Episode 7.

King AZAZA could not sleep that night, he kept seeing himself kneeling down before the princess with his hands and feet tied. And then he kept seeing the Princess give an order for him to be beheaded. Twice he screamed from his sleep before he finally decided not to sleep anymore.

In the morning, he had his council of elders gathered, and then he sent the town crier to announce that the people should gather at his palace.

When Ajuwe heard this, she quickly ran inside to inform Nina. They carried the boy and changed his clothing’s and hurried to the palace. Ajuwe had cautioned Nina not to speak to anyone. When they arrived at the palace, a small crowd was there. Everywhere was silent you can hear a pin drop.

Prince Nnamdi didn’t understand why his father had called for this gathering, he kept pestering him to tell him why, but the king insisted that he will hear at the gathering. And so he followed him and sat beside him as he took his seat on the throne. Nina and the Prince kept stretching to see if the princess was there. The warriors of OKU were all present with their families. Finally the King spoke.

King AZAZA: People of OKU, I greet you, as we all know a lit has happened in the last few days. A village and its people who planned on attacking and killing us and stealing our gold was attacked by us and defeated by us. (there was a round of an applause as he continued)
I am the king of this land, and it is my sole responsibility to protect this land and all your lives, (he pointed to all of them), I will not take the slightest threats against you easy, I will defend you and tour properties……(once again the people shouted and clapped) during this war, some persons condemned my actions and so I have gathered you to ask all of you, should I have waited for the opposition to attack and kill you first before I attacked? And the people chorused, ”nooooooooooo”. The igwe continued,

King AZAZA: Yesterday when our warriors came back from battle, they came back with a little souvenir, a little girl and the only survivor from the land of EKEH, there have been a small controversy over her matter, we do not know if to let her go or to do what is needful. There have been a little disagreement over her issue and so I have sent for the chief priest of the land to come and talk on this matter. Whatever he says that is what we will do. Chief priest please come forward.

(The chief priest came out with his body full of charms and ordered that the princess be brought out. Some of the warriors went behind the palace and brought the little girl out. She was looking worn out and tired from lack of food and water, when Prince Nnamdi saw her, he jumped up in surprise, Nina wanted to run out but Ajuwe held her back, the Prince started crying and Ajuwe took him from Nina and urged him to keep calm, there was mixed taking among the people)

Prince Nnamdi: Father what is the meaning of this? Who is this little child and why is she tied up like an animal? (The king ignored him and urged the priest to go on with what he was doing. The priest moved round the princess three times singing some incantations before he started talking)

Chief priest: igwe, this little girl has a strong heart. She will achieve great things in life, BUT there is one thing I see all over her.

King AZAZA: what do you see ezemoi?

Chief priest: Revenge! I smell revenge all over her. She has not come to this land to eat and dine with you. She has not come in peace, she has come for REVENGE, and that Revenge she will bring with lots of pains and blood on your land.

King AZAZA: so chief priest what is your advice.

Chief priest: igwe, I have told you what the gods told me, whatever decision you make now is on you and you alone. (He turned and he walked away).

Chief: Igwe, what advice do you seek again, you’ve heard from the mouth piece of the gods. She has to die? We will not wait to see the prophesy come to pass would we?

Prince Nnamdi: (talking to the chief who just spoke) What nonsense are you vomiting from your mouth. Can’t you see she is just a child?

Chief : but my Prince, it is a child that grows to become an adult!

Prince Nnamdi: of she were your child would you speak like this? (The chief kept his head down and Nnamdi spoke to his father)
Father please this time be wise in your decision, this girl is just a child, please spare her and let her live with us, when she grows under our watch she will love us if we teach her right and she will know only right. Please my father.

King Azaza: Nnamdi, you are obviously still a child. (Then he signalled the warrior head to come forward.) People of OKU when there is a problem the wise thing a man should do is solve it. When a problem is quickly solved it prevents future damages. And so with this I have decided that the little girl be taken into the evil forest and beheaded. (The people shouted, Nina and the Prince were wailing, while some were happy that the king is wise, Nnamdi was surprised at his father, but the king ignored him) You must come back after killing her with proof that you have killed her. We will be here waiting

Prince Nnamdi: No father, this is so wrong.

King AZAZA: shut up Nnamdi, this is my decision and I am the king.

Prince Nnamdi: I will not be a party to this. (He stepped out of the palace.
The warrior head ordered Aguyi to carry the girl to the forest and do what the igwe had asked. Aguyi didnt like that he was the one called, but then he couldn’t object, so he carried the girl once more on his shoulder and walked away from the palace. The princess say NINA and her brother who were crying so much at this point , she smiled at them, and with courage in her voice she shouted. ”EKEH will get her reward. This land will pay” a big slap in her head from behind and she passed out. Some of the villagers were crying and feeling sorry for her. Ajuwe dragged Nina and the boy from the place straight home. It was a horrible day for them all.

To be continued!
Written and composed by Excelrhymez

Episode 8

Gradually the people began to leave, but some of them waited for the return of Aguyi including Nina and Ajuwe.

After about 25minutes he eventually returned with his sword filled with blood. He also had with him the finger of the princess with which she wore the royal ring given to her by her father. When the people saw this, some of them wept, some of them murmured, while some of them were glad. At that point, Nina carried the prince who was wailing uncontrollably.

King AZAZA: I have defended my land, I have defended my people, let it be known round all of the realms that anyone or village who threatens our land will suffer the same fate that EKEH has suffered. Let it be known that king AZAZA will spare no one. Call me any names you wish, ”king AZAZA the merciless. King AZAZA the evil. King AZAZA the wicked. Whatsoever you wish, I still remain your igwe and my word is still law”

And the crowd chorused ”igweeeeeeeeee”

Prince Nnamdi who was standing far from the scene shook his head in disbelief, this is not the father he used to know. He wondered what had transformed the king into this ruthless and mean person. Nina and the Prince cried even more as the king spoke and NINA was filled with hatred for him and those that cheered for him.

Ajuwe managed to take them home.

Nina : I failed her, I failed my Queen, I failed my princess.

Ajuwe: you are just a child, you did your best my child, its not your fault.

Nina: I made a promise to my queen right before my igwe, I promised to take care of them. And now she is dead, my princess is dead. ( she started crying again. And after a while she called out to the prince.) My Prince, come here, listen I promise you from this day, that I will die first before I let any harm come to you. I promise you. I will return you back to our land and you will avenge all these deaths, I promise you.

Ajuwe interrupted her and stopped her from talking more.

Ajuwe: Firstly Nina my child, we can’t keep calling him Prince, because it will raise suspicions. and so from today you have to rename him.

Nina kept quiet and thought for a while before answering, he turned to the Prince and spoke to him eyeball to eyeball.

Nina: My Prince, listen carefully, there are people out there who are determined to kill us all as long as they know we are from EKEH. So for that reason, I will no longer be calling you my Prince, from this moment, I will call you IKENNA. It doesn’t mean that you are no longer the prince, do you understand?

IKENNA: Yes Nina.

Nina: Also, do not tell anyone that we are from EKEH, you must keep that to yourself. Do you understand me?

IKENNA: But what do I tell them if they ask?
Nina became quiet, but Ajuwe quickly replied the Prince.

Ajuwe: Tell them you are my sisters children, you and Nina, and that you are from AKATOR village. Do you understand?

IKENNA: Yes I do!

Ajuwe: you must not talk about your parents or the princess to anyone, do you understand?

IKENNA: Yes I do.

Nina: EKEH will get her revenge and one day we will return to our land and possess that which is truly ours.


To be continued
Written and composed by Excelrhymez

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