Save my marriage episode 1

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A brand new day with another worry of childlessness in my life. as usual my husband Kingsley will leave for his work. He is a banker working with FCMB bank in Port Harcourt located at market junction Rumuomasi, my husband is an average height man, fair in complexion, with a gap tooth at the upper part of his teeth. Baby am going to work he said with a kiss on my left chicks. Yes you will go leaving me to look around the house without children playing through I said. Baby God’s time is the best if you rush it won’t yield any results my husband said his normal words of encouragement, but to me it is not. Your mother I mean my mothers in-law and brothers in-law have been on my neck calling me a man, married to another man is that not a great insult to my personality I said to him.

Remember God’s word, and also know that patient is virtue.
“Which God’s word, the word I have leaved with for all my life without anything, God did not care to answer me then is it untill I am forced out by your mother, bringing in another woman for you to marry before God will answer me abi, Please stop telling me that rubbish if you don’t have anything to say to me or any solution then get out and go to your work” I said.

My husband was speechless for some minutes, he finally broke the silent with another word which I hate and don’t want to hear. “My wife God’s time is the best” he said and turned to leave. Wait my wife before I leave let me tell you this he paused but me i put on I don’t care face. “No one will take your place in my life, I love you that’s why I married you if any other woman comes that woman will leave because you are my wife, my better half, my lost ribs, my treasure and my queen he said and left. Even though I put on that face but his words gave me hope that yes my husband love me more than any other woman. And you are my king so I said in my mind.

I was not staying in a rented house nope, my husband built a very good 2 story building. the outside was not well design but when you come inside you will be flabbergasted by the beauty. Dickson is the name of our gate man. He was a very obedient gate man who took his work as his first priority. He has save us for 10 years and have become part of the member of the house. we took him not only our gate man but our brother. I was busy cleaning the kitchen when I had my name Linda. I rushed out to see who was calling to my greatest surprised it was my best friend, Grace a woman who has been there for me through thick and thin she has stood by me and I trust her completely, because she is that sister that I have never had. she sat down and I went and brought juice for her to drink. thanks she said. Linda I have been waiting for you in this parlour, were have you been? she asked. I was in the kitchen arranging some stuff i replied. Grace looked at me from my hairs down to my toes. my friend dash me this your slim body na. All I could do is to laugh. yah I slim fitted young woman, and also tall for that matter, I am black in complexion many call it black beauty but I tag it black is beautiful. I was the replicate of black beauty as they say. leave meoo I replied after laughing for a while. So how are you and your husband? she asked. We are fine by God’s grace I replied with a smile. What about your husband’s family I hope they are not on your neck again? she asked with a curious look on her face. You don see na they are always given my husband phone calls about getting him married to another woman.

“why are they doing like that don’t they know God’s time is the best, I hope your husband did not listen to them”.
“He did not listen to them, they always say I used charm on him, but to tell you the truth am really tired of this marriage because am really suffering”.
“My dear patient is the best don’t loss hope” Grace utter some words of encouragement. “okayoo I don hear” from the sound of my voice you will know I was not satisfied with that encouragement because I have cried unto the Lord several times but he did not harken unto my sorrowful voice, he turned his back and allowed adders to bite me with their poisonous venom. he allowed the mockers to mock to mock me. “Let me go and finish what I was doing inside enjoy yourself” I said turning to leave. I am already on my way by the way you know you are keeping a secret about your past life from your husband please tell him that can be the cause of your barrenness grace said. that can’t be I did my things carefully in the past and by the way I have moved on with my life and there is nothing left to talk about let the past remain the past so I said. okay if you say so am leaving bye she walked out and slam the door leaving me in lots of thought. she has reminded me of my wayward life before . the life of prostitution. life of sleeping with married men. life of abortion but I was assured by the doctor that I will get pregnant what should I do should I tell my husband am the cause of the problem or should I keep it to myself so that I won’t destroy my marriage.

Story by Davidson perfect Jim

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