Pretty disable lady explained what happened when she went for amputation 14 years ago.

She said a woman who when into the theater room before her to get one of her fingers amputated couldn’t survive it but she came out alive after amputating one of her arm.

She said God kept her alive for a purpose, losing one of her arm made her begin to cover her scar but she later start slaying with it when she understand what God has done for her.

This beautiful disable lady didn’t explain why she went for amputation but scaling from what she posted, her arm was rotten arm.

Read her post below,

“If I’m opportune to correct any mistake in my life, I will not even go back to 14 years ago, I will go back to 7 years ago when I began to cover my scar.
It’s a mistake I have chosen to correct, I should’ve understood that it what makes me special, I should’ve understand that God kept me alive for a reason
14 years ago, before I entered into the theater room, a young lady has gone before me and one of her fingers was amputated but she did not come out alive, Ambulance took her that day
That lady would’ve chosen to be me if it was within her power to make such decision
But God kept me even with the rotten arm, I came out alive for a purpose which I have chosen to fulfill now..!!
This got me crying ”.

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