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?SEDUCED (Episode 1)?
(Tales of Seduction)
Praises Children’s Obiora
I lived in Lagos and was doing really fine as a happy man. I had a successful supermarket that was very much patronized. I was also working in a bank as a bank manager, where i enjoyed lots of dividends attached to the office i held. I was given three company cars, a big house in Lagos and also received a fantastic monthly salary pay.

Unlike some other wealthy guys out there, i had just one woman i planned on marrying. One woman that i loved so much. Uju was her name. She was a caring and loving woman while we dated. I made sure she was comfortable. I provided for all her needs and that of her family too. Uju and i rarely had issues with each other. Our love life blossomed till the extent her friends who were still struggling with their relationships and searching for a man to marry, envied her and wished they could find and date a man like me .

Months later, Uju and i sealed our relationship and confessed our wedding vows to each other. We moved into our matrimonial home together. We were both grateful to God that a relationship of one year and three months had finally ended up in marriage despite the little challenges we faced together. Uju ended up being the first amongst her friends to be married.

One certain day, some two or three months after we were done with our honey moon, i drove back home with Patrick my friend to pick an important document which i had placed on my desk, but had earlier forgotten. Patrick was my childhood friend, we had gained admission the same year , graduated from the same university, and read the same course . We were both full grown wealthy looking guys, with a great Job and a good house. Patrick and i were both said to be the true definition of every woman’s dream man. But i had just one woman who i loved while Patrick was the notorious game boy, and player who wanted to date and sleep with every woman he saw.

I opened the door, while Patrick followed me behind. Despite my plea for him to stay in the car while i bring the documents, he still insisted on following me in to greet Uju.

We both walked into the house to find Uju seated with Amaka in the parlor. A bottle of wine was placed on the table with two filled up glass cup.

” Good afternoon sir ” Amaka greeted.

” Good afternoon Amaka ” i replied, waving and hurrying up the stairs into my room to get the documents.

Amaka was my wife’s best friend, who was based in Abuja. She had moved to Abuja immediately after securing a great Job in a textile company . She was also my biggest temptation amongst my wife’s friends. She was a damsel in human form, who was blessed with all physical qualities a woman would ever need.

This woman was created on a Monday by God himsyelf. She had huge breast that exposed her nipples no matter the type of bra she wore. Those breast she carried on her chest was capable of bringing down even the most strongest and anointed men of God. I could write a story about Amaka’s back side and i wasn’t going to run out of words to describe it. Her backside was massive. One than danced to a particular kind of beat when she walked. She was blessed with the shape most women referred to as ‘figure 8’.

Amaka was the reason i met Uju. I met Uju while we were still on campus. I was standing with Patrick when i sighted this two pretty damsels who were standing beside the orange tree in the school campus . The truth was that Amaka’s huge back side was what attracted me to make a move towards these two ladies in the first place. I quickly tapped Patrick who was busy with his phone.

‘ Omoh see fine babes ‘ i said, pointing in the direction of the two girls.

Patrick quickly turned. He was interested in this kind of gist. He hardly saw a skirt and turned away without looking. I was still calculating on how to start my approach to Amaka, when Patrick who boasted of being the one with the right words stood up and started walking towards them.

” Patrick no even near my material o. That big one na my own, ” i shouted , scrambling to pack up my scattered handouts and chase him behind.

” Patrick . Patrick wait now. ” i called out.

Patrick kept walking and didn’t even pay attention to me. Before i could catch up with Patrick, he had already approached the two girls and was now standing with Amaka.

I played along like everything was okay. But deep down inside my heart, i was upset with Patrick for going for Amaka despite the fact i mentioned earlier that i wanted her. Patrick left her friend Uju for me to pick .

Uju was pretty too. She was slim and slender. Even more prettier than Amaka. She had straight legs and a smile that could melt a stiffed frozen heart.

It was at that point that Uju and i got to know each other. Ever since then, our relationship together has continued to flourish. But Patrick and Amaka broke up months after they tried starting and building up their relationship together.

Moments later , i returned with the documents to find Patrick seated on the sofa in the parlor, sipping a glass of red wine.

” Amaka. How are you. Sorry i didn’t get to say hi properly. I urgently needed this documents. I just had to rush back home ” i explained.

” No problem. I understand. You guys are always busy na. ” she said , smiling.

I chuckled. Uju walked up to me and hugged me, planting a kiss to my lips.

” So how is Abuja? ” i asked.

” Abuja is fine o. We are just managing. ”

” Managing keh. See as you don fat full ground come remain. ” Patrick teased.

” Really? Uju i fat? ” Amaka asked, turning round at a spot to reveal her huge back side.

” my dear you add weight o. But de thing come fit you wella. Your shape just come arrange. No be small accident you go cause for road o. ” Uju said. We all laughed out together.

” So what brought you to Lagos? ” I asked.

” I got transferred o. The managing director in one of our branches here in Abuja just resigned. ”

” So you are now going to be the new director? ” Patrick asked in amusement.

” emm… Something like that, but they said i should act as the acting manager for the main time. ”

” which one come be acting manager. My dear you don get Job be say you don’t get am. Anything wey them talk na lobbish. Congrats o ” he said smiling.

” congratulations ” i added quickly.

” Thank you so much. ” she replied.

” So where will you be staying now? Have you gotten an apartment? I asked.

Uju cleared her throat immediately. She was rubbing my shoulders softly and pretending to pick something that was stuck to my hair.

” Honey. Ummm … She hasn’t gotten a place yet. She would be staying with us for the main. time. ”

My heart skipped. I turned confusingly to look at Patrick, who was already smiling and opening his teeth like the head of a roasted goat.

” She will stay with us? ” i asked .

Uju pinched me on my belly and gave me an eye signal to accept and play along. I looked at Amaka who was already quiet and wondering what my response will be.

” honey you know she is my friend. I cant let her stay in a hotel. By the way i have missed my best friend so much and this house gets really bored. At least she would keep me company for the main time till when you come back. ”

” O let her stay. See Amaka, you’re welcome. This is your friends house. Make yourself comfortable biko. Uche lets go to the office please. ”

I gave a wry smile, opening my thirty two teeth like one who was happy.

” You are welcome Amaka. My wife will show you to your room. Enjoy your self. ” i said , smiling. “honey am on my way. See you later. ” i said, waving the both of them.

I and Patrick both walked out of the house laughing. The truth was that i was not comfortable with Amaka stay in my house. I struggled through our relationship days to be faithful to Uju my wife. I tried to wash the thoughts of Amaka away. The sexual feelings i felt at night, the crave for her touch, had found a way to disappear after she moved to Abuja.

Now Amaka was back , and she was going to be staying in my own house, under my own roof until she gets a house. This was definitely going to be a world of temptation and torment for me.

To be continued…..

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