As Benny walked back home, his mind was centered on Princess.

Why is he just noticing her so well today? All these whole time he had been with Selena,he never really looked at Princess and when he did today,he noticed something and felt something he never felt before.

He looked down at the shirt she had given him and smiled.

What a darling.

As soon as Benny left, Princess stormed inside the house and met Selena watching TV. She was agitated at what she had done to the poor boy.

“For crying out loud,Selena what’s wrong with you? Why are you doing this for goodness sake? Can’t you see it? That guy loves you!” Princess exclaimed.

Selena hissed for a start. “Wait first, what’s even your own business?

Oh, oh..don’t tell you are falling for that church rat?

Chai! Princess,you Know your father doesn’t have much money oh. Hmm,you better marry someone like my chief so you won’t shame your family by taking a pauper home.

I’ve said my own o because I don’t see any other reason you are always trying to defend that thing…”

Princess cuts her short angrily. “Enough! Yes,if you must know,I’m actually thinking of helping Benny out to forget an ingrate like you.

Like….you don’t Worth his love at all. I will just warn you, Selena. I’m going to ask you for the last time,are you sure about your decision? Should I go on?” Princess asked, staring intently at Selena.

“You are beginning to piss me off, Princess. Go on and do whatever you like with him. I’m done with him!” Selena yelled.

Princess shrugged and started walking away. She stopped and turned to look at Selena again. “There is still time to reconsider cos once I’m in,I’m never backing out.” With that she left the living room.

Selena hissed and continued watching TV.

The next day, Princess woke up as early as possible before Selena and swept the whole house.

She warmed the soup from yesterday night and did a little cleaning and laundry after which she went into her room and threw her wardrobe open to search for the perfect outfit for the day.

The time was eight am when Selena woke up. She was surprised to see Princess dressed and looking like a real princess.

“An an,where you dey go?” Selena asked, looking up and down at Princess.

“How do I look?” She asked, smiling and turning around.

“Hmm. You look good madam. So, where?” Selena asked again.

“I’m going to chief’s house. I want to collect my shirt from Benny..
The one I take him yesterday after you poured him a bucket of water.” Princess said and rolled her eyes.

“Na you sabi. So is that why you are dressed like this?” Selena asked again.

“An an,how else should I dress? Biko,I’m out. I will back in two hours.” Princess said and started walking out.

“Two hours just to collet shirt? Okay oh.” Selena said and went into the bathroom.


“Hold on,I’m coming.” Benny said as he heard the third knock on the gate. He opened and smiled on seeing Princess.

“Please come on in.” He said to her. Princess returned the smile and squeezed past him.

They walked to the small garden beside the gate house.

“I washed your shirt immediately I got home yesterday. Thank you so much.” Benny said.

Princess smiled. ” You don’t have to thank me. After all,it was my cousin’s fault. Please pardon her.” Princess said, looking at Benny.

Benny looked back at her. Princess was just too beautiful this morning. From her dark hair to her toes. “You are looking beautiful. I never noticed you until yesterday. Have you been hiding?” Benny asked.

Princess laughed. “Hiding? But you’ve always been seeing me? So… how’s that possible?” Princess laughed again.

Be my shrugged. “You wouldn’t understand but I kind of noticed you like never before yesterday perhaps because it was the first time our body is making contact?” Benny asked.

Princess was quiet. She could not deny that yesterday feeling too. “You must be going through a lot I’m sorry. Selena is just too blinded by money and fame. She failed to realize that money isn’t everything. When their is love,money becomes less or no problem at all. I learnt this experience from my parents. They are a living example.

Daddy’s never so rich but the love between my parents are great. I don’t really want riches only but love at it’s best….I hope Selena understands this on time.” Princess said and smiled.

Benny was amazed. He was pleased as be stared at Princess.

For goodness sake…where has this wonderful angel been hiding?


A man runs into the bathroom in the night and dialled a call.

Outside the cold in the night, another man picked up the call.

“Hello,oga! See eh….there is trouble oh.” The man in the bathroom said.

“What trouble?” The man outside replied.

“This girl wants it so bad! She’s pushing badly oh. I can no longer resist her,what do I do? She wants me to have sex with get again!”

The man outside breathed in and closes his eyes. He opened them.again and frowned deeply. “Do it. If that us what she wants. Do it.”

“I.. should do what? Boss,are you serious? You want me to go ahead and sleep with her?”

“Yes. Don’t suffer yourself any longer by running away from her. Just do it. Since you guys go out together and also planning marriage,it’s normal to have sex too. Just do it.”


The next morning Selena came out with Chief,ready to go back home. She had spent the night with him.

“Chief, I think it’s time you get me my own car. And also you promised me a cheque of one million naira since last week. I’m.still expecting it.” Selena said as they walked together to the gate.

Chief smiled. “Don’t worry now. Is it not me again? I’m going to write it very soon at my office. Don’t worry about it and go home and freshen up.” Chief said.

Selena smiled and kissed him. Benny came out from the gate house in time to see them. He coughed and Selena saw him. She broke the kiss and hissed. “Darling I’m off. You open the gate now! Don’t just stand there and look at me.” Selena said harshly to Benny who looked at her before opening the gate for her.

“Be fast my friend.” Chief said as Selena hissed again at Benny before going out.

Chief turned and went back inside.

Not long after Selena left, another knock landed in the gate.

“Who’s that one again na!” Benny said and went to the gate to open it.

Immediately he opened it,his mouth went agape with surprise as an elderly woman came into the compound and stared equally shocked at him.

“Benedict! Benedict!! What in heaven’s name are you wearing!!”

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