Paying Tithe episode 8

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Doctor: You have to take heart for she needs all the love she can get right now.

David: Looked at the doctor and was speechless for a few minutes before he spoke up again ‘is there any chance she can be better again?’

Doctor: Miracles do happen if only you believe for that is her only hope right now.

David: The God she serves will never abandon her in her time of need.

Doctor: I believe so and Amen.

The following day, the members of the church she attended including her pastor came to pay her a visit in the hospital.

Pastor: Hello Mrs. Mercy, how are you feeling today?

Mercy: ‘I am doing okay’ she said with sadness in her eyes ‘I lost my two legs Pastor, I may never work again?

Pastor: This is not the time to lose faith in God, you will walk again in Jesus Name.

Mercy: Pastor, I have to walk again, I can’t be handicapped.

Pastor: Where is your faith? All you have to do right now is believe that he will heal you in no time; you shall work again, have faith my child.

Mercy: Amen Pastor, Amen.

Pastor: in the meantime, the church and I will keep putting you in our prayers.

Mercy: Yes Pastor and Thank you for that is what I need right now. Thank you for also paying me a visit.

Pastor: it is well.
They stayed for a few more hours, prayed with her and left her.

After a few days in the hospital, she was discharged and she went home but she never became the same again. They tried different methods both white and herbal Medicine but her situation remained the same. After exhausting all the money he had with him for his wife’s treatment, he decided to let her stay home for some time while he looks for money for her treatment for he has been absent from work for too long and his boss is beginning to complain.

Christiana: Nathaniel, our wedding is a few days from now yet no arrangement has been made and wedding card has been distributed.

Nathaniel: I told you not to worry, the Lord will provide.

Christiana: How can the Lord provide when all you do is attend one church programme to another without caring about anything or anyone in the world? Our wedding is few days away and you are less concerned. Preparations have been made and my family keeps asking me when you will bring money to finance our spending.

Nathaniel: I don’t know why you worry so much; you need to relax your nerves a little bit.

Christiana: I shouldn’t stress myself abi? What about getting a job, how far with the one your brother talked about?

Nathaniel: I have told you times without number not to stress yourself about it, my time will soon come.

Christiana: I don’t understand you Nathaniel how can I not stress myself when the man that I want to get married to has never given me a penny, he doesn’t have a job whereas I told my people that you will get a job soonest.

Nathaniel: Good.

Christiana: What do you mean Good?

Nathaniel: Good you told them I will soon get a job.

Christiana: Nathaniel, My people are asking for money to enable us finance our wedding, they are beginning to ask questions and I am becoming uncomfortable with this whole stuff.

Nathaniel: What stuff?

Christiana: This you without a job, how are we going to feed or take care of ourselves?

Nathaniel: When we get there, we will cross the bridge.

Christiana: I have told you oooo. If you have problems, better let’s go and see your brother about it.

Nathaniel: Meaning?

Christiana: If you have any problem concerning the job stuff , let’s go and see your brother so that he will know what to do.

Nathaniel: I can’t and I won’t.

Christiana: Why?

Nathaniel: Because I don’t want to.

Christiana: Are you hiding something from me Nathaniel for it is high time I know what is going on.

Nathaniel: I am not hiding anything.

Christiana: tell me the truth Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: Okay fine, I went to see the Man and begged him to help me. I gave him my CV but didn’t give him the money.

Christiana: You mean you didn’t give him the money your brother gave you on your behalf?

Nathaniel: Yes I didn’t.

Christiana: Ah Ah! Why? Why didn’t you?

Nathaniel: I used the money for God’s ministry.

Christiana: Nathaniel, how could you do that? How can you give the money for a particular thing for God’s ministry?

Nathaniel: Because I know that the God I serve will help me in times of need and he is not in support of bribery.

Christina: So you didn’t give him the money for you felt is it bribery?

Nathaniel: Yes and as a child of God, it is wrong.

Chrsitiana: Really, do you know that it is also wrong to get married when you don’t have a job?

Nathaniel: That one is different.

Christiana: Seriously, is that what you are going to say now?

Nathaniel: Yes, what do you want me to say?

Christiana: We need to go and see your brother and explain everything to him; maybe, just maybe he can help out.

Nathaniel: We don’t have to.

Christiana: Why if I may ask?

Nathaniel: Because I don’t want him to know anything about it. He won’t be happy with me.

Christiana: Why will he be happy when he gave you money for something and you used it for another? He needs to know what you did before he gets to know it from someone else.

Nathaniel: I said no, I will get a job soonest. Concerning our wedding, you need to look for anyone you can borrow from, I am expecting money soon, I will pay back.

Christiana: Who are you expecting money from?

Nathaniel: ‘The lord works in mysterious ways you know’ he said and smiled.

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