Sad thing episode 1

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By Christabel Nwoko(Nee: Ogbogu)
Episode 1

Camilla was caught shedding hot tears in the car with her best friend Vivian, who sat next to her in the car.
Camila and her husband had been separated for months and their divorce had been finalized, she had thought that ending her toxic marriage with her husband, Emmanuel, will bring her peace, but reverse had been the case, she had been thrown into sorrow ever since.

Her best friend Vivian had tried her best to console her but she was inconsolable.
“Why are you doing this to your self, my friend you should be happy that you have ended your awful marriage with Emmanuel, he would never dare to hit you again, or cheat on you with random girls, like he often did, finally you have gotten your wealth back from that ungrateful man, you once married and you are free to fall in love again with someone who deserves you” Vivian reminded her.

“You have to be strong my friend, the Camila I know is a strong lady” Vivian added.
“Vivian I’m not strong and I can’t claim to be strong, I had thought I would find peace again, I thought I will be happier if I leave Emmanuel,
But this is just the reality… No matter your reason for divorce…..
Divorce is a SAD THING to experience…. it hurts to know that someone I pictured my forever with is no more with me, is really sad, even though I divorced for a good reason but the truth is that I’m shattered, I feel defeated, I feel lonely, I have no kids, no siblings, my parents are long dead, Emmanuel was the only family I got” Camilla entered still in tears.

“What are you saying, Camilla have you forgotten that you have me? and I promise that I will be here with you….. Don’t beat yourself up…none of this was your fault, I know how hard you tried to make your marriage work. Emmanuel does not deserve you, please put yourself together, let me drive, let me take you home” Vivian entered calmly

Few minutes later, Vivian was driving Camila home. And all through the drive home, Camila didn’t utter a word, she was lost in her own thought.

She had travelled to the past in her thoughts.
Camila remembered that she grew up in an extremely wealthy family. Her late mother was a renowned fashion designer and her late father owned a tech company. They were super rich. Her late mother came from a wealthy family. So she was also an aries.

Growing up Camila had a really luxurious
Lifestyle. She was her parents only surviving child and she had everything she so desired. Their house was so big that they had so many domestic staffs and maids. They had maids who handled the cleaning, high profiled chefs that handled the cooking and of course Gardeners that took care of their huge garden.

Camila’s late parents were nice to their workers and they paid them very well.
Camila’s late parents treated their workers so nicely that they were free to do whatever they wanted.
More than twice the gardener had invited his son over and Camila’s parents were happy to have the Gardener’s son over.

The Gardener’s son was no one else but Emmanuel, Camila’s ex husband. One would imagined how their path had crossed.
Camila never imagined that she would end up with someone like Emmanuel who was a son of a no body.
But love happened.
Coolval stories.
And moreover, Camila’s parents did a good job in raising her, she was not spoilt or over pampered and they had taught her that no one was worth less, just because they didn’t have money like they did.

Camila was only seventeen years old when she met Emmanuel for the first time.
It was love at first sight.
That day Camila was at the sitting room with her parents, when Emmanuel had walked in to greet them. He was Nineteen years at the time.
Camila was frozen immediately she set her eyes on Emmanuel.
“Good evening ma, Good evening sir” young Emmanuel had greeted softly and Camila’s parents responded with a sweet smile.

After the pleasantries, Camila’s parents invited Emmanuel over for dinner. And he didn’t hesitate to accept, he happily sat down with the kind couple for dinner.

During dinner, Emmanuel and camila stole looks at each other.
Camila was a beautiful teenage girl and Emmanuel had good looks and his smiles was charming, no wonder Camila fell for him.
Camila fell in love with Emmanuel the first time she saw him.
With time, they became friends.

Camila was 20 years old when Emmanuel finally asked her out. She was overwhelmed, that she didn’t hesitate to accept the relationship proposal.

Camila didn’t think her parents would be happy with her dating their Gardener’s son. So she kept her mouth shut and pretended like nothing was going on between them.
At the beginning of their secret affair, Emmanuel was so sweet and loving but most of the time, he always demanded for monetary favours.
“My love, I need to pay my school fees, you know my father is a poor gardener, please help me, if you really love me” Emmanuel would always say and Camila who was so into him always proved her love, she doesn’t hesitate to fulfill all his demands.

One-day, Emmanuel requested for a huge amount of money as usual and Camila who had exhausted all her pocket money on Emmanuel’s constant needs, wondered how she would fulfill her lover’s demand this time. She decided to go to her parents.
“My parents are very wealthy, money is not an issue, they always fulfill my request, this time won’t be different, I love Emmanuel so much and I will do anything for him” Camila thought in smiles.

End of Episode 1
To Be Continued
A Story written by Christabel Nwoko

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