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~~Pool of struggles
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Chapter 1

I woke up to urinate in our washroom but saw pee all over the toilet seat and tiled floor. It was none other than my husband who did this. This man is really annoying. I took a piece of toilet roll and wiped the pee off the seat and urinated. “Nelson, why do you always have to scatter the washroom with your pee?” I said calmly even though I was boiling with anger. He has been doing that for sometime now. But I always control my tongue in order not to speak in a disrespectful manner. He turned to face me and yawned. “Ahh Cynthia, what is it again? It’s too early please.” Erh, see who’s talking. Mr Cause-trouble is telling me it’s too early. “Nelson, I’m just saying that you make things difficult for me. I always have to clean the washroom everyday instead of every week…”

“Will you shut up!! Are you that lazy? What is wrong with cleaning the washroom everyday, huh? Are you not a woman?” I sighed. I didn’t want to argue with him so I just left the room to prepare breakfast. I realized that we had run out of groceries. I have to get some on my way back from town. I said to myself. I prepared porridge and went to take my bath afterwards. I prepared my 9 year old son, Alex, for school and set off to go. I met Nelson in the living room playing his X box.

“Please, I need money to buy food stuff” “I don’t have money” He replied simply without even looking at my direction. I wasn’t surprised. Nelson lost his job a year and half ago. We survived off his savings but it didn’t last for long so I had to provide. But I did really have much. I was only a seamstress. I talked him into finding another job but he plainly told me he’d only work if he got the position of a marketing director in another company. So if I don’t get money to cook, we’d all starve but I was getting fed up. “But Dear, I’ve been buying the groceries with my own money for sometime and now I don’t have any. Besides as the man, you’re supposed to provide money for our food stuff.” I said getting infuriated by his behavior.

“Are you insulting my manhood? You know that I lost my job yet you don’t bat an eye when you are rubbing it in my face”. He was always trying to play the victim game. “But I..” “But nothing!! I do not have money. Do whatever you want to do.” I got worried. What are we going to eat today?


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