told.

David: When he got to the hospital, he quickly met the doctor asking for his wife. ‘My wife was brought here doctor, please where is she and is she okay?

Doctor: She is fine and please come to my office, I need to speak with you.

David: Is she okay?

Doctor: She is fine.

David: Can’t I see her now?

Doctor: ‘No you can’t, please can you come to my office and let’s talk’ he said as he led the way.

David: ‘Doctor, what is wrong’ he enquired when he sat down in his office

Doctor: The accident she had was a terrible one and she and others involved are in serious condition.

David: Okay but she will be fine right?

Doctor: She will.

David: Thank Goodness, I know that I am serving a living God. He cannot live me in times of need

Doctor: Yes! Yes! Yes! But there is a little problem though.

David: What problem Doctor.

Doctor: she is in a critical state right now.

David: ‘What do you mean’ he asked with panic in his voice

Doctor: her legs were damaged in the process.

David: I don’t understand Doctor, what are you trying to tell me?

Doctor: She lost her two legs.

David: What? What do you mean she lost her two legs?

Doctor: she may never be able to work again.

David: What? Never, ever?

Doctor: What I mean is that, the probability of she ever walking again is very slim.

David: Oh my God! Are you saying she may never walk again?

Doctor: Yes and No for her chances in walking again is 1%.

David: Oh my God!

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