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I hung up, angry at myself for picking the call in the first place.
I stood up and started going back to the house. I’m not going to let anger follow me all the way to this place.
Just before I got to the house, a guy walked to me, he wasn’t really cute but he would pass as a macho guy.
His smile was also very decent. I recognised him as one of the guys I had seen inside.

Kosi: Hi

Me: Hi.

Kosi: I’m Kosi, saw you back inside.

He brought his hand for a handshake and I accepted it, his palm very soft that I was tempted to ask if he did any chores at all. Again, the way he pronounced “Kosi” was more of “Kozi”.

Me: I’m Pamela, Pamela Bernards.

Kosi: Nice meeting you Pams.

I smiled at the name he called, reminding me of school days when we’ll always shorten everybody’s name for the sake of pet names.

Me: The feeling is mutual Kosi.

Kosi: So I’ve been watching you from here, you look like you need company.

Me: Yeah! I think that’s why I’m heading back inside.

Kosi: I can do that for you, give you a tour of the house you know?

Me: Yes please. I’ll so much love that.

Kosi: So then, be my guest.

He opened his right palm and j placed my left in it, he gave it a gentle squeeze and we began to walk. The sun was going home now and looking at everybody in the compound, it was becoming clear that something was going to take place that night and the next day.
We turned to a corner and I looked at him, expecting him to say something as regards to where we were since he was my tour guide but he said nothing so I just followed quietly. We followed a wide corridor and very soon, we were walking up a flock of stairs, still, he said nothing. We soon reached to the top of the roof, the terrace. It was another beautiful abode on it’s own. He took me to the edge and I was able to see what looked like the city of Enugu in it’s glory. The compound itself looked more beautiful from there, like a big castle of a king.

Kosi: This is my favourite place, reminds me always that there’s truly a God who knows what’s beautiful and keeps them beautiful even from up there.

Me: Wow! This place is another planet on its own.

Kosi: I’m glad you love it. So let’s sit down and know more about ourselves, we could make a good team if we’re both extroverts.

I laughed, like I was no introvert but I’m the simple kind of extrovert. lol right.

Me: What team would that be?

Kosi: We’ll map it out when we’re done talking.

Me: Right!

We sat down on a cushion just as a message got into my phone. I opened it and smiled, it was from Amber.
“did I just see you disappear with that guy?”

I quickly texted, “at the terrace” and sent it to her, then I looked at Kosi who was staring at me.

Me: Sorry, my friend wanted to know my location.

Kosi: Clean. So, you mind telling me something about you?

I wasn’t going to make that mistake again. I had blurted out everything about me to Greg and he still played with my emotions, I’m not doing it now or ever again.

Me: Hmmm. You go first.

He looked at me and smiled.

Kosi: By my guess, you’re more of a business person. It’s alright then, use your time.

Me: Thank you Kozi.

I said pronouncing the “z” just the way he had said it before causing a smile to appear at the sides of his mouth.

Kosi: Second guess, you’re here alone.

Me: Why would you think like that? You just saw me and ……

Kosi: And you were alone. No sane guy would leave his beautiful girlfriend alone, knowing there are so many hot guys around here who would gladly open his hands and take her from him.

Me: Word. But what if my boyfriend is busy at the moment or he trusts me so much to know I won’t fall out of line?

Kosi: Hmmm. But at same time, I know you’re alone because when we came in, it was just your friend and her boyfriend except your boyfriend is invisible.

We both laughed. Somehow, I felt very comfortable with this guy, not that I’ll jump into giving him details about myself. He was free and very much knows how to entertain someone.

Kosi: Forgive me my lady. I need to get us drinks. What would you mind? Something hard?

Me: As long as we’re taking it together.

Kosi: Alright. I’ll be right back.

Before he stood up, Greg walked in with hands in his pocket.

Kosi: Good! Chidi please keep her company while I get us drinks. You’re joining us right?

Greg: Sure.

Kosi winked at me and left before I turned my attention to Greg, the young man who counts in billions. He had smiled at Kosi a while ago but that smile had vanished. I saw jealousy in his eyes and then it struck me. If he is really jealous seeing me with Kosi, then I have to step up my game, he played hard to get with me so I’ll have to do same.
I dropped my gaze to my phone, determined to look anywhere but not at him so I won’t blow my cover.

Greg: Amber told me where you are, ain’t you comfortable inside?

Me: I feel better here, having someone to talk to and have a good sight of the city.

Greg: So you’re saying we were boring you back there? You would have said so and I’ll do something about it.

Me: Something which doesn’t include showing me nature. I don’t know how Kosi read me so easily to know …..

Greg: Pamela you need to come back inside with me right now. I’m not comfortable with where you are.

Me: I’m not outside the house Greg.

Greg: You’re my guest and I need to take care of you. Besides, you’re supposed to be around me not ……

Me: I think I’ve heard enough.

I stood up and walked to him. It’s working. He’s jealous. Then why is he pretending not to like me?

Me: Kosi is a perfect company. I prefer it here.

Greg: I’ve got friends who just came in and wants to meet you.

Me: As what?

He breathed out and looked at me. I’m so enjoying this reaction.

Greg: Wait. I hope you’re not trying to spend your time here with Kosi. Pamela, you’re…..

Me: Is anything wrong with him? I’m having fun with him, he’s actually made here lively for me.

Greg: Are you shitting me?

Me: Nah! I’m being serious.

Kosi came up just then with a tray with three glasses and a bottle of champaign. He looked at us and smiled before setting the tray down.

Kosi: Getting to know each other huh? Chidi, …….

Greg: Pour the wine Koz. I need to introduce you both.

Kosi: Wo wo wo! You guys know each other huh?

What’s this guy doing? He had this beautiful smile on him which advertised his cute dimples. Kosi poured the wine and gave us each a glass. They sipped while I watched my drink like it was poison.
Greg came to me and held me by the waist, I shuddered, wondering why his touch affected me that much.

Greg: Baby, meet Koz, my younger brother.

I’m sure my eyes widened in shock because that moment, it was like they were gonna fall from it’s socket.

Greg: Koz, meet my girlfriend, your soon to be sister in law.

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