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He checked the time again, it was getting late and thee camera hasn’t recorded anything good, not even any glimpse of the girls was seen.

“can i take a look at the files again?” the I. P. O requested.
He was given them, he checked again and again, flipping through back and forth.
“they match” he concluded, comparing two different documents “here, track this plate number” he pointed, giving it to an officer.

The clicking of the keyboard was all one could hear in this room. There was a young man on mufti in the dark room doing it “here, I’ve got it” he announced, the I. P. O. Who stood at a distance with hands akimbo, suddenly turned around and proceeded to check it out.
“here, sir, outside the city”

“alright then, you must come with us”

“what?” he said wide eyed “oh i meant okay, okay sir” he corrected as soon as he saw the dreaded look on the man’s face.

“take your men, we move now” he said to another officer as soon as he got into the main station.

Cardin walked in. “I. P. O sir!”
“why did you come? I thought I told you to stay at home”

“im really sorry sir, I was restless throughout. I just want to be of help. Please allow me come with you”

The I. P. O looked at him in disbelief. People ran from trouble but he came, asking to come with them. “alright then, just behave yourself” Cardin nodded.

Soon, the screeching of the tyres of the two Hilux vans that contained the troops were heard, as they ran with high speed, Cardin’s heart kept beating fast.
Soon, they came to a U turn that led straight into the woods. “how much farther are we to go?” the I. P. O asked the guy on mufti

“we’re getting close, less than five minutes sir”

“step on it!” the I. P. O. Commanded the driver. The car gained a new momentum, as everyone jerked back due to the new development.
Cardin looked outside and saw just tall trees and shrubs only. He was scared. The drive has been up to 30 minutes yet there wasn’t anything or anyone in sight. The night was getting thicker and the cold was chilling. He wrapped his hands around himself, joining his legs together.

After about three minutes, the computer began beeping “we’re close, the car is close” the guy on mufti said, then a building was in sight. They dropped down as soon as they got close, the officers took their stations around the building. The I. P. O raised his hands gesturing forward, another set followed the sign and he followed behind. He stopped halfway turning around to see Cardin glued to a spot. He gave him a defiant look and gestured him to proceed. Cardin followed reluctantly. “search the building” the I. P. O commanded.


Cardin braced up and followed behind. He went round, checking. “help me” he heard someone call out faintly, he followed the sound “help me” he heard again, this time, louder. “Charles?” he called surprised “Charles!” he shouted drawing the attention of the others “what happened to you Charles” he was already crying “somebody help, Mr I. P. O i found him.” he shouted, pushing Clara aside and helping Charles up. Charles groaned pointing to his left leg that was broken “What’s wrong? What happened to your leg”

“its broken, help me up”

Cardin couldn’t believe all that he saw, everywhere looked liked a war happened here. He helped him up and took him outside, treating his wounds “what happened there?”
“lets not talk about it now please”
“what if you die or something bad happens to you? How can we do anything?”
“you’re crazy”

Pictured evidence was taken of the arena, the crime scene area and the dead people. The place was sealed and they took all evidence with them, including Cindy who wasn’t fully dead and the white lady too. They dragged then into the van and drove to the city.


There in the hospital, both the white lady and Cindy were were handcuffed to their beds, a female officer interrogating them. They said all they knew, starting with Cindy
“continue madam”
“we use them for body changing, we’ll be paid by our contractor and all we do is take someone captive, and hypnotise them, after the last stage, they’ll completely lose control of their body.” she didn’t want to go deeper but the officer wanted more
“why did you use your fiancee?”
“he cheated on me, i was furious, I wanted revenge, plus he knew about everything that we did. He wanted to blackmail my friend”
“why did you use your best friend’s boyfriend too?”

“David connived with Charles and Cardin to blackmail my friend, they wanted to spoil our reputation and they had complicating documents about us, if they used it, it would be scandalizing, our reputation and that of our families were involved, it would lead to our deed too, her forged identity was that of a missing woman we used years ago. If we had allowed them, it would have been too dangerous to us and her father too. Clara’s father has a hand in this too. If im going down, he would go down too” Cindy concluded.
The officer who had been taking notes and recording all that she said looked worried. Clara’s father was an influential man, taking him down would be difficult.
“are you sure of what you are saying madam?”

“in this state, would i be lying?”

The officer wanted to ask more but the I. P. O standing by the door shook his head. She left her bed and proceeded to the white lady
“lets take your statement ma’am” but she wasn’t ready to talk
“is what she said correct?” the officer asked and the white lady shook her head in agreement. The officer looked up, towards the I. P. O who was talking distinctively to the D. P. O. The female officer stood up and approached them.
“sir, its confirmed”

“get a statement from David, if it’s confirmed, then swing into action, do all i told you officer” the D. P. O said to the I. P. O and turned to leave.

“im not going down alone, you’ll be coming with me chief” Cindy said with a smile across the corner of her lips.


“tell us everything” the I. P. O interrogated David himself

“they tortured me with hypnotism, they took me and Charles, he’s the body you took from the theatre, they wanted to exchange his body for mine, he was with them, he worked for them, they do this to many people. I only killed them out of self defense”… He paused, the pain rushing back, “Clara…” he was crying now
“calm down please, you’re not a woman” he I. P. O said but he wasn’t helping matters
“what? Im not a woman? Do you know what i passed through there? Do you know how physically and mentally i was battered? Do you know how depressed i am? I killed the only woman i’ve been able to love, although she’s wicked, i still love her, do you know how it is to survive without food for day? To live in fear of death? To experience torture? To be helpless? Do you?” he shook furiously, shouting and at the same time crying.

“im sorry”

“you should be. You should. Now for my statement” he paused, sniffing and cleaning his tears “i would tell you. Go and investigate more, there are more people to this, like the man contracting this to them, look for him, and that Cindy of a girl, make her pay, the white lady, give them the taste of their own medicine, i want Justice, take all of them down, throw them into prison or kill them” he shouted, commanding the I. P. O.
“we’ll do our best sir” he concluded and rose to leave. Cardin was just dumbfounded, he looked at this David and shook his head.

#two months later#

“try standing up, today is the final hearing, we can’t afford to be late” Cardin said helping David up, now he could walk with the aid of a walking stick, compared to weeks ago where he used to move around in a wheel chair. The anatomist was good.
“are you guys ready?” Margaret asked as soon as she walked in
“yes dear, just a sec” Cardin replied, walking slowly with David. He reached where she was and kissed her in her forehead. She has been supportive, running errands and helping in the funding of the case, both of them; Cardin and Margaret grew to like each other.
She went over to the other side to help David. But he stopped walking
“thanks guys, i cant imagine how far i would have gone without you”
“no, its nothing” Cardin said already blushing, Margaret saw it and rolled her eyes, he acted like a woman at times.
They got to the car and entered, Cardin in the back seat with David and Margaret with the wheels.

Soon the court building was seen. They pulled over as soon as they got inside
“welcome, We’ve been waiting” the I. P. O said as soon as he saw David and shook hands with him.
“lets go inside” now, David was a man of few words, what he had experienced was one thing he would not forget in a hurry.
They got into the court room and sat. “all rise” they heard the bailiff shouted and all rose. The Judge sat down and hit the gavel and all sat down again.
“the plaintiff can now present the remaining evidence to back up his accusations”

“yes your honor. Here’s our honorable Chief Olawale Tokunbo, he aided his child and her bestfriend in the act of murder, duress, and kidnapping. We have a witness here, miss Cindy Philip who works for him to attest to this fact. Would this honorable court grant me the permission to interrogate the witness please”
“request granted”

“can you miss Cindy, tell the court in detail who this Mr Tokunbo is to you?” Cindy looked around before she continued, she was handcuffed and placed inside the trial box, and Mr Tokunbo in another. David just kept on watching without any expression on his face, this Chief was the same person who appeared on the screen the day we wanted to face the last phase of their hypnotism.
At this time, Margaret and Cardin were already holding hands tight
“he is the father to my best friend and he’s my boss too.”
“what do you do for him?”

“He made us do his dirty business whenever there was election coming, we kidnap people for ritual, and sometimes, he gave the body of the people we used to others who paid heavily and switched it for others, most times, old people, after which they travel abroad”

“how can this court believe you?

“the white lady here, is Clara’s grand mother. We used the white lady for his mother.”

“prove it to the court”

“grandma?” Cindy called but she didn’t answer instead, tears were rolling down as she looked at her son
“grandma, you’ll have to do this, don’t hide the truth anymore”

“i wont” she finally spoke after a minute of silence. Her voice very old and coarse. David wasn’t surprised but it explained a lot. The police woman was shocked too. The white lady hasn’t spoke a word ever since their investigation. She only nodded and sometimes, made signs. “i wont anymore, my son and I have to pay for the wrongs we’ve made during these past few years”
Chief couldn’t belief his ears, he thought his mother wouldn’t speak, she promised she wont speak. He broke down in tears, now he was done for

“without anymore misconceptions your honor, i rest my case”

There was whisperings in the court room, everyone where awestruck “order” the Judge shouted hitting his gavel again and again

“now for the pronouncement” the Judge said adjusting his glasses ” Mr Tokunbo is hereby sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor, miss Clara, death by hanging, Mrs Olawale 15 years imprisonment. The building for this crime shall be confisticated and subsequently burnt after the end of the investigations. Mr Tokunbo shall allocate 60 percent of his assets to Mr David and 40 percent to Margaret” he hit the gavel again and stood up.
“no, please no, mother help me” he kept shouting as he was dragged to his cell. Cindy looked at David, she was crying already. She looked unkempt and tattered. David bowed his head saying “thank you”. He looked on till she was dragged out of sight. He turned and limped away with Margaret and Cardin who helped him walk.

“thank you so much Mr David” the D. P. O said, looking straight at him. The I. P. O on the other hand admired this young lad bravery.
“anytime” he responded
“lets go” Margaret led the way into her car and drove off.
This was a new beginning for them, David looked outside the window and smiled. His life had been a mess and promised to change for the better. He looked forward and saw Margaret stare at Cardin who sat at the front with her, they looked good with each other
“hey you better look into the road before you get us killed, i just survived one accident o” David shouted and everyone laughed hard. This was the first time he was laughing in a very long time.

You cant stop yourself from loving who your heart wants to love but just pray your heart loves the right one.

#3 years later#

“do you, David Anderson take miss Stacy Greene as your lovely wedded wife? To cherish and to love in health and in sickne… ” the priest didn’t finish before he said
“i do”
“and you Stacy Anderson, do you take David…”
“i do”

You may kis… They already kissed, smooching their tongues into one another.
They stopped and turned to the audience who were clapping their hearts out smiling. Among them was Margaret and Cardin.

Now can you guess again why this story was named SCANDAL?

Stay tuned people, another story 14 DAYS will be coming your way.
Help me do better, correct me in your love, tell me areas where i can improve.
Im new in the game, so don’t criticize too much.

Remain your humble bae ??

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